Does Anybody Else Have OzBargain Fever?

I find I'm constantly checking OzBargain looking for OzBargains, maybe sometimes like 20 times a day.

Not really looking for anything in particular just a good old fashioned OzBargain, the thrill of the chase so to speak.

I also find I struggle to buy things at full price now, like I've always got to wait for a OzBargain to pop up otherwise I'm not satisfied with the purchase.

Is this a problem? Do I need help?


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    Damn bro, only 20 times a day. You gotta get those rookie numbers up

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      In all honesty it's probably way more… just didn't want to sound hyperbolic.

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        sent notifications for items you want.

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          Usually I end buying Items which I dont want more through Ozb

  • You don't have a dedicated monitor just half-OZB live feed and half-Discord at all times?

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      Holy Ozbargain! I need to buy a new monitor… just need another Dell monitor deal to pop up.

    • I thought ozb dc disbanded some years ago…

      • That's what they want you to think…

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    no I have no money and a life

  • Sadly - WELCOME!

    Just an FYI… I've not yet come across a pill to help with this addiction yet…

    Although, spreading the CC might help if you need therapy in future! :)

    Don't forget the old saying… The more you earn, the more you burn!

  • That whilst falling asleep feeling that you need to check one last time..

    And of course I miss out on the midnight drop of cob’s cheddar popcorn on Amazon

    • Yeah the real ozbargains happen after midnight.

  • Hi,

    I tell all my Patients you can have AZ (Astra Zeneca) or Pfizer… lol

  • 20 times a day?? I'm just down to once…. from 7am till 11pm…

  • What is the best deal that you came across OP?

    • The Unlimited $2 Whopper vouchers back in 2013.

      • Yes that was good because since then I couldn't care less about ever having another one.

  • Used to check it twice every break. Once to go through new deal and once more to make sure no new deals popped up.

    Work blocked it though and now I am checking once a day :(

    • I’d quit, but I do often wonder when I’m going to be pulled into a room at work with a HR rep and get confronted with my browsing history of non stop Ozbargains.

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    I have ozbargain disappointment. Theres hardly anything fantastic, i dont think i scroll past the 2nd page these days.

    • I find if it’s on page 2 it’s either a crap deal or expired..

  • the one out of three websites on my favorites bar is OzBargain, I open it more than I do any social media or Reddit

    • What are the other two?

      • haha uni homepage and youtube

  • I just have a regular fever ('~')

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    I do find myself checking OzBargain atleast every 2 hours, more if I have some free time. I'm not here only for the deals but the amazing comments too.

    • Free entertainment is a bargain

  • Similar topic discussed pre-COVID. A problem or not, you're not alone bud.

  • This is my life now. Everytime I pick up my phone it ends with me checking OZB