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500mm Tree Guard Felt Mulch Ring $3 (Was $6.89) + Delivery (in-Store/ $0 C&C) @ Bunnings


Protect yo trees from those weeds…

Whites Felt Mulch Ring creates a natural barrier against weeds while locking in moisture and reducing watering. It is easily trimmed to fit around the base of trees and shrubs.

Available in two sizes to suit most pots and in-ground situations.

For a decorative finish and best results, cover with your choice of mulch: wood-chip, gravel or pebbles.

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  • I thought this was one of those disks that you put on overhead cables so the possums don’t tightrope across them. Anyone know where I can find those? Don’t even know the right keyword for it.

    • Try searching “possum cable guard”.

    • +1

      I thought it was a felt pad that you put in top of your turntable.

  • +1

    I don't think it'd be easy to trim this thing to leave no gap. Even few mm gap would be enough for weeds to grow.

  • +2

    I have a feeling on the first mow I'd see $3 worth of felt straight go straight into the catcher

    • +3

      Better than $6.89 worth of felt.

      I think the idea is to cover with mulch - e.g. stones, pebbles, bark chips, etc.

      • I do actually think that makes a lot more sense :)

  • This will probably work for outdoor plant pots but not for trees. Try using something like moss spores?

  • Would that work against fungus gnats for indoor pots?

  • A cheaper option which will do the same job and is easier to use is a brick of coir pete (coconut) fibre. About the same cost but expands to 9L of material when you add water and would probably give enough to cover 3 or more pots. But sure, this felt thing has merit but you can achieve the same/similar results much cheaper with other methods.

  • Might see if these will stop the chickens digging up round the roots of my trees after watering.