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50% off Coffee | Delayed Dispatch Available | Free Shipping AUS Wide @ Inglewood Coffee Roasters


50% OFF Coffee | Free shipping AUS wide | 48 Hours Only

Delayed dispatch available at checkout. Delayed dispatch orders freshly roasted and sent from 18th October.

Early access on Tuesday 21/09 for Inglewood subscribers (https://inglewoodcoffeeroasters.com.au/linea-mini-giveaway/)

  • 1kg Sunset BLVD
  • 1kg Single origin espresso
  • 500g Single origin filter
  • 1kg Decaf
  • 60pk Pods
  • Gazelle body scrub

Head to www.inglewoodcoffeeroasters.com.au and go to the sale page on Tuesday 21/09.

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  • Update on shipping? Coming up to a week and nothing since order confirmed…

  • +1

    I ordered on Tuesday 21st and mine is out for delivery today, metro Melbourne.

    • Cheers. Also 21st.
      I ordered via PayPal so no way to check on the site

    • Just been delivered, currently sipping on a cup of Sunset Blvd and it's good!

  • Ordered on 21st as well, no delivery update.

    They must received many orders last week because they are normally fast on their delivery.

  • Also 21st.
    Just have a chat on the phone. Order is ready on last Friday and still awaiting pickup due to public holiday in VIC.
    Have to request for the tracking number.

    Again my online account isn't working too.
    I was hoping the order will be dispatched within 48hours. And now I will have to wait at least 1 week for the parcel to arrive (QLD).

    Very disappointed with the srvice!

  • +2

    I ordered with delayed dispatch (18 October) but my order was delivered this morning.
    I went to check my online account and the order has been deleted.

    • LOL I ordered a delayed shipping too, however havent received anything just yet.
      I feel they have just been too overwhelmed with the orders

    • +2

      Same, ordered with delayed shipping option, but got email confirmation from post that it’s been posted. 3 emails has been sent since last Fri, no responses at all, terrible service and website

  • +1

    Ordered coffee 21/09. Haven't heard anything since. Pretty average service compared to the other coffee companies we've ordered from.

    • +2

      Same here. Not too impressed. Expect it will take over a week to get delivered to Sydney too..

      • Another one in a row for me after the Barty debacle.

        Why don't these guys just just advise of delays, most people would understand and prepare.
        Did any paypalers get a dispatch email?

  • I warned about the slow shipping

    • +1

      Maybe, but it appears most of us are looking at more like 20 days. I would be happy with 10 but with no sign of dispatch I need to find interim beans.

  • +1

    Same here, no update on my order since 21st.

    • Ordered 21st, got auspost notice today.
      hopefully 'received and ready for processing' means auspost have the package.

      • +1

        I received two today…

        I'm guessing they messed up with the second one being delayed delivery…..

  • +3

    Not impressed so far. Ordered 2 lots 21/09.
    One order for immediate dispatch. Received confirmation of order same day - no update since.
    One for 18th Oct shipping. Payment taken but no order confirmation - thankfully took a screenshot of order number. Emailed them last week to confirm if received and delayed shipping applied - no response.

    • +1


      First order shipped Thursday 30th.

      After 2 emails, they called me Friday 1st regarding second order that had no correspondence.
      Apologised and told me the second order is in the system and will be roasted in October and posted 18th as requested. Apparently there was an error with the ordering system.

      I was happy with this until I received an order shipped notification for my second order yesterday. Auspost estimating they will arrive 2 days apart!

      Have dealt with a lot of coffee companies over last 12 months and all are so proactive, friendly and customer focussed. I know Inglewood have taken too many orders but it would not be too difficult to update purchasers via this post that they themselves created!

  • +6

    Looks like they haven't even shipped my order yet. Also, during the last sale they messed up my order.
    2 strikes. Don't think I'll be ordering from this mob ever again.

    • Great way to lose new customers

    • I saw them mess up a lot of ppl's last time. Didn't even mess up mine and it wasn't worth it for me. So many other great roasters out there

      • Got mine in the end (Sunset Blvd), tasted a little burnt to me. Maybe they had too many orders and rushed the roast?

  • Just ordered the peabody style Fazenda Cachoeira De Grama. Its wonderful, full body and smooth finish. Love the new make. I have mine simply long black.

  • Finally got shipping notification from Xpresstoyou set to arrive tmr. They received over 4500 orders which explains the slow dispatch.

  • Looks like there is a big backlog of parcels for Auspost, we might not be getting fresh coffees after all.


