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JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth Speaker Pink $129 + Delivery @ BIG W (Online Only)


"Its high-capacity 7800mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery provides up to 20 hours of playtime. The speaker carries a convenient USB charge out to quickly charge your devices, such as your smartphone"

Enter your postcode / select online purchase on the website - $129 + delivery.

Seems to be the cheapest price ever for this model ** keep in mind there is currently a Charge 5 in the market** and old mate logic might tell you the 4 is being superceded.

Seems to be a top notch bluetooth speaker nonetheless from the reviews.

PINK ONLY but who cares its a speaker.. stay cute


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  • Full price for me

    • Enter your postcode

      • It's still normal price after entering postcode.

        • Same for me

        • +1

          Same, are you in Sydney by any chance?

          • +1

            @Zackeroo: Yes, it seems like it is targeted to a specific state or multiple states. Has anyone gotten this in NSW?

            • +2

              @Tyleroo: Seems to work now @Tyleroo @fozzie @wekimekigugudan if you were still interested. From the 3 postcodes I tried anyway.

  • Grey $144 which also seems to be a good deal.


  • +2

    Looks a nice blush pink actually

  • Even after entering my postcode it's still showing full price. I'm from Sydney, NSW.

    • Are you able to select online purchase?

      • Unfortunately not:

        Not available for this product

        I've never actually ordered from BigW online so I might be doing something wrong here but most likely not…

    • Shows discounted price when entering a VIC postcode but checking out with NSW address reverts back.

    • Try again now @Zackeroo

      It seems to work.

      • Oh wow it does work!! I did come to the conclusion that I wouldn't buy the pink one. This price also isn't good enough for me to justify buying this speaker as a whole since it was $100 a couple months ago

  • I'm in Vic, and the discount shows for me.

  • +6

    To anyone wondering about the sound quality of this speaker:

    I'm currently listening to Tidal on my JBL Charge 4 right now. The sound is extremely impressive considering the 'small' size. I bought mine for $149 1.5 years ago. The main issue with this speaker is the lack of treble, something which can be combated with a bit of EQ tuning - However this won't magically provide equivalent sound to what an additional tweeter would add.

    On that note, the JBL Charge 5 sports the long-awaited tweeter in the JBL Charge series. This tweeter improves on the speaker's ability to produce highs and has an increased wattage output (40 watts instead of 30 watts on the Charge 4).

    For this price, it's an excellent deal - Personally, I just don't like the pink :/

    • +3

      Thanksss.. made me feel good about this impulse purchase 😁

      • Lol, just curious… Is this your first Bluetooth speaker, or do you have one/couple already?

        • I have used cheapo $20 ones ehivh have recently died. Have heard these and UE Booms.

          • +1

            @robbbyrob: Ah alright. UE Booms have less clarity compared to JBL speakers, but the 360° feature is neat

    • Hows the battery life?

      • +2

        Absolutely excellent. I charge it once every ~2 weeks, and I use it quite often. It keeps up to the 20 hour claim as long as you don't have it too loud

  • Thanks OP. Got one and it was free delivery too.

  • NSW 2151. Doesn't work for me :(

    • Try again now, seems to work and gives free delivery.

  • +1

    This speaker has JBL connect+ which means you can link multiples of them. If you link two, you get stereo. If you link more, you don't. The JBL app makes linking much easier although the button is pretty smooth in my experience.

    • +3

      That's right. People could buy both and play these in stereo.

      To anyone wanting to connect this to their current JBL speaker, make sure your speaker has the same JBL connecting technology. Currently there are 3 options for pairing JBL speakers:

      1. JBL Connect - This is the oldest technology and be found on speakers such as the Flip 3 & Xtreme 1

      2. JBL Connect + - As the name suggests, this is a newer version of JBL Connect. This is what's found here on the Charge 4 as well as the Xtreme 2

      3. JBL Partyboost - This is found on the newer JBL speaker line-up. Speakers such as the Charge 5, Flip 5, Xtreme 3 and Boombox 2 have this method of speaker pairing.

