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Logitech StreamCam $167.97 (Was $279.95) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ EB Games


Shopping for a webcam for WFH purposes and came across this one. Not the cheapest ever, but notably cheaper than any other retailers at the moment.

At this price, it falls into the same ballpark as the lower quality C920, C922 & others, but offers much better quality in all reviews I’ve watched, particularly with regard to auto exposure and auto focus (here’s one such review - https://youtu.be/nCy6Ni1VKZM)

Also available in white - https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/pc/262406-logitech-full-h...

Broadcast Yourself

Take your content to the next level and share your passion with Logitech StreamCam. Featuring pristine image quality, dual front-facing microphones, versatile mounting options, and USB connectivity, it's the perfect camera for broadcasting to your favourite streaming platforms - all you need to be is yourself!

Compatible with Windows® and Mac.

  • Logitech StreamCam Camera
  • 1.5m cable USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C
  • Monitor Mount
  • Tripod Mount
  • User documentation
  • A Powerful Combination - Logitech StreamCam is even more powerful when used with Logitech Capture. Capture unlocks features on StreamCam that automate exposure, framing, stabilisation and more, so you can focus on making your best content.
  • Stream True-To-Life at 60 FPS - Tired of looking a bit dull? Stream and record vibrant, true-to-life video with smooth motion and crisp details in full HD 1080p at 60 frames per second.
  • Smart Auto-Focus and Exposure - Stop losing focus in the middle of streams and videos. AI-enabled facial tracking and exposure no matter where you're positioned. Auto-exposure is finely tuned so you look your best in a variety of lighting conditions.
  • Full HD Vertical Video - Simply turn your StreamCam to instantly shift into portrait mode. Enjoy full HD in the 9:16 format - perfect for Instagram and Facebook stories.
  • Versatile Mounting Options - Achieve the perfect angle for any stream of video with flexible mounting options. The monitor mount features the ability to tilt and pan, or you can even mount it on a tripod. Built-in electronic image stabilisation reduces camera shake from accidental bumps or movement.
  • Connects with USB-C - The standard for fast and reliable connections, StreamCam uses USB Type-C to ensure efficient video transfer speeds. Compatible with Windows 10 and macOS 10.14 and above.
  • Smart Auto-Framing - StreamCam uses Logitech Capture to automatically keep you framed front and centre in all your streams and videos.
  • Premium Audio Performance - Sound more authentic and vibrant whether you're singing a song or sharing a story with dual front-facing microphones
    OBS, XSplit and Streamlabs support - Logitech StreamCam is optimised for Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), XSplit and Streamlabs so you can effortlessly stream to Twitch, YouTube and other platforms.

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  • +1

    Thanks op!

  • +1

    Good deal.

    • +12

      Yep can confirm. I have 3 of these setup for my onlyfans and they work a treat.

      • +1

        You sell fans too?!

        • +2

          Yes can conform cause I’m a fan

      • +2

        don't forget to tell everyone what ring light you're using too babes

  • +1

    Thanks OP!!! money gone…

  • +9

    Funny that the C920 (probably similar to the C922) used to be sub $100 back in 2013 - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/101839
    And now its $169 retail damn. Even at its $129 retail (2013) it would be around $144 in today's money.

    • I had no intention to pay this much for a webcam, but the next best I could find on Amazon (available locally) was the Logitech C922 for ~$140. An additional $30 for the StreamCam was a no brainer in the end.

      • +3

        Yeah definitely, have the Streamcam myself and couldn't get myself to pay the same money for a C920 - something that came out in 2012.

        • Plus the 922,925,930 are basically all the same camera redressed. Streamcam and Brio are the only two with somewhat up to date hardware to my knowledge

    • +5

      You know what's even better? the 920 you are buying these days has removed functionality, getting rid of its h264 encoder.

      You are getting less of a webcam!

  • $8 delivery

    • I paid $6.95 for delivery by Couriers Please.

      There is same/next day delivery for $17.95 as well.

    • $15 delivery to melb @[email protected]
      $17 same day :\

      edit: upon a bunch of retries, it's decided to offer me $8

  • +1

    Good price but very few webcams are compatible with Chrome OS and Android. I don't even own a Windows computer anymore.