    • Looks like they use couriers "xpress 2U" so shouldn't be affected.

      • Mine had a Auspost tracking number.

        Maybe they use xpress 2U for VIC residents?

        • Auspost
          We’ll be pausing eParcel and Parcel Post pickups, collections and lodgements from eCommerce retailers in Greater Melbourne Metro only. The pause will last five days only – from 12.01am Friday 1 October to 12.01am Wednesday 6 October.

          So if it hasn't left Vic now other residents will be waiting at least 6 more days.

        • Okay, they may have changed due to the notice from AusPost or maybe as you say it's just for Vic. I got a notifcation from xpress 2U saying my order has been picked up.

          • @F-22: Picked up from Sender
            Column, event date and time,
            Wed 29 Sep, 5.35pm

            Yep, Syd so auspost.
            I might be lucky based on the notice.

  • This is not even about delivery time anymore, they haven't even dispatch it. Clearly they are at capacity, just like the website debacle last time around. Maybe Inglewood should put a cap on orders based on their available capacity rather than trying to do all but couldn't fulfil them. Coffee tastes great with good value, but what good does it do when they aren't accessible? Also no responses to email or calls. An update/communication about delay would be appreciated.

    • I'm sure they learnt from this round.

  • +3

    I ordered with the free express post option. Got the AusPost dispatch email yesterday for delivery today (hasn't arrived). They also just sent another thank you/apology email about how they were overloaded with over 5000 orders, which included a 50% off code for another order until 21st November.

    They were clearly drowned with the amount of orders, but this lack of communication doesn't cut it. However, an extra 50% sitewide coupon kind of makes it better :))

    • Is it sidewide, or just on beans? (Ie. Does it work on brewing equipment?)

      • +1

        This code can be used on any coffee products (blend, single origin, pods, decaf and Gazelle)

  • These guys shipped the order express and gave us 50% off next round, so I'd say a good recovery. Thanks Inglewood, looking forward to trying the beans.

  • Anyone heard anything on their order at all? I havent gotten as much as an update email.

    • I’m in the same position.

  • I received my order today but they gave me ground beans instead of whole. Have contacted them

  • Received my order today (VIC). Roasted on 28Sep2021. :)

  • +1

    I ordered a delayed order but they already shipped my order.. Not happy

    • Same here - contacted them but no response. Great coffee (Ethiopian Sidamo) however disappointing service, and will unlikely be ordering from them again.

  • Received Ethiopia Chelchele, Yirgacheffe Filter beans. Very happy with the taste and quality of the beans. One of the best naturally processed beans I've tried so far.

    Ordered on 21 Sept, roasted 29 Sept, received 30 Sept.

  • I guess you get what you pay for. Ordered coffee on 22/9. Arrived yesterday to Melbourne - roast date was 13/9… fortunately it’s cheap or I’d be very disappointed

  • +1

    I thought I'd ordered a delayed order, mine was delivered today as well. Disappointing.
    Edit: The pods that I ordered weren't delivered. They are coming 25th October instead…. hopefully they are fresher than the ground coffee will be.

  • I received a shipping notification on the 23rd but it hasn't moved from Oakleigh since… I received a second email on the 29th saying it was on its way yet again but no tracking number, when I tried to login to their website my account doesn't exist yet again.

    Considering they would have earnt at least 250k from this promotion I would have thought they could at least communicate better with customers and sort their website out.

  • +1

    I ordered on the 22nd and still nothing. I sent a follow up email today to get an update. When it’s not 50% off these guys usually deliver within 48hr. They really dropped the ball this time around, an email update wouldn't go astray.

    • +1

      I’m a day ahead of you and nothing. Sent an email requesting refund, nothing. Never will I buy from them again. Cost me much more than I could have saved in interim beans.

      • my backup pod machine broke..after buying pods.
        So i've resorted to cutting them open and using the grounds in my espresso machine.
        It is bad, very bad.

    • Yeah i ordered at during the presale on 21st and I have not heard a thing and no update email or response to my email requesting update.

  • Finally received mine. Roasted 21 Sep.

  • This has been a bit of a disaster all around…ordered on 22/09 for express shipping, dispatched on 27/09, and then looks like it's still stuck in VIC still due to delivery issues with Aus Post. Guess i'm sticking with my local going forward.

    • +1

      Received today, beans roasted 13/09…get what you pay for I suppose

      • +1

        That's disappointing, closer to the 27/7 would be more acceptable.

      • +1

        Same roast date and just arrived a few minutes ago. Pretty average

  • +1

    Ordered on the 21/9. Expected delivery date 13/10.

