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Electric Vehicle Subscription - 50% off for The First 4 Weeks + Upfront Fee @ Carbar


This is a vehicle subscription service. There is an Upfront fee to be paid also, therefore only suitable if you plan to subscribe long term.

Subscription inclusive of rego, servicing, roadside assistance.

It takes 2-3 weeks for the vehicle to be delivered to you.

Obviously not suitable for everyone depending on personal circumstances and you may find that it cost more than purchasing a car.

Also they say that they run a credit assessment, however I believe they just check the credit score without actually doing an enquiry (no enquiry from them on my file)

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    A new one for the list

    EV Vehicle
    NBN Network
    ATM Machine

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      PIN Number

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    • EV - Vehicle Subscription
      EV subscription didn’t sound right :-D

  • Upfront cost is a rip off - pretty much 1 additional month's rental.

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      that's probably because they're trying to reclaim some of the cost of actually buying your vehicle upfront … it covers things like rego, stampduty blah blah all those extra fees that you get when buying a new vehicle.

      re the credit assessment … they require you to provide payslips / proof of income (ie 3 months of bank statements showing incoming) … plus you gotta voluntarily declare if there has been any issues in your past. Yes you can lie about it … BUT if you have an accident, then it goes to standard insurance checks and if you lied, then you are no longer covered.

      Disclaimer: i have previously worked for CarBar but no longer employed by them (MODS: sorry if I'm meant to click the box .. I didn't think you had to if you were an ex-employee)

      • It seems that to even be considered with a credit check you have to select a car and pay the upfront fee.

        Is there no way for them to run a test to tell me whether I am eligible before I commit?

        Because I assume paying the fee upfront first means once you’re approved you’re locked in. That kinda sucks. If I want to compare doing a car subscription long term vs. leasing/financing/buying a car, it’s helpful to know which options are viable before committing to them. Just my two cents.

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          Well the idea was that you would select a car that you liked and therefore would apply for.

          If you didn't meeting the requirements, they would then tell you how much you would quality for and provide you with either a full refund or partial refund if you selected a cheaper car.

          Honestly though .. the amount of people who would sign up, pay the fee so they were locked in, and then go, oh actually I change my mind, I want a refund….. in the meantime CarBar had actually gone and purchased a $50-60k car for you and were in the process of getting it ready.

          Depending on who they were buying cars from, some cars were being available in as little as 2-3 days. Sometimes if the car had to come from interstate, it would take a week or two because of delays with the trucking company. If it came from certain car yards, they would inspect the car more because they knew those places were a lil more shady… and would require work done on the car before having it ready.

          That's another reason for the upfront cost. Sometimes it would cost $500-$1000 for trucking the car down from QLD to Melbourne or vice versa etc. Then you have to pay for a mechanic to check the car over.. then re-registration in the new state depending on how long was left on the existing rego.

          • @CereaL: Yep my car came from Victoria and they paid for blue slip and rego it to NSW.

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    unless you want to drive a Leaf or an MG….

    2021 Tesla Model 3 EV
    Auto Hatchback Electric


    $399 per week

    • Damn! That's rental for a decent sized apartment in melb/sydney

      • Unfortunately, not everyone is poor and a tight arse like us here

  • Tesla Model 3 pictures a SR+ but description says All Wheel Drive.

    Also no love for WA

  • Wonder if there's any scenario this can work out better than just buying a car? (Other than you can't get car loan approved etc)

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      I do 50k per year, so buying a brand new car, after 3 years I would probably have to sell it. When I count depreciation, interest rate on a loan etc… it works just a little more expensive.

      I have a Ford ranger from Carbar and pay $276pw.

      Also when getting a mortgage for example, they look at it as an expense, but obviously there is no loan.

  • Just basically a hire car isn’t it?

    • Yeah kinda, but obviously with a range of vehicles of all kinds.

      Also insurance isn’t as expensive as hire car. You are fully insured with a $1500 excess.

      For servicing they come and pick up your car and drop it off when done. So while you are at work your car can be serviced.

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        There is no deal here. You pay for all the servicing and running cost. Just save until you can afford an EV.

        • You only pay the first year, so if you plan to keep the car for 3 years then you’ve only paid the upfront once.

          For me personally I much prefer to do this than getting a loan, and i don’t know many people who would be happy to buy a brand new Tesla in cash.

          I would not spend $399 per week either, I have a Ford ranger from them at $270 per week. The car was advertised at the dealership for $54k, I paid $2000 upfront.

          So $16040 for the year and then the price drops every year you are a Carbar customer, so next year will be $240 per week $12480.

          I guess each to their own to see if it fits their lifestyle and budget.

          • @Discounted: I still don’t quite understand the benefit of such arrangement as at the end of your time with the car you still don’t own any of it.

            • @tezza: For me personally, I enjoy the convenience of simply being able to return or swap the car and not have to worry about anything.

              I don’t particularly enjoy the experience of purchasing a car and dealing with dealership. I don’t enjoy the process of selling a car either and I don’t like the idea of being locked into a car finance.

              As I said in my OP, I don’t think this is for everyone, but I can’t see myself currently giving up this product to walk into a dealership to buy a $55,000 car.

            • @tezza: It works if you drive like 50k per year like OP. You'll hardly find anyone wanna buy 3yo car with 150k odo.

              • @pilmarion: Using the above as an example, a 3 year old Ranger with 150k on the odo will still be a desirable car

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    This seems targeted at businesses, with account rule changes you can't keep a lease as an expense anymore (you need to keep the asset on the books regardless), this they wouldn't need to. Plus it bundles up all the expenses into an easy package, would be good alternative to a novated lease for salary packaging.

    In terms of pricing though, it's a ripoff. AGL is significantly cheaper (and can manage charger install and will give you $10 off a week if you sign up with them for power) https://next.agl.com.au/ev-subscription/cars

    Only difference is $2k excess on the insurance instead of $1,500.

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      I forgot about AGL. I thought they were using Carbar actually.

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        Hey I have an AGL Hyundai Ioniq EV Sub. I can confirm mine is fulfilled and maintained by Carbar. I second freefall it’s cheaper and they just dropped their pricing.

        I got mine during the lockdown last year when St George would not renew my lease because I was self employed and not self employed long enough to meet documentation requirements.

        • This man has it.

          Would make huge sense for a business. YOu would hire a Tesla and let your company monkeys bang it for a week.

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