    • +4

      Windows is dope these days with WSL

      • +2

        I'm sure it is but I'm not going to buy a windows computer just so I can use a webcam. I actually use the webcam for duo calls on Android TV.

        • -2

          I'm sure it is but I'm not going to buy a windows computer

          Buy a windows computer to use windows then. Craps all over any OS today.

          • +9

            @Orico: It’s okay for some people to not use or prefer a product that you like.

            • +2

              @no not me: <3 this response. I use all three - W11, ChromeOS and MacOS. They all have their benefits, but as a non-gamer, the workstation is just life support for a browser, which is where people do 90% of their computer these days.

        • +1

          Who uses Duo nowdays?!

      • What's WSL?

        • +7

          According to Google,

          The World Surf League is the governing body for professional surfers and is dedicated to showcasing the world's best talent in a variety of progressive formats. The World Surf League was originally known…

          Although there's a chance they mean Windows Subsytem for Linux?

          • @Erwark: Cheers.

            • +1

              @nomadspartan: Real answer - Windows Sub-system Linux.

              Basically adds a Linux bash shell to Windows which is not too dissimilar to MacOS's 'Terminal' as they are fundamentally built at the very base level from the same thing.

              A lot of what I do for work is run bash commands, and when I found I could do that in Windows, god damn - changed everything.

    • Really? I’ve been plugging a Chromebook into a couple of monitors with built in USB-C docks with no problems. One has an integrated camera and the other has a camera plugged into the monitor’s USB hub.

      Any detail on which devices/brands you’ve had problems with?

    • Older/cheap usb2 web cams generally are. Streamcam is missing an older standard so you won't get audio on Android TV.

  • +10

    For those with eBay plus use this link. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/303665050678?chn=ps&mkevt=1&mkci...
    I also had a 5% off voucher sitting in my eBay account.. not sure if others have the same however. All up $159 delivered

    • Got it in white

    • +4

      That page has completely bugged out for me. Shows "Please enter a quantity of 0 or less" despite stock being available for click & collect.

      • +4

        eBay queries EB Games backend for product quantities -> "all good, plenty of stock", store page is artificially limited to 10 units by some dunce and all 10 have been bought -> eBay is confused because it's all sold out… but still in-stock simultaneously.

  • +2

    Quite an impressive video quality. At a different level to the cheap Creative Live 1080p V2 cam I bought last week.

  • Damn. Good price. If I didn’t already have the creative cam v2.

  • +2

    Logitech C920 is $116 from Amazon UK if someone needs something cheaper


  • Thanks OP, been waiting for a decent price on a webcam.

  • Can vouch this one has better colour reproduction than the Logitech Brio 4K

  • Bought one, cheers OP

  • +2

    Price beat at OW for additional 5%

  • +6

    8% off gift cards from Rewards Gateway - if you’re a member.


  • +27

    I'll SAY IT AGAIN!!


    I have this webcam.

    The software inbuilt is kinda cool and lets you transmit video that can be edited with borders, backgrounds, text etc.
    The mechanism to stand the webcam is flimsy and will result in many knockdowns of the camera, and it doesn't go properly over a monitor so don't bump it, but it will definitely stay still up there.
    You must have a USB C port to use this webcam properly. YOu can use a USB C to USB A adapter but you won't be able to stream in 60 fps and you may get frequent power dropouts if the USB port isn't powered by a modern USB3.1 interface.

    I've dropped it multiple times and it's hit the floor hard so that might be the reason my webcam loses power sometimes but I'm pretty sure it's the fact that my mobo is using an old USB 3.1 chipset.

    • +2

      Thx for the heads up legend..about to buy and saw this.

    • +1

      Do you plug it via hub or directly?

      I have a powered hub, which also delivers power to my laptop. Was thinking that it may or may not work as expected.

      • +2

        Like a USB C hub that goes into a USB C port?
        If so, that should be fine.

        Do you plug it via hub or directly?

        Directly, but USB C Ports have massive current outputs.

