What Item Would You Never Buy Second Hand?

I am a fan of second hand item. Almost all of my electronics are second hand. Those that are new, are purchased if only it is cheaper than second hand prices. My furniture and fridge are purchased at 10% of the actual costs, the trouble of moving them is worth it.

But there are some things that I had never buy second hand, but now considering maybe I should:
kitchenware, including cutlery. Although I do eat out at restaurants.
Clothes, not even branded ones.
Beds, although I do enjoy sleeping in hotel beds.

What about you?

Note: consumables like condoms and toilet papers are obviously not for second hand. If you say this, you must have lukewarm IQ.


    • What if it's the smoking variety? :p

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      Nah not down for that. If the plant grows outside of the person's garden though and into public land, I think taking a small cutting to graft/root is fair game.

      • Picked plenty of oranges in my day on the way past

    • So you have a nursery for all your seedlings? Must be nice….

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    Mouse, joystick, controllers.

    • Why, I would buy this anytime.

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        Same with phones, I prefer new items when it comes to repetitive hands on use.

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          So there is nothing you would buy second hand then? Apart from houses, maybe.

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        the buttons on a mouse are only rated for so many clicks before they will end up failing, controller buttons start getting stuck / losing their spring after a certain amount of use and you don't know if the person used a rubber band to circumvent afk systems in videogames (like gta) which can cause stick drift.

        • Sorry what rubbery bands

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            @DisabledUser393841: playstation and xbox controllers have 2 joysticks, one moves the camera, the other moves the character you're playing as. some online games have systems where you get kicked if you don't move for a certain amount of time, so you can use a rubber band to pull the movement stick which will make your character move in game, but can cause the joystick to malfunction.

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      I buy controllers second hand, but the first thing i do is tear them down and clean them.
      So much dead skin, oil, etc gets in there :s

  • Blow up doll
    Real doll

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      Blow up dolls are rated according to a pumps per thousand scale. I would have no problem considering one that was within warranty and with minimal pouch tear.

  • My furniture and fridge are purchased at 10% of the actual costs, the trouble of moving them is worth it.

    You should post as bargains!

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          Maybe you better stick with your second hand (literally).

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    Sex Toy

    • Well, understand but have we all previous partners?

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    i don't buy phones secondhand, i don't know how much life the phones have left in them and i would just prefer to get a brand new one.

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      Yrah as you have the risk of them being IMEI blocked if the seller tells their insurance company it was stolen and especially iPhones where there is the risk of them being iCloud locked too

      • Oh wow I didn't know this was a thing. That could actually be a pretty lucrative scam.

    • Agreed, I can't understand why people buy second hand phones. They have a finite life, they get used and abused everyday and batteries cost a heap to replace.

      Either buy a cheaper phone new or keep a more expensive phone for longer. My wife's iPhone xr is worth $400 an iPhone 13 is worth $1300 new and will be worth $400 I'm 3 years. That's $300 a year, it's just not worth skimping on.

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        At least a couple years back before everything was water proof sealed, the only thing you needed to replace was the battery which is easy.

        Now its harder because everything is sealed, glued down, and post repair you'd have to do a pressure test if you want the phone to still be water proof.

        However iphones aren't water proof, its actually easy to do, Apple just makes expensive to entice consumers to buy new.

        This is why the right to repair is very important so we can continue to use the electronics we want to use.

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      for me it is more to do with hygiene, you are basically buying something that someone has been spitting into all day long, for months/years on end, not to mention all the oil it has picked up from rubbing it all over their faces and hands……….

      and god knows how many hours it has spent in the dunny with it's previous owner!

  • food

  • Undies

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      Gluten Free what?

    • Well you're not allowed to buy people in this country; new or used.

      • You can legally buy there services, if you know what I mean lol. Need Mr Bean meme here.

      • "sugar dating"… Although you are essentially renting rather than owning

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        Correct so that is why I wouldn't buy a GF second hand hehe :)

  • Why does the OP enjoy sleeping in hotel beds?

    Some things that there is a lot of secondhand for sale, that may not be worth it.
    Bike rims used by professional cyclists

    Would this count as second hand, businesses that were owned by someone else and up for sale? As many of these are no good, although a small number are.

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      Second hand razors???

      Who's buying that???

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        i bought a few vintage safety razors, they still work well and there is a market for them. same goes for straight razors.

        • That is correct, vintage and classic shaving. Its a large market.

    • Shoes

      I was surprised to see shoes listed on gumtree, so I tried listing my old shoes a few years ago.
      Turns out the shoes I'm about to throw away, can all be sold for $20!
      This was a huge revelation, I never would have expected this.

      • Bought numerous shoes online and op shops

      • Yeah I don't get why you would ever want to wear someone's old shoes though. Feet sweat and smell a lot, not to mention the footprint will be moulded to their foot and the material isn't ever going to mould properly to yours to give you that perfect fit.

    • Regarding businesses, that just depends on how good you are.

      Some people flip them like houses. Either purchase one that's badly run and turn it around, or keep starting new businesses and sell them when they're profitable.

      Some people sell profitable businesses as they want to follow their dreams, or just because they are bored with what they do.

      On the other hand, there are also those people that think they can run something better, then fail after they realise how much work it is :)

  • Tampons - sorry all the good suggestions have been taken.

    I'll punch myself in the head now.

  • Dentures.

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    We all have to draw the line somewhere. I very rarely buy secondhand these days, cars and watches would be an exception.

    Last secondhand item I purchased was a desk. Covid hit and all the stores ran out.

    What I don't get is the OP not willing to buy secondhand cutlery and kitchenware, yet happy to eat at a restaurant that may have been licked by thousands of people lol. Chuck it in your (secondhand) dishwasher and it will come out clean.

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    Beds, although I do enjoy sleeping in hotel beds.

    Why is the sex always better in hotels? Is it because it's with a hooker?

    • Is it because it's with a hooker?


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      Room service, and someone cleans up after you.

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      Classic Jimmy Carr 🤣

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    Condoms, toothbrushes, socks, washing machines.

    • I was about to comment the same thing and more - underwear

      I did tho purchase a second-handed washing machine for washing up rugs shoes and dog-related stuff.

  • socks or jocks, shudder at thought of wearing either

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    Air. Only fresh air for me.

    • second hand air don't sound great at all

  • underwear, socks, mattress, washer/dryer, plates with a diameter of 20cm or more.

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    Motorcycle Helmets

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          Are you the comment police? I find that worse

  • Seriously, mattresses, even if it's thrown in with a nice bed. Don't take the mattress.

  • Intimate partners.

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    2nd hand condoms from vietnam

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      Won't even fit on my pinky…too little..

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        We really don’t want to know about your shrunken pinky

  • I'll buy anything second hand just got a $500 mattress for free looks like new feels like new pillow top etc get clothes all the time at 1/10th retail for brand names some even still with tags.

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    Toilet Paper

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    dust and dirt gets into all those little nooks like speaker grills and charging port. this makes it impossible to completely clean.

    not knowing where people use their phones (maybe while on the toilet, with oily hands, smelly hands?) such a big turn off.

    also who knows how many times it has been dropped (if you do buy a second hand phone check the corners for damage - obs not evident if they used a case).

  • What happened to the OP? Deleted account already?

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      Would you use their old account?

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      Probably just a journo doing "research".

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        Figures, given the state of journalism these days.

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    might as well pay for brand new ones. not worth risking your life

  • Condoms.

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    Nose plugs
    Anal plugs
    Toilet paper
    Chewing gum

    • Toffees?