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40% off: Tuya Zigbee Electric Motorized Curtain Rod from 1.5m US$143.59 (~A$196) Delivered @ Zemismart


Zemismart Tuya Zigbee Electric Curtain Motor with Rod Smart Curtain Automatic Motorized SmartThings Google Home Alexa Remote Control
Coupon:CXBX0ADW 10% off
Voltage:AC100V-240V 50/60HZ
Power: 40W
Max weight:50kg

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  • Hello,

    Any discount for blinds please

    • +1

      Coupons:CXBX0ADW 10% off

      • Not working pls fix

  • Was excited to see this - but no 3m spans :(

  • "Not sure if you turned the curtains off?" :ROFL:

  • Just wanted to ask. There is a 8.4m width from window to window, that needs to be covered.

    Which option to pick for double track, (curtain and blockout)

    Amount of Pieces?

    If I was to go with blinds instead what would the options then be for this width?

    I was thinking 4.1m option x 2 but that still leaves a gap and not sure how it sits overall with the motor and unused track length. So usable would be 4m? If not maybe the 5.2m but it will be overlapping, can it be programmed to stop at a certain distance?

    Can custom lengths or extra parts and belts be purchased?


    • dear,suggest use curtain rather than blind

      • Yes so what ate the options for 8.4m window?