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10 x Shelly 1 Wi-Fi Home Automation $170 (Was $270) + Free Shipping @ Smart Guys


Hi Ozbargainers,

Firstly this community has been really helpful for us during this pandemic and we really appreciate your support. Thank you.

We have what we think is a great deal on Bulk Shelly 1.

If you order 10 or more we will drop our price to $17.00 each. That is a massive 37% off our RRP price and 10% off our usual bulk price of $19.00.

Please note that the Shelly 1 must be installed by certified electricians. All devices have been certified for use in Australia by Global Mark Australia:

**Shelly devices can be used with the provided app, or be integrated with most existing home automation systems (Smart Things, Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Fibaro, HomeKit (by flashing). MQTT and Rest APIs are also available).

Full details on the Shelly 1 here:

Some ideas for how to use a Shelly 1:
* Make your garage door smart
* Smart Irrigation - control a solenoid valve with the Shelly 1
* Smart Lighting
* Control strike locks to make them smart
* Make a dumb doorbell smart

Feel free to message us if you have any questions, or would like further clarification. Would love any feedback you might have to help us improve as we are still new and we will be available to answer all your questions in the comments thread.


The Team @Smart Guys

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    No zigbee?

    • Hi, are you looking for anything in particular? Shelly only use wifi but we are expanding our range continually as Zigbee grows!

      • +7

        Zigbee light switches that are approved for use in Australia and use physical switches rather than capacitive ones. Green and Red leds instead of blue and can disable the led.

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          I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter

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    anyone care to discuss how these work?

    • +1

      I was looking at these the other day and so from what I understand, they attach these somewhere between the wall switch and the device, so you can control the switch using smart device.

      • yeah i was under this impression too. but would it be wiser to get separate wifi switches?

        Its going to be hard to wire multiple things in the house to one point?

        • Hi,

          These sit behind the switches, no need to do any rewiring to a central point. The benefit is that you get to keep your existing switches, or choose any design of switch that you like, and these will be compatible.

          You also retain manual control which is great for when home automation systems or WiFi fail.

    • Wire in mains power L+N.
      Then the wifi based unit can switch mains output, and also 24-60 v dc.

      In some ways it is a hard wired version of a smart plug + plus dc switching

      Because it's hardwired it can switch upto 16A which make it suitable for high rated equipment.

      The DC is awesome as it can be used to run things like 24v irrigation solenoids, having the AC means pump can be switched at the same time . The output of the DC isn't given so I'm not sure if you can run LED lights.

      It's says single channel so I am guessing AC and DC switch on/off at the same time

  • Any recommended electricians in WA who knows how to install these?

    • +1


      In our experience, any certified electrician will be able to install these relays as it is a fairly simple install.

  • So only cheaper buying direct for larger orders?

    • We are actually cheaper when you factor in the $10 shipping charged by this store. Happy to be proven wrong but we do usually check we are the cheapest out there before posting any deals.

  • Are these suitable to be installed in the roof space or only behind the switch?

    • your electrician will let you know that most likely you need an enclosure/junction box to house it but otherwise no reason why it can't be in the roof space

      • I'm thinking more from a temperature perspective.

  • Can you advise on dimming units,

    For something like an LED panel.

  • Do these work with 2/multi-way switches?

  • Any discounts on the 2.5 or Dimmer?

    We’re building a new house and fitting Shelly’s throughout so looking for mostly 2.5’s, a couple of dimmers and couple of 1’s.

  • This might be a dumb question but if using for a garage… what would be required for it to work via Siri on iPhone (if even possible)

    • Hey,

      Homekit firmware can be flashed onto the Shelly 1 -

      It is just typing a link into any browser and the firmware will auto update!

      • Ah cheers, does flashing that firmware stop any other functions?
        My wife has iphone but I have android so ideally be able to use both

        • I see, yes flashing would remove most of the functionality and it would become on/off control primarily.

          If you are after the full functionality of the Shelly's, in addition to Homekit and Google support, I would recommend taking a look at a piece of software called Homebridge - it will act as an intermediary between the Shelly and Apple homekit, while retaining the original functionality of the Shelly 1.

  • Dang….I just bought a 24v wifi controller for $80, your product looks better for $27….

  • -1

    These are better: which are $13.85 each

    • that price is excluding delivery and gst. And might not have the aus certification either

    • +2

      While you probably get the same functionality out of it, these don't appear to be certified for use in Australia and would therefore be illegal to install in Australian homes. The Shelly 1 carries the RCM label, meaning it has been tested to Australian standards.

      The Shelly 1 also works with MQTT, Home Assistant, Hubitat, Google Home, Alexa and many other platforms with ease because Shelly have put a lot of time and money into developing great firmware!

      • The Shelly 1 also works with MQTT, Home Assistant, Hubitat, Google Home, Alexa and many other platforms with ease because Shelly have put a lot of time and money into developing great firmware!

        FWIW I would recommend everyone just reflashes with ESPHome. Both the Athom devices I linked and Shelly are supported (

  • Do these integrate with SmartThings?

  • Do they play nice with solid state dimmers? (Assuming it’s installed before the dimmer).

    • no they don't.

  • if i have one of those outdoor power points, and want to run garden lighting from it. this would be ideal to set a timer on with?

    • No, I'd use one of these instead - - because daylight hours change throughout the year.
      You can either set it to come on for X hours after dusk, or it has a learning mode that will operate the lights for about half of the night (based on it knowing how long darkness lasted yesterday, so will adjust as the year progresses).

      It's entirely standalone, no wifi or other communication needed, so there's nothing to go wrong 👍

  • @op, Could these be used for 2-Ways light switches? I have a hallway with 2-way light switching. I want to still use the manual switches, but also control the lights with Alexa.

  • -3

    Bulk Discounts on Shelly 1 Wi-Fi Home Automation 10% off - $17 Each + Free Shipping

    Showing $27 for me…. Is there a code ???

    • same. looks like you need to buy 10 ?

    • Buy 1 for $27 each
      Buy 5 for $20.00 each and save 26%
      Buy 10 for $17.00 each and save 37%

      it's all on the website and in the above conversation

  • Silly Question: is there any Shelly device that can open my sliding gate a bit, just enough to get a delivery man to go through to put a parcel inside the house?

    • The Shelly 1 has dry contacts so can usually be used to control most electric gates. Check your gate controller for a pair of switch terminals. If these are there the Shelly 1 can be used.

      • Do we need a sparky to hook up a garage door ? (Confused as it is 12V, not 240V).

  • OP I have a wall plate with 3x dimmable LED light switches. Is it Shelly Dimmer 2 that I need? Also, do I need one dimmer per switch or does the dimmer perhaps support more than one switch?

    • +1


      If they are push button switches, then it is 3 Shelly dimmer 2s that will be needed. Rotary style dimmers are not supported.

  • Any deal on the 1L's? My setup doesn't have neutrals to the switch.

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