    • +6

      I have it plugged into a cheap A to C converter into my UGREEN switching dock and never have any issues with it on both my desktop PC and a work laptop

    • +1

      My favourite feature is the auto-focus, image stabilisation and the follow feature (can't remember the technical name) on the camera that repositions the recording angle based on where you are in the image. So it's almost like the camera is moving to but it's actually the lens moving.

      • Do you use it when blurring background ?
        Any quality issues?

        I have xsplit vcam and as per few posts, the app does not support 60fps.

        I think, plugging it into a powered hub should be fine, more power

        • Do you use it when blurring background ?

          No, it distorts the video and ruins my zoom calls.

          Any quality issues?

          Nah I leave it on like 10 hours a day and no issues for over a year. Don't drop it but it's well built and the plastic is hard as fk.

          I think, plugging it into a powered hub should be fine, more power

          Yeah as long as the PC supports USB Type C.

          • @Orico: Thanks a lot.

            So the Logitech app has inbuilt feature to blur or change background?

            • @b0nd: I had a look and couldn't find the blur background feature. It's not a difficult feature to implement so maybe you can post it on the forums (if they have one) or email the developers.

              • @Orico: Ah okay, thanks again. Might have to see what app can do blur at 60fps 😀

    • I think my fellow Zoom attendees would prefer not to see me in full 60hz tbh

      • Zoom won't display you at 60fps, more like 15fps. You can check your video output in the settings, it will be more like 360p15 and compressed af.

    • +1

      I always thought the 60 fps on USB-C only is that the bandwidth required for 1080p 60hz exceeds the USB 3 standard. I can confirm I've been using mine with an adapter for quite some time and never seen a power drop out, so sounds like it might be your unit.

      The USB-C is a little annoying though. My monitor has a USB switch built in, and although it connects to the laptop via USB-C there are no native USB-C ports on the monitor, and my work supplied laptop only has a single USB-C.

      The other part about the cable that bugs me is it is hard wired into the camera body, so you can't swap the cable (I would love to put a shorter USB-C as it plugs into the monitor it sits on).

      That said I had many positive comments about the clarity of the video !

    • If someone is going to plug it into a USB 3 type A port, they should check their laptop or motherboard to see if there's a higher power port to be safe. My Lenovo for example has an icon of a battery on one port as it delivers higher power than the other.

      Most computers these days have USB C but it's good to be safe rather than sorry for those who don't!

  • I have this one and it works well with my macbook, would recommend.

  • +5

    the brio 4k is older and still alot better than this cam, I would recommend getting the brio 4k over this if you can get it.

    • +1

      Its also $300…

      • +1

        if you can get it on sale you could most likely get it for around 200. I know I have bought one for that before.

  • +2

    I bought this last year when there was a webcam shortage and this year upgraded to a Brio. I find brio better in every way; the choice of camera angles, the detachable USB-A cable, the lens cover, and it looks nicer as well.

    I had the StreamCam plugged into something recently and the kids tripped over it. The USB-C plug got damaged and the annoying thing is that the cable is fixed to the StreamCam. Had the brio cable been damaged, I'd more easily detach it and replace it with another cable. So when looking for a third webcam, I'll most likely pay the extra $100 for the Brio.

    • +1

      Only reason I didn't get Brio is because of the price but the stream CAM does the job and plus I don't want the judgmental old ladies who are in their 40s making comments about my skin or tired eyes.

      • -1

        Her name Karen?

        • -3

          No, whatever female Habib is

    • If brio is a bit too expensive what's the next best thing you recommend?

      • This might sound a bit ridiculous but if you have an old canon SLR, or a newer Fujifilm camera depending on model you can install the canon webcam utility or Fuji x Webcam utility and it'll absolutely dump on the quality of any webcam.

        The Brio would be the model to look at unless you're willing to sacrifice picture quality and get a 92[X] series

        • +1

          Unfortunately I have no camera not even a disposable one.

          I have tried experimenting with using my Android smartphones cameras for my desktop pc webcam.. Pretty cool actually makes it a very mobile webcam but battery drain is fast.

          I have used the Android apps iriun webcam and droid cam x for this purpose of using my smartphone camera as a webcam for my pc.

