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Garmin Instinct Solar Graphite $397.20 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Pretty close to the cheapest it's been ($394) according to camel^3.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Picked up one about a month back and it only comes off my wrist when charging while in the shower. This has great sleep tracking including SpO2 levels. Doc wanted me to go for a sleep study, but changed his mind after seeing the watch data.

  • I’ve had the non-solar Instinct since the day it came out, and am loving it. Battery is starting to degrade now though (originally went 2 weeks between charging, now every couple of days), so thanks - just ordered this to replace it

    • Interesting about the battery. Do you run it down flat before charging? I top mine up daily, with the settings I have it says 12 days power reserve. Waiting to be let out of lockdown to see how the Solar goes.

      • not generally - just when it gets low. I was using it a couple of times a week for bike rides and it was still getting more than a week between charges.

        As mentioned, its every few days now, or it will run out of batteries. And if I actually use it for GPS, I only get 1 day.

        Still happy with it - I literally went out and bought it the day it hit the self (17/10/2018 apparently - interestingly the new watch is due to be delivered 11/10/21, but we'll see!) as I had been waiting for a watch with like this for ages (I am rough on watches and destroy nice things!).

        • Thanks. Was just hoping I would get a few more than 2 years out of it. Looking for best battery management. Picked my Camo version up for $280 from Amazon a couple of months back. At the moment it's my daily driver, but I have better looking watches when they let us out of lockdown. This will mainly be used on Holidays and Weekends away due to power reserve, plus sleep tracking at night.

  • Would caution buying this. No Google Pay. No Spotify integration. Black and White. Better models out there in my opinion.

    • Your negatives are positives to some people. I went from a Pebble to a Galaxy Watch and really don't like it. From my research this is about as close as I'm going to get to a pebble.

    • meh. Anything with those things is not robust, requires way more frequent charging, and costs more.

      So I guess different people have different requirements.