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Weekly Subway Deals - 13/9 to 6/12 @ Subway App (Existing Accounts Only)


Passed on from a friend who owns a Subway store.
Deals available on the Subway app for 1 week only
Scan in store or order online.

Week Starting
13/9: BOGO any Subway Footlong
20/9: Free Six Inch with any Six Inch and Drink
27/9: Any two regular wraps for $12
4/10: Free Subway Snack with any purchase
11/10: 2 Subway footlong subs for $16 after 5pm
18/10: BOGO any Subway Footlong and any drink
25/10: Any two 600ml drinks for $5
1/11: Free 600ml drink with any purchase
8/11: BOGO any Six inch sub
15/11: $3.00 Off any Subway Footlong
22/11: Free Subway snack with any purchase
29/11: Any Footlong for $8.50

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  • +1

    Is it Any footling/sub? I redeemed this week's BOGO sub, but the guy didn't let me pick any of the more premium subs

    • +10

      That's strange. Basically how it works is that you pay for the more expensive sub and get the cheaper sub for free. If you get two steak footlongs which are one of the most expensive ($12ish each) then you should just pay for one.

      • +1

        Yeah that's what I as going to do, as any ozbarger would do. But because I was asking for 2 subs the guy behind the counter asked me if I was using the bogof offer. Then he replied saying only the cheaper subs. I hadn't read the terms of the offer, and didn't think about pressing it further at the time.

        Needless to say, I wil not be going to back to that store if I use the other offers.

        • +1

          Which store was it may I ask?

        • +6

          Name and shame!

        • -1

          Yeah that's just bad. Unfortunately that's the problem with a franchise model, it's hard to police the stores that are doing things wrong. Find a store that's better and stick with them!

        • I know a few owners now only sick to their subway shop over shit like this Di is fav subway owner she 2 subway used to own all local shops but sold most of them. her kids own 1 shop each but she loves me see what max I can get out of offers told me one, why fight over 50cent went might sell 3 subs to the same person in a week, cost you $10 a time. she shops if dine-in has old free refills on drinks.

  • +3

    Why this was posted 4 days after arguably the best deal in the list mildly infuriates me, nevertheless, thanks OP :)

    • +1

      Isnt it for the whole week starting from?

      • +2

        Yeah that's correct, each goes for 7 days.

        • +3

          Well I feel a bit dumb, that's awesome.

          • @sk3iron: Don't feel dumb, feel happy! Enjoy your upcoming meal

    • +3

      Ummm I posted it lol (currently sitting at 201 upvotes so surely made the front page too, idk how you missed it)

      • I see that has a targeted tag. Is that different from this?

        • It's only mentioned as new users couldn't get the offer, due to them only being loaded once per week and thus presumably 'targeted'.

        • How do you get alerts for targeted offers

          I think i dont get alerts for targeted deals

    • It still lets me get the boho footlong

      • what happen to my $3 subdollars?
        edit- nvm still got it

  • Been waiting for the insider list to leak for the entire promo, thanks OP

    4th Oct Free Subway Snack with any purchase
    1st Nov Free 600ml drink with any purchase

    This is interesting. Can you just buy 1 cookie and get a more expensive snack/drink free?

    8th Nov BOGO[F] any Six inch sub

    Do they still have the $5 six inch subs? Could make for a $5 footlong which would be nice.

  • I can’t see the BOGO any Subway Footlong in the app. Is it because I am a new member?

    • Go to order > offers

      • Nothing there. I claimed an offer of free 6 inch as a new member yesterday. Maybe that’s why I can’t see The BOGO offer.

    • Same. I logged into my account that’s been unused for a long time and there’s no BOGOF deal in my offers section. Will see if anything shows up next week but this weeks deal is probably the only one I’d want to claim anyway.

    • Same here, installed the app after the post on ozbargain. Only offer I can see is the free 6 inch & coke.

      • Maybe it's targeted? I looked too and it's only the 6 inch and coke deal, the app could use some work

  • missed the first bogo by one day 😭

    • +1

      The first BOGO is still on.

      • +1

        inaccessible to people who created their account after its release. i made my account on the same day, had i created it on sunday i'd be set.

        • +4

          How stupid! Purpose should be making more people download the app and create new accounts with these offers, not excluding the new members from the weekly offers!

        • +6

          I created my account years ago and not available for me either.

          • +2

            @acersaurus: Lol did anyone work out why this is the case? I'm in the same boat, old account but no offers

          • @acersaurus: Try different Subway stores in App

  • ah! they still exist

    forgot about them

  • What is a BOGO?

    • Buy one get one free lol

      • +21

        What happened to BOGOF? Did the F f off?

        • +1

          BOGO is the version of BOGOF without respect

    • Subways normal marketing strategy.
      Buy an overpriced sub, get an overpriced sub.

      • Unless more competitors arrive, it's gonna stay that way. That reminds me, i haven't been to Jersey Mike's in a bit!

  • Can you get veggie delight without avo?

    • Of course! Just ask the Sandwich Artist (lol) to not put avo on.

      • I ordered with the app.
        But I added it to the notes and they didn’t put avocado.
        Definitely no option on the app for veggie with no avo without using the notes.

        • Ah yes I see. Yeah I guess you have to use the notes. Not a very good system

  • +1

    The buy one get one footlong offer is still working for online orders.

  • +2

    So one needs to visit ozb to know subway deals, all I get in my fb news from subway's marketing team is $50 feed your family offer ROFL.

    Second about their app, they had the whole lockdown to come up with a better app, here they are offering even longer spinning wheel compared to their prev version and don't worry you can still download the older version only to direct you to the new version. No limit to how genius it could get in a multimillion dollar company.