      To clarify, using two different pairing technologies will not work. E.g. A Flip 3 and a Charge 4 won't pair, however a Charge 5 and a Flip 5 will pair

  • +2

    Qld shows $129 Delivery only (from $7.90), online only for me.

    Note that to connect other speakers they must also be connect+ So you can't connect to a charge 3 for example.

  • +4

    If you're lucky enough to have access to The Good Guys (Commercial) they sell the Charge 5 for $134. Got it as a recent gift for Father's Day and my old man loves it! Much better than the Megaboom 3 which I personally own which has a Remote On/Off feature (via the app) that drains the battery over time even when it is supposedly off that I hate.

    • +1

      I've tested both the Charge 4 and the Charge 5 side by side and while I must say there is a difference, it wouldn't be enough to justify purchasing the Charge 5 at full price compared to this charge 4 deal.

      However, $134 is absolutely excellent and seems like the go to deal here

      • $134!! Danggg

        • Ikrrrr, I would buy it right now but I don't know much about this whole commercial login - And therefore I don't think I'm eligible :(

  • +2

    I bought the charge 5 for only a few dollars more than this via GoodGuys commercial a few weeks ago. very good speaker.

  • Can I use this together with the Samson mic for phone conference? I listen to music when not on call

  • I have one of these. Good speaker. As the name suggests, it can also be used as a power bank.

    • +2

      Yup, 7800mAh or 7500mAh depending on the spec sheet you're looking at. Either way, shouldn't matter much.

      Works as a decent powerbank but I'd recommend not to wear that battery down by charging your devices too often.

      Buying a separate power bank for a MUCH cheaper price is a better idea

  • How do you get that price? Showing $229.95 for me

    • add it to cart then it will ask for the post code, once you add the post code you will see the price.

  • Sydney postcode and still full price

    • +1

      Try again now if you are still interested, seems to work again @polol

      • thanks dude, decided to get the charge 5 with that 25% off mentioned in the other thread for $150 delivered.

  • You guys could have grabbed yourselves a Charge 5 direct from JBL for $139.96 shipped with the code "jblvac" earlier this month. Mine came within a few days and sounds great for the size/price.


    • Oooh I would have wanted to do this. I'm going to try it right now and see if it's still available. I'd buy it right now if it is hahaha

      Edit: Doesn't work anymore :(

      • +2

        It's not working anymore, but "QBAVAX25" does. Not as cheap though, comes down to $149.96 shipped.


        • That's still an excellent price but I think I'll pass. I'm gonna wait around for another $100 deal on the Charge 4 so I can use my current Charge 4 in stereo with that hahaha

  • I bought this since all the comments here are positive.

    Just received it today, and my first impressions:

    The sound quality is DISGUSTING. Hollow sounds, sounds are not crisp, and just overall very poor sounding.

    My Google home MINI produces better sound quality than this.

    What an absolute disappointment. I wonder if i can return it.

    Had I known the sound quality would be like this, I wouldn't have even paid $100 for it.


    • +1

      Completely disagree. Love the sound.

      • I got mine today too and love it.

    • +1

      no way that a google home mini sounds better………. then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder

      • OK sorry, i may have exaggerated that part a little as i was a little pissed.

        It's def better than a Google mini (i just compared them again), but it's not better by that much honestly - and i got that Google mini for FREE.

        Def still very underwhelming; i should've stuck with UE Boom.

        • +1

          I don't find a UE boom much different sound wise (we have both), except maybe having higher max volume, but the charge 4 is plenty loud enough.

          UE booms still have old school micro USB charging and dont work as a power bank. No thanks.

  • Seems to be available again.

  • NSW postcode - still at 129 and free delivery. Thanks OP bought.

  • available again

  • get on the good guys commercial. i’m waiting for black to come into stock at my local so i can price match at good guys instore and use my $20 concierge credit + 5% egift cards

    all the above tricks would take the charge 5 down to 108.3

    • Where do you get the $20 concierge credit from?

  • $129 for 30watts..? Even at full price this probs better https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07HQ99VQ5

    • I bet your ears couldn't distinguish a 10w difference.

      • The sound difference may not be as distinguishable, but my wallet distinguishes a $70 difference though…