    Inglewood always up to no good.

  • +1

    Terrible experience with these guys, ordered on 21/9 no update for a week. After repeated follow up the coffee was sent on 29/9. Expected delivery as per aus post is 11/10 - 14/10 !!!

    However good coffee it may be, if it is not fresh and not delivered on time it’s no good.

    Wont be going back to these guys again.

    • To be fair, the delay in shipping, especially out of Melbourne is really slow at the moment with lockdowns etc
      However the delay for the order to be processed with no update is poor.

  • +3

    Got mine today, Sunset BLV, roasted 25th based on the stamp. So not as bad as some others here.

    It's decent but nothing special. Considering the service and the non resealable 1kg bags, highly unlikely to order again even with the 50% off coupon.

  • Mine arrived today - all 29/30th of Sep Roast date.

    Not loving the Brazilian single origin espresso, I'm not getting great results following the recipe card - would be handy if they included a few more details such as temp so I didn't waste as much of it trying to get a decent output.

  • Received today, roasted on 21/Sept.

    Unimpressed so far: non-resealable bag, no degassing valve, did not come in a box.

    Does come with a basic recipe and a 25% off code, which is a nice touch: 1 to 1.5 brew ratio in 30 seconds (I'm guessing contact time includes pre-infusion time).

    • I do not understand this brewing ratio. In a double basket,17-18g of coffee usually yields about 50-60gm espresso in 30 seconds. Tastes good to me.

      • Yeah, I know what you're saying, it's quite confusion.

        To me a single shot is about 30ml, a double is about 60ml, that's what I went by when I first started brewing coffee at home.

        (By the way, this is a nice shot glass: https://www.coffeeparts.com.au/rhino-wares-70ml-double-spout...)

        Then people told me that I should be measuring by weight for consistency, aim for 1:2 ratio. So 18g in, 36g out. But that is way less than 60ml.

        I mostly make milk based drinks, actual volume is not super important as less water would just mean more milk.

        But I do wonder if more or less water running through the puck in the same amount of time makes any difference. I can't tell by taste.

        • a single shot refers to a dose between 7-10g
          a double shot is 15-22g

          I personally have a 20g basket (with a 20g) dose and extract 36grams of weight in about 28 seconds

          Works well for me.

          I’d recommend looking at James Hoffman’s videos on YouTube for clarification.

        • +1

          My rough rule of thumb is 94 degrees, 20g in, 40g (1:2 ratio) out in 28 secs (give or take a few secs). Note this is in a 58mm (commercial size) portafilter. A lot of the mid range home machines have 54mm portafilters with only 18gm baskets.

          Try drinking the espresso only (AFTER stirring it first) as milk hides a lot of the flavours. You should be able to more clearly tell the difference.

          60ml (roughly 60gm too?) sounds like too much and may have a great deal of bitterness due to over extraction and getting bitter flavours from the coffee fibres (but more caffeine too). Try stopping at 36gm and taste the difference.

        • For spirits a shot is usually 30ml.

          For coffee, a shot becomes descriptor of weight, for example, 7g for a single shot. But I believe it's that way because it is expecting 7g for 30ml extraction, so it is still the same volume.

          Then people started talking about ratios, finer or coarser grounds would produce different output in the same amount of time. So 1:2 means 7g in, 14g out in say 20s. Obviously 14g is no where near 30ml, but that be the optimal brewing method for a particular roast.

          If the same 7g is a coarser grind, then 20s may yield closer to 30ml, but it may also taste awful.

          That's how I understand it and started measuring by weight instead of volume.

      • +1

        50-60 is too high for most - you will find stuff that works well over 2 but 1:2 is a better starting point.

        That being said, I am struggling to get decent results using the suggested settings from the recipe card on the SO.

        I have professional level equipment and I'm not an expert, but I've got a decent idea of what I'm doing & I'm not loving the outputs on the Brazil SO.

        Filter is decent so far and works well.

        Had the Sunset BLVD last round at got pretty decent results using very similar ratios and timing as mrdunu is suggesting.

        The bags do have a valve. I don't understand why you'd want additional packaging. Get some plastic sealing clips from Ikea, they are extremely useful in the kitchen, it is also reasonably rare for 1kg bags to come with a Ziploc seal in my experience.

        • Thanks for correcting, just took a closer look, the valve is there. Just feel better to be protected by carton box.

      • If it tastes good to you, then keep enjoying it.