    • +1

      Would not all be surprised if the next new version requires youth go in store and pick up a piece of rock and you order through that. Would be more stable and offer better functionality than what they have before!

  • I have the BOGO Footlong offer but can't apply it! Pretty sure it's not a rocket science to apply it into my cart so I am 100% I did it correctly. Still saying "Not Applied" in the cart whatever I do…

    • Have you added both footlongs first?
      I had to add both then the offer.

      Also try a different location. The first one had a “too many orders have been placed with this code” error.

      • yep i added both before adding the voucher.

  • Not available in any store on Sydney CBD. Apps, website instore (called them, they mentioned monday - thursday only and uber-eat only).

  • +1

    How do you get it? Where in the app can you see it? Don't see anything in offers

    • It was in my offers.
      Is the cookie and drink offer showing?

      • No offers at all in the handful of locations I checked

  • +1

    Not available at my local stores (Greater Sydney). I believe this is a targeted offer.

  • +2

    Signed up just last night and can't see the offer anywhere.

    • Can you see the cookie and drink offer?

      • Nope, only had the six inch and drink offer.

  • Is this only one per member or can we can go back to get another BOGOF

    • Only one

      • You might be able to screen shot the in store code and reuse.

        • When you scan it, our POS won't pick up the deal if it's already been used.

  • +5

    It would be great if their app ever worked. Mine is just spinning around and it gives an error after about a minute. Happening on both my phones.

    An employee flashed me this email yesterday when I complained the other day, saying the buy one get one offer starts on October 18… He didn't let me see that it’s also currently active for this week!!!

    Subway has to be the worst store for supporting the deals they publish! So many excuses why they can’t give it. App not working, computer says no cough, boss didn’t tell me, I don’t know.

    • Oh yeah the spinning wheel is so annoying I stopped using the app and don't want their offer anymore. The app seems to work find on my wife's iPhone but not on my android (s20)..

    • Yeah the app is stupid and keeps asking for updates and even a re-sign up with new obscure passwords and never works properly. Just use your web browser, much better and works every time.

  • Available in SA? I don't wanna install the app if it doesn't work.

    • I got an email advising me of the 1st offer, but I haven't used it. Should work.

    • Yes

  • -2

    Anyone seen the 4 pre made burgers in Woolworths, 4 buns, 4 patties, 4 cheese ect for $15 just make at home.

    Question is, is subway 2 footlongs worth it to sooth the savage beast.

    • -1

      On sale for $10 sometimes. Pretty good. We liked it.

  • Any tips on how to best preserve a subway sandwich? Thinking of buying this for dinner tonight and using the free for lunch tomorrow.

    • +1

      Would be fine. Just put it in the fridge.
      I’ve done this before when I’ve had an early morning and needed yo take lunch or had catering left overs.

    • +2

      Don't get lots of sauce, try to avoid tomato, avo or beetroot if you can. Otherwise sub will get soggy.

  • +1

    Anyone else just unable to use their app at all? I'm logged in but it just constantly loads and eventually ends up with an error when I click offers. Can't use it at all.

  • Any subs decent reheated?

    • If you get your sub toasted, you can easily put it in your sandwich press at home. Quite nice in my opinion.

  • +1

    As usual, nothing here.

  • Well only a 6inch instead of footlong in the app for me. But hey its free! Got it through the app and all works fine!

  • This is Subway stores only, not OTR SUBWAY'S?

  • "Loyalty Royalty since Jun. 2019"
    No offer :(

  • Won't give me a deal (BOGOF) on existing account but can get a freebie instead (free 6" + drink for new acc) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    In other news we're planning a blind taste test of coke v no sugar

    • Update for all 0 people interested: I could tell which was which when freshly opened but after a few minutes I could barely tell the two apart

      • Why couldn't you tell them apart? Did they kinda just blend together?

        • At first it was obvious which was which by taste then it became harder and then I couldn't tell any more.
          Maybe exposure to air brings their taste closer together somehow or yeah they just blended together

  • I had the BOGOF deal in my app but the qr code didn't show up clearly (probably because I had dark mode on). I turned dark mode off and now the deal isn't there anymore :(

    • Nvm. It doesn't show under promotions on the home page. I had to reselect my store, click on "subs" then click "offers".

  • The Americans have better subs.

    • Amongst many many other things. The food and takeaway options there are just, wow.

      • Agreed, & they make better Mex food than the Mexicans. Thus their wide girths!

  • +1

    I have an existing account but it was inactive before I opened up my subway app. Unfortunately, the offers will not appear for me in the app.

  • +2

    Anyone know why the free 6 inch sub and 390 ml drink is not working via the app, website or in person? I tried yesterday no luck. This is a deal for existing customers and it said it expires 26/9/21.

  • Can't believe I missed the BOGO they should do this more often smh

  • I've checked my app every three days or so for the past 2 weeks and each time the "Offers" section just says "Oh no! You don't currently have any offers available." Why?

  • The offer won't apply to my order.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Has anyone got this weeks deal and got a game card for sink the sub ?

  • 18/10: BOGO any Subway Footlong and any drink

    I tried this but offer only applies to free sub, 2nd drink is not free :/ anyone got 2nd drink for free ?

    • +1

      Also not working here, probably just bugged again like the new member offer and you have to apply the offer or add items in a specific order or switch stores etc etc.

      • oops! never thought like that, may be order should be sub,drink,sub,drink. Anyway, I have ordered without 2nd drink as sub,sub,drink :/

    • Having the same issue.

      • Same issue when trying to pay in store. Staff member had to cancel the second drink from the order and just let me take it anyway.

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