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[Switch] Dragon Ball FighterZ Ultimate Edition $23.95 (84% off) @ Nintendo eShop


Contains a lot of the bonus content for one SUPER SAIYAN low price.

87 Metacritic score on Switch.

Inclusions and retail price:
FighterZ Edition $129.95
FighterZ Pass $47.95
Anime Music Pack $22.95
Commentator Voice Pack $7.55
Zamasu (Fused) $7.55
Vegito (SSGSS) $7.55
Android 17 $7.55
Vegeta $7.55
Bardock $7.55
Cooler $7.55
Broly $7.55
Goku $7.55

The Ultimate Edition includes:
• The game
• FighterZ Pass (8 new characters)
• Anime Music Pack (11 songs from the Anime)
• Commentator Voice Pack

DRAGON BALL FighterZ is born from what makes the DRAGON BALL series so loved and famous: endless spectacular fights with its all-powerful fighters.

Partnering with Arc System Works, DRAGON BALL FighterZ maximizes high end Anime graphics and brings easy to learn but difficult to master fighting gameplay.

3vs3 Tag/Support
Build your dream team and sharpen your skills to master high-speed tag combinations.

Thrilling Online Features
Ranked matches, interactive lobby, crazy 6-player Party Match… There is something for every taste!

Exclusive Story Mode
Discover a scenario featuring Android 21, a brand new character whose creation was supervised by Akira Toriyama himself.

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  • Any thoughts on this as a game if you know SFA about DBZ? Is it worth it for the fighting quality and/or graphics? Is the single player OK? Is multiplayer still viable on a Switch in Australia?

    I haven't got into a fighting game for many years but remember a lot of discussion about this when it released… wondering if it's worth buying??!

    • Online community is dead on the Switch, ps4 has a healthy online community. I am a big fan of DBZ so my opinion would be biased but the game does offer a wealth of modes: story, arcade, tournament, training, combo and collectibles. Graphics are amazing and it plays similar to MvC3 with 3v3.

  • The biggest gripe with the switch version is the loading times in my case.

    • +10

      Take it out of the case, it loads faster

      • Had to read this comment 3 times..

  • +1

    imo fighter pass 2 and 3 are still ridiculously priced, even if they add the first one in this package.

  • +1

    If this was the other way around (84% off then the price) I probably would have bought it then realised afterwards how expensive it otherwise is.

    $150… whoa

  • This is not all the DLC?

    • +2

      Nope. They price gouge.

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