        But if you are getting that kind of output in 30 seconds the usual cause is you haven't ground fine enough.

  • Just got the coffee, was a slow delivery unfortunately.

    However the coffee is fantastic.

    Here's hoping they have 50% off again!

  • Mine was shipped today, as promised. We'll wait and see what the roast date is. :)

    • I received mine today (shipped yesterday).

      My Sunset Blvd bag doesn't have a roast date sticker. Anyone who got their shipped yesterday (18 Oct) comment on when theirs was roasted?

      My Brazil single origin was roasted yesterday so seems fresh!

      • +1

        Sunset Blvd sent on 18th and received on 19th. No proper roast date label just a sticker "18 Oct 21" at the bottom of the bag so not sure whether it was shipping date or roast date…

        • Thanks! I'd assume that is the roast date. Maybe my sticker just fell off during packing or something as my other bag had it.

          Anyway I'll wait another 5-6 days before using it then (too fresh right now).

          Thank you again!

    • It arrived today, so reasonably fast given I am in NSW and the state of mail delivery recently. And the roast date was Monday. So no complaints there.

  • I’m still waiting for my capsules to be delivered.

    • Mine still hasn't been shipped. I requested delayed shipping originally and was expecting it to be shipped on 18th October. Anybody else in this situation?

      • Nope, my delayed delivery shipped on 18th, received on 19th. Should be ready to use in the next day or two!

        • Hmm. Thanks. Time to contact them.

          • @findingbargains: Well, I didn't even request delayed shipping….

          • @findingbargains: Update: got the package today with two items. 18th and 20th October roast dates, respectively. Not ideal but I guess it could have been worse. To their credit they sent it via some courier company. If they sent it via AusPost, who knows when I would receive it. Many of my recent orders coming via AusPost are severely delayed.

      • Yep. No response from them either.

        • +1

          Finally received my capsules today. Received an e-mail this morning prior to delivery.

  • Has anyone got their whole bean grounded even though ordered Whole Bean?

    OP, can you please assist? I received mine today (delay dispatch 18/10) but the coffee has been grounded. The invoice says whole bean which is correct..

  • -1

    Won't be ordering again. The recommended 1:1.5 ratio essentially means much finer grinders than usual, which created 3 problems:

    1) Wasted a lot of beans (and time) to dial in.
    2) Coffee dust everywhere due to finer grinds.
    3) Wasted a lot of beans (and time) to get back to 1:2 ratio.

    Ok beans, nothing spectacular, certainly did not worth the trouble.

    • maybe try a dosing cup?

      • Yes, I do use a dosing cup.

        I usually put the dosing cup on a scale, it has been working well.

        With Sunset Blvd, I have to hold the dosing cup up high and close to the chute, to prevent the super fine grounds flying everywhere.

        Another observation is that Sunset Blvd appears to be lighter in weight, 18g fills the basket more that other grounds. Doesn't make sense, usually finer grounds result lower volume due to more compacted.

        Anyway, it's a strange blend, and appears to be difficult to extract, requiring finer grounds and relatively longer contact time.

        • I’ve had a similar experience noting that my basket is a lot more full for a given dose, however have you tried using rdt to minimise the grounds spray? That usually works for me.

          • @mrdunu: Thanks for suggesting, I have heard of RDT but don't like the idea to pre-moist a hopper full of beans. I usually fill the hopper halfway for convenience, and to have some weight to push beans down.

            • +1

              @browser: Ah fair enough. I single dose so I:

              1) Weigh 20g beans in a cup
              2) Spray the beans with an atomiser
              3) Add beans into the grinder and grind into a dosing cup
              4) Attach my portafilter to the dosing cup and shake, and tap a few times
              5) WDT to remove any clumps
              6) Use an OCD tool
              7) Tamp

              My shots converge into a single stream (using a naked portafilter) within two seconds.

              • @mrdunu: That's a solid workflow. If anything, I have noticed the rise of single dose storage solutions, basically small tubes on some sort of stand. Idea is to store single portions in tubes for convenience and to minimise opening the main container.

                • +1

                  @browser: Haha yes it is, but that’s why we order freshly roasted coffee right? I’ve looked into the lyn weber bean cellars but find it more troublesome than actually taking beans out of my airscape

  • I'm still waiting on my 18/10/21 delayed shipment, no comms from IW.

    Anyone else?

    • Yep same here. Australia post picked up from Inglewood on 18th, and it still hasn't delivered. I wish Inglewood did express but it has been stuck with Aus post since then.

  • My pods order finally arrived today!

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