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[QLD] LIFX Mini Day & Dusk B22 $22, LIFX+ A60 B22/BR30 $35, LIFX+ GU10 2 Pack $74 @ Harvey Norman (Bundall)


Few deals instore in Bundall GC:

LIFX+ A60 B22 $35.00
LIFX+ A60 BR30 $35.00
LIFX+ GU10 2-PACK $74.00
LIFX MINI DAY & DUSK B22 4-PK $64.00

Website remains on their regular pricing

Same with other LIFX items

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • Their app is SO BAD for a premium light brand. I heard they were bought out so maybe something changes.

    The RGB lights have so few features compared to the rebadged standard wifi RGB lights (Kogan, Mirabella, etc). The worst is that the effect doesn't play if your phone is disconnected from the internet or goes to sleep or the app closes, whereas the cheap ones do.

  • Had no issues with my lifx globes, they work perfectly with HomeKit so I’ve never used the app. OP are you sure the GU10 is a 2 pack?

    • Yes- there were only 2 of them there, I was very inclined to purchase but idk much about these ones

  • Does any one hear of order from last deal of connect smart bulb was 5 for $20

    • i've seem them there too- they were $19.00 for Connect Smart 5W RGB Downlight GU5.3
      Are these any good?

      • Waiting they put on back order