          You just install it on both your phone and pc and run them both on the same wifi network then all you get is success.

  • +1

    Note for mac m1 users. Basic Webcam functionality will work but the logi capture software is incompatible with m1. Gonna cancel based on this.

    • +1

      Ummm. I used capture today on my m1 and streamcam. Where did you read this?

    • +1

      Don't know about Windows but on Mac, the Logitech capture software is not good anyways. It was causing more issues and got rid of it in the first couple of days. The camera itself is very good though.

      • Good to know. Was interesting in the auto framing bit. Anyway to get it this feature without the software?

        • Without the software, it doesn't have any special features (e.g. no auto framing) but I personally don't mind and I like the camera quality.

    • Eb wont let me cancel. Says its too late to cancel.

  • Can anyone suggest, this or the Razer Kyio?

    • +1

      This is much better based on all of the videos I’ve watched.

      Much better autofocus and white balance compared to the Kiyo, which gets colours very wrong (makes humans look orangey) and struggles with brighter lights causing blowouts and constantly focuses in/out etc.

    • I'd suggest the kiyo pro if that's what you mean

      • Oop, yeah, it was. Basically, I bought the Kyio Pro, but have the autofocus bug and now have to return it. I don't want another faulty one.

  • +1

    Damn bought a c922 recently ($140) but was eyeing these off and couldn’t quite justify the price. $200… had they been this price a few weeks ago I would’ve gotten this. Still tempted and then try offload my c922.

  • If I hadn’t picked up a Brio last week for a keen price I’d have nabbed one

  • Thanks! Was about to get a c922 but got this with another 8% off with Red Hot rewards!!

  • Dammm I only ordered this last week and installed 2 days ago!
    Having picked up a Microsoft 720P Webcam which has been used alot due to WFH, I figured I'd up my game, seeing the Creative Livecam V2 go for $65 I looked at reviews and then the rabbithole of webcam reviews started.
    Those whom have suggested the Brio, specswise its better, but actaully looking at videos this colour accuracy looks better on this and for most part for myself anyway wouldn't be using the 4k part though I'd like to have it.

    I picked it up last week in a bundle with the Blue Yeti for $303.40 ($379.00 and 20% eBay coupon).
    I couldn't find it under $200 so I somehow justified the above to myself.

    Now I have the Yeti though I can see the novalty in having much better audio also.

    • Buy this one, return unopened to your original retailer (assuming they have a change of mind policy)

  • Full HD Vertical Video - Simply turn your StreamCam to instantly shift into portrait mode. Enjoy full HD in the 9:16 format - perfect for Instagram and Facebook stories.

    This comment, I tried this tonight, recorded in 9:16 for instagram stories, there is no easy way to upload videos from PC, after installing some pluggings you come stuck when your video is longer then 15 seconds.
    This isn't a limitation of the camera more instagram, but it's a thing.

    • +2

      Why not use a cloud storage platform like Dropbox and upload from your phone?

  • +1

    Cant resist a good deal when I see one. Thanks OP.

  • +5

    I usually go for a webcam that makes me look blurry, so people can’t see how ugly I am

    • I'd buy that for a dollar!

      • some vaseline for the camera will do the trick lol

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Been wanting to get a decent webcam but couldn't bring myself to part with ~$300 for one…

  • +1

    I own this cam I think it's fine my only complaint (and not sure if it was just my device) was the mike sucked i kept having to unplug it. ended up getting a blue mike which is a bit of overkill if you're just WFH but now I don't have any issues.

    • +1

      I think this is a general complaint across most webcam microphones

  • Yikes, didn't know this was going to be so popular.

    Hope I didn't shoot myself in the foot here and that my order is dispatched on time :D

    • Ordered mine yesterday through their eBay store and it got dispatched yesterday afternoon.

  • Just picked this up in store, the video quality is finally acceptable and heads and shoulders above the logitech ones. It is 3x the price though.

    • above the Creative cameras. I bought the creative v1 and sold it off on gumtree on the same day.

  • -1

    I got the Creative Live 2 for $69 directly from their website and highly recommend the video quality. My use case was for WFH, not for Twitch or anything.

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