Missing Power Supply to nbn Box

Moved to a new place and found out that the nbn hfc box is mssing at the new place. Should I tell my ISP that the NBN box is missing? Basically I am unable to switch it on. Should I sign up to ISP and said there is no NBN equipment on site to make the signup simpler?


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    Yes. /thread

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    Contact your provider for

    Loss of phone or internet connection including outages/dropouts
    Issues getting connected
    Concerns about speed
    Missing equipment
    Missing or incorrect address
    Appointments including technician hasn't turned up
    Service connection delays

    As nbn is a wholesaler, you will need to talk to your provider in relