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50% off Coffee | Delayed Dispatch Available | Free Shipping AUS Wide @ Inglewood Coffee Roasters


50% OFF Coffee | Free shipping AUS wide | 48 Hours Only

Delayed dispatch available at checkout. Delayed dispatch orders freshly roasted and sent from 18th October.

Early access on Tuesday 21/09 for Inglewood subscribers (https://inglewoodcoffeeroasters.com.au/linea-mini-giveaway/)

  • 1kg Sunset BLVD
  • 1kg Single origin espresso
  • 500g Single origin filter
  • 1kg Decaf
  • 60pk Pods
  • Gazelle body scrub

Head to www.inglewoodcoffeeroasters.com.au and go to the sale page on Tuesday 21/09.

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Inglewood Coffee Roasters

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    • Order notes?

      • It was under shipping, third option after "Free shipping" and "Express Shipping: $12.00".

        • Gone now :(

          • @Gotchacha: the option came back for me just then

            • @C-Nut: Cheers! Got an order in with delayed shipment.

  • Were these single origins, that are currently on sale, available to buy before the sale started? I dont recall seeing them earlier. Wondering if these were rolled out for the sale only or are they usually available to buy on the site?

  • The site has crashed again. What a shame.

    • Keep trying - site is very slow and occasionally errors but eventually works

      • Yep managed to check out just now

  • No option for delayed shipping

    • +5

      Aus post will delay it for you

  • soooo slow…

  • Just got one!

  • got the email - ordered - slow AF - came here - explains slowness

  • +7

    Ordered 1kg of the Sunset Blvd for immediate delivery and 1kg of the Brazil Single Origin for delayed shipping, that'll do me for a while!

    OP - Strongly advise not using Woo Commerce to build your website - PM me if you'd like to talk about getting a real website built, I'd be open to some kind of Coffee for Website agreement ;)

    • +10

      They do have coffee at 50% off though so how is it false advertising? If their promo said 50% of ALL coffee then perhaps you'd have a case.

      Why do people on OzBargain act like businesses owe them something? It's up to them what they offer on sale.

  • Spent half an hour trying to order 2 kgs of beans… Gave up the instant I realised I was actually wasting my time and had started to wonder why am I buying specialist coffee beans where the quality may be less than normal as they are being swamped with hundreds of orders anyway?

    • +1

      more beans for us I guess. cheers?

    • Is this textbook “sour grapes”…? Try using mobile phone instead of desktop, also disabling website trackers work for me. Good luck!

  • so if we want 2 kg, one receive next available and next bag delay shipment, we would need to make 2 orders separately?

    • +1


      • +4

        Thanks. I will need to waste another 45 mins to just get another bag then.

  • The site is so slow again!

  • Got the text but been sitting on the website trying to load my cart for the past couple of hours :( and then when I click checkout it times out…

  • +2

    Decent coffee but the amount of SPAM I get in my email and via text message from these guys is insane. Tone it down a bit.

  • Ordered. Thanks OP, looking forward to trying.

  • +1

    Is there a discount code that needs to be applied?

    • Discount is automatically applied on the website.


      $60.00 $30.00

  • +1

    Hmm does anyone know what the difference between the six & the reload coffee pods are?

    • +1

      looks like only the reload ones are on sale pricing now, when site was timing out earlier they were both on sale

  • +1

    Looks like they moved servers. Much faster now, just made my second order. Cheers!

    • Yeah. I placed my 2nd order in 2 mins.

      Thank god!

  • +1

    Anyone else getting the error during checkout after returning from Paypal site back to Inglewood checkout?

    Sorry, an error occurred while trying to retrieve your information from PayPal. Please try again.

    • Yep. This is ridiculous

    • Yeh same

    • Still happening to me

    • Yep, still an issue @ 8pm

    • Still stuffed here @9:20pm

  • +1

    Website broken. Checkout wont load

    Edit: Seems to be just the "quick buy" function that doesn't work

  • For people who opted for delayed shipping, do their order confirmation say "Free Shipping" under "Shipping"?

    I'm pretty sure I picked delayed shipping, weird.

    • +1

      My confirmation email states delayed shipping:

      1 $30.00 Subtotal: $30.00 Shipping: Delayed Shipping - Ships 18th October 21 Payment method: Pay with Card Total: $30.00

      You may want to get in touch with them.

      • Thanks mate, I have not received the email confirmation. It's the order confirmation page that states free shipping only.

        Will give them a call tmr

    • +1

      That was Manna Beans, not this company.

      • +1

        Thanks, sorry I wasn't accusing these guys, just asking to make sure.

        • All good, I know. No apology required 🙂

  • Is it 50% off $50 or is the $50 already discounted? Seems very expensive if that is the case. I have gone all the way to checkout and not seeing any discounts on the Susnet.

    • +2

      Sunset is $25 for 1kg, so 50% off $50.


      $50.00 $25.00

      • is it the same for Roosevelt for you?

        I click on the main page sale banner and it has 2 items… Sunset and Roosevelt, but only Sunset seems to go down to $25.

        • Not the same for Roosevelt, looking at OP it doesn't seem included.

      • Thankyou, your link is 50% off but not through the main page.

        • +1

          Ah yeah I see what you mean, seems you have to click the product link under the sale banners on the main page. The normal product links aren't updated.

  • Can't add to cart.

  • Thanks ordered sunset, had it before and very good.

  • -1

    Pity no Roosevelt or The Six in bean form on special. Those descriptions are right up my alley.

    Hazelnut, Chocolate, Malt, Almond

  • FYI looks like they are also on Amex Shop Small - no biggie because it's just a few extra points but every little bit counts :)

    Whilst checking out their Coburg address on Google Maps, noticed an awesome green Jimny in the carpark too :)

  • Bought a 1kg of sunset blend. Thanks OP!

  • Anyone tried Reload pods? Looks like The Six pods are not on sale

  • Will place an order tomorrow evening, to delay a bit. Just opened a 1kg bag (from a different roaster).

  • No option to nominate a delayed shipping date other than the default?

    • Yeah, a 2 weeks delay would have been perfect.

  • Tried to pay with Paypal and kept getting an error. Had to switch to CC to get the order to go through.

  • Ordered a fresh and a delayed. I would even order another If I could delay another month. It think theirs is my fav coffee.

  • Giving the Sunset blend a go - tasting notes got me good!
    Anyone tried the pods?
    Paypal worked for me - maybe right place, right time?

  • Horrible website. The entire website is super slow. Placed an order and now, when i go to view my orders, the page is crashing. If it wasn't for the 50% discount, i'd probably never buy from these guys

  • Been trying to purchase for last hour and now site is down for maintenance :/

  • Frustrating experience, really need beans

  • I'm not seeing the discount applied to anything…

    edit: worked it out, have to go here: https://inglewoodcoffeeroasters.com.au/product-category/coff...

    • -1

      Let us know if you need help tying your shoelaces too mate ;)

  • +1

    Disappointed no 250g bags were included in the sale.

    • +1

      Probably prohibitively expensive to ship it to you for free if you only buy 250g.

      • They've done it in the past. I'd even prefer 30% off site wide.

  • +1

    OP is your Brazil Fazenda Cacheoeira De Grama single origin good with milk based drinks?

    I know most SO's are not but I do find some decent. For example your Columbia San Rafael SO that you had some months ago was great with milk.

    • For milk based SOs, I have rarely had a bad south american bean. They just work great with milk, seemingly more limited notes for filter.
      Stick to those for SOs and think you'll generally be happy.

      • Thanks1 That has generally been my experience with south american single origin. The only roaster whose SO South American has not been great milk based has been Normcore (who incidentally do fantastic SO's)

  • -1

    Gotta say while delayed shipping is appreciated, only having one particular date for it (mid October) is not that useful.

    • +1

      In fairness it helps them batch roast and dispatch whole bunch at once.
      These 'deals' are always there for a reason.

      • This, reducing cost for them and a better pricing for us.

      • I understand why it makes sense for the retailer, I'm just saying it doesn't make sense necessarily for the consumer. My previous order with Lime Coffee was any date that I designated, which is amazing! But yeah, not possible for all.

    • -1

      Might not be useful to you 'necessarily'… but may be useful to others though.

  • the website is so broken….so much trouble trying to place an order last night that I ended up with a couple of pending order. Finally got one through later at night but it went under a Helen Hodgson for some reason??? Emailed them to get it fixed but no reply, and now my account no longer exist when it was there last night. Got a payment pending on my credit card though so no sure whats going to happen. Oh and paypal payment wouldnt work.

  • +1

    Strange, my order from yesterday disappeared from my Inglewood account. Anyone in similar boat?

    • Same issue, I emailed them this morning but no response as yet… I'll give them a call tomorrow

    • At least you still your account, mine no longer exists…even got welcome email and coupon code for creating the account. No idea what happens to my order, just waiting and see what happens to the pending charge on my credit card.

      • same thing happened to me. My paypal order went through as well. But now I cannot login to my account, nor have I got any confirmation

    • They moved to another server, so probably exported the site before your order was put through. Rookie mistake, but oh well.

      • I got my two order confirmations but my orders don't appear on the site too

  • dodgy website but managed to order Sunset Blvd delayed shipping :D

  • 2nd night, 10th attempt, still not working with PayPal. Not worth my time anymore.

    • Use credit card?

      • I wish my trust in their IT capabilities allowed me, i love their coffee.

        • It's a secure 3rd party credit card form, all G.

  • yup, paypal link is broken, only way to get it processed is credit card directly.

    • Paypal worked for me yesterday

  • Great stuff. I ordered a the other day when it was 30%. Then got an email for 50% off so ordered a 2nd pack.

  • Thanks OP. Gave 2kg Sunset BLVD a go. Wish you had Roosevelt 50% off too so we could try both.

  • +4

    Op, for non-delayed shipping orders, when do you expect to be roasting and dispatching?

  • OP - I placed my first order on the 24/9 and created a new account at the same time. Received an email confirming my order has been received but there is no further update since. Specified delayed delivery with the order but this wasn’t mentioned in the order received email. I could log into my account on the 24/9 but haven’t been able to log in thereafter with error indicating either incorrect username or password or email address. Have sent an email on order status & account issue - still waiting for a reply. Looking forward to receiving a reply soon.

  • +7

    When are orders expected to be shipped?

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