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Asus Zephyrus G14 14" with RTX 3060 $2318 + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


I don't usually post deals because I'm scared of fellow members calling me out that my deal sucks, but this one looks to be a cracker

Asus Zephyrus G14 14" Full HD - RTX 3060 version for $2318


Other stores are selling for $2800 - $2900


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  • Please put the price and store in the title though.

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      No, no deals on the Razer Blade

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    I smell blood, let's get 'em fellas!

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      Avengers, Assembleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    You don't need to be scared, I mean sure, there will be those who will comment their own opinion on "it was $xx.00 cheaper 10 weeks ago", but even if it isn't the best deal, I'm sure it will benefit someone!

    • reminds me of people at work …. BUT i bought this item and it got delivered a few days ago … now you have it on sale for this price … will you do a price match and refund me the difference? otherwise i want to return it and i'll buy it again at the cheaper price …

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        Do you refund them?

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        this service should be automatic.

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    This deal sucks. Ten weeks ago whilst standing on one leg, facing the full moon, Harvey Norman had this for $12 million. Sorry my bad that was job keeper.

  • I have the 2020 version with the 1660ti and it's a great machine. You're paying for the build quality and form factor which is solid and very transportable. Would upgrade for that price if I didn't already have a a desktop build.

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      Yeh I'm kicking myself for not buying the 1660ti version when it went down to $1600

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      I got the same model. I've found that with a few tweaks, it actually replaces my desktop due to how convienient it is to have everything on one device.

      • whats the weight of the bad boy?

        I am on x1 carbon and love the weight but had to forgo graphics card

        Nvm I saw someone else post below at 1.6kg

        • Yea as you said it's 1.6KG. Funny enough, I used an X1 Carbon for 3 years and then switched to this laptop :D

          I absolutely loved my X1C and never thought I'd switch… Until I ended up switching

          I still miss the:
          - Trackpoint
          - Touchpad (Was way better on the X1C)
          - Keyboard
          - Ultralight weight (1.1KG)

          Probably some other stuff but the performance of this thing makes it all worth it lol

  • For anyone with aami insurance, please make sure you purchase 5% gift card

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      Different class of laptops. The G14 is 14" and weighs around 1.6kg and ~10 hours of battery life for general use

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    The 3060 is only 60W in this laptop.
    Not unexpected considering the form factor but just so everyone knows it won't perform as well as most other 3060 laptops which can go up to 130W

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      What will be the desktop equivalent in regards to performance?

      • im guessing desktop gtx 1070 levels of performance?
        pls do correct me if im wrong

    • Or get the razer blade 14"

    • How did you know the gpu Watts?

      • Just googled it

  • Good deal, but just to note this is not the WQHD/5900HS model that other stores are selling for $2800-2900.

    • Better off with FHD imo.
      1080p looks great on 14" and higher resolution would put considerably more stress on the GPU in games.
      You can run it at a lower resolution but QHD doesn't scale nicely with 1080p

      • In some cases sure - in this case I believe the FHD has worse colour gamut, brightness and response time compared to the WQHD model so something to be aware of.

        • I heard the original FHD 120Hz on older G14 models suffered from ghosting effect.
          I haven't checked if this updated 144Hz model is any better

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            @FireRunner: Not sure why you'd bother getting a 3060 GPU with only a 1080p screen…

          • @FireRunner: The 2021 WQHD G14 has a similar screen to the Razer Blade 14 (TMX1400). Seems like it has greatly improved response times.

            Been trying to find one to transplant into my laptop without any luck…

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    I have the 2020 version with the RTX2060 and it's a great machine. I use it mainly for architecture work and heavy video editing. The thing that distinguishes this laptop from other gaming laptops is the high monitor quality and excellent build quality in a small form factor. The monitor bright and colour accurate. It has excellent battery and more compact than other laptop gaming laptops.

  • This FHD model has a bit more ghosting than the QHD version, if you're susceptible to ghosting. This has been mentioned in quite a few reddit posts.

    You can see the exact measurements in Jarrod's video 20ms (FHD) vs 9ms (QHD). The FHD panel for 2020 was probably reused in the 2021 version except its been overclocked to 144hz.

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    Good post, OP.

    Don't be scared of put-off. What matters is, you've shared it. If ppl find it useful, it'll get appreciated and upvoted. If it's not as good a deal as you thought, then nothing lost. Everyone benefits.


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    Must have been a good deal OP…already been Oz-bargained, so thx for posting 👍

  • Anyone get a price match?

  • Also what do we think is the best gaming laptop under $4,000 right now? Form factor isn't an issue as the 14" are nice but I wouldn't mind a bigger size screen.

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      Well, definitely don't look into the G14 if you're okay with a bigger screen size. Bigger laptops have better cooling systems and much more powerful GPUs.

      This is assuming you don't mind those bulky gaming laptops with those RTX 3080s.

    • Razer blade 14 for form factor or Zephyrus g15/Legion 5 Pro otherwise

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      I'm waiting for local release of the Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 3070 myself, got the go ahead from the missus and all.
      The G15 is arguably equal in specs/quality etc, but I'm liking the changes in the M16 - slightly larger screen, PCIE Gen 4 SSD, TB etc.
      I contacted Asus Au, and they said expecting a Q4 local release. Here's hoping they don't cheap out on Oz customers yet again, and only release the lower specced versions here.

      And before anyone suggests it, no, desktop isn't an option for me, as I'm mobile 2 weeks out of 3.
      Finally going to upgrade from my 7 year old ~4kg 17" G751JY.

      • Desktop not an option for me either. But I the limit is $4,000. I wonder if the ASUS will be release early Q4 and is actually obtainable?

        I might just have to end up buying what is available.

        • Yeah I hear you, I'll wait the last month or two until a release, and try pre-order if I can. Hoping they don't charge some ridiculous premium, the price really should be around the $3200 mark, otherwise I may just go the G15 anyway.

  • Upvoting this deal just because OP's first sentence made me laugh

  • https://www.centrecom.com.au/gigabyte-g5-kc-156-fhd-144hz-i5...

    only 6 cores but has literally everything else and 105w max on the GPU

    • you get nearly $400 free in Razer products
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      And struggles to get over 2 hours of battery life

      • Had no idea anyone games on battery like that.

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          Most people who are looking to get a G14 aren't getting it purely for the gaming performance.

          As I and others have said in a comment above, the 2 machines are in a different class, can't compare them.

  • I have this machine. Great device but having a lot of issues with teams crashing when using an external camera - my understanding is that it might be related to the gpu. Also a lot of issues with the track pad failing to respond. When it works, it's great but over all I consider an unreliable machine for work.

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