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Samsung 870 QVO 8TB 2.5" SATA III SSD + $150 Steam Credit - $799.20 ($779.22 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Futu_online eBay


$755.85 for Samsung 8TB QVO + $150 Steam credit

ebay Plus
  • $779.22 - reduced price with PLUSSP22
  • $755.85 - net price with ShopBack 3% cashback gift card
Non ebay Plus
  • $799.20 - reduced price with PSPR20
  • $775.22 - net price with ShopBack 3% cashback gift card
$150 Steam credit

There is a promotion for free $150 Steam credit that can be claimed under K.S. Technology [Thanks RichardL for the clarification]

Product Details

Samsung 870 QVO 8TB
2.5" SATA III Solid State V-NAND with 3 Year Warranty
Samsung latest 2nd gen V-NAND flash technology
Up to 560 MB/s read and 530 MB/s write speeds
Up to 2,880 TBW or 3-year limited warranty
Reliable and sustainable
SATA 6 Gb/s Interface, compatible with SATA 3 Gb/s & SATA 1.5 Gb/s interface

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    There is a promotion for free $150 Steam credit, which the images on the listing advertise, but at the Samsung page it is only eligible if purchased via selected stores, and this doesn't fall in the list and is ineligible.

    Futu_Online eBay can be claimed under K.S Computer Technology.

    • Oh Thanks. WIll update the listing.

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    Only work with afterpay.

    but its amazing deal

    • Afterpay? No you can pay by card on this also. And why not gift card with 3%
      Afterpay deal was few days earlier, this is different.

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        This deal (or these codes) only apply for afterpay method. Other payment methods will pay in full because code invalid. I tried and just get 1 with plus membership

        • No. That is not correct. Everyone is using this

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    This is a great deal for your Steam drive 👍

  • Would this last 15 years hypothetically as a steam drive if used weekly.

    Trying to figure out if nvme or normal ssd will last longer in a permanent no change no sell no touch after buy pc that will be used for gaming and media consumption but plan to keep it around forever and never upgrade it or sell it for like 15 years or more.

    • https://www.samsung.com/au/memory-storage/sata-ssd/ssd-870-q...

      8 TB, 3 year warranty

      2,880 TBW. So you'd have to rewrite the entire drive 360 times, before the warranty expires.

      It's either 3 years or 2,880 TBW.

      More than likely something will go bad in the electronics after a while. It'll last longer than a spinning hard disk would though.

      • so if say after you install all your games on this disk and that totals around 5TB to stay under the 75% full disk safety limit where things goes weird after passing that storage capacity leaving you with 3TB free.

        then assuming your games don't write more than 12TB per year to that drive through normal operations, gameplay, updates, maybe a buggy install reinstall fix problem, etc so 1TB of rewrite per month roughly.

        can we assume this could last 100 years assuming the metal and hardware parts don't rust and break/deteriorate first in that time.

        so let us give about 20TB for the initial install and setup of all games on the drive.. then 12TB per year for 100 years equals 1200TB so now we are at 1220TB which leaves us with 1660TB of TBW left to use.. hypothetically we could have this disk for 100 years or to your knowledge is there another factor that will decay in that time.

        From what I know they should theoretically last forever as there are no moving parts so the only other point of failure is the stick itself and the stuff on the board which I think also last over 100 years please correct me if I am wrong.

        Even if we ration 2TB of rewrite on the drive every month that is still 12 months x 2TB = 24TB per year then multiply by 100 years that is 2400TB plus the initial 20TB writing of the games and programs filling up 5/8 of the 8TB drive.

        My guess is 100-200 years but I feel like there is another faster/earlier point of failure somewhere else.

        • Where are you going to find a SATA port in 100 years, even if the drive did manage to last that long ?
          You won't be able to easily connect this drive in 20 years, never mind 100.
          And even with some weird SATA adaptor, there'll come a time when you won't be able to read the files or the filesystem itself.

          These sort of timescales mentioned in your post are nowhere close to the expected life of IT hardware. It's already a challenge to access data from the computers of the 90s.

    • No, the PC will be useless for Steam gaming long before it reaches 15 years old.
      5 years is a reasonable life span before you need to upgrade something. If you only play basic games, you might manage 10 years at a push, but you'll probably experience some kind of hardware failure in that decade….

      • Well my example would be right now I have a 1050 Ti going on 4 years and I can still play a lot of games at ok settings.

        If I had gone for the 1080 instead of the 1050 Ti then I probably could make it to the 7-8 year mark before things become unplayable.

        15 years I realise is a long time but I guess I should have specified I probably won't be playing the latest games maybe only a handpicked few and mostly older games with already matured grown communities.

        So realistically I should say about 10 years of current gen games then as long as possible just playing those "old" games until the end of time.

        For example I still launch up TF2 and a bunch of 10 year old games just for the hell of it.

        • It's not just the games themselves - if your 4 year old 1050ti machine can't run Windows 11 due to TPM/CPU support, then it's going to become end of life in 2025 when Microsoft stop releasing security patches for Windows 10.
          That'll be 8 years of life.
          We don't yet know how the Windows 11 lifecycle will work, but if your new machine can't run Windows 12 then the end of Windows 11 support will determine it's lifespan 👍

          • @Nom: Is this a thing?

            I feel like they can't gate keep our gpus now can they?

  • Well this is strange. No matter which code i use on anything the codes dont work for me and yes i'm logged into my account. Im unsure why this is? ODD!
    I Want a drive but none work with either code. Am i missing something here? It Says: This code can't be applied to your order. What The?

    • I tried applying now and was able to. Maybe try in a private/incognito window if it's a cache issue.
      Are you a plus member? If not maybe try creating a new account. Or as I read in ebay comments, there is ebay customer support who are responsive on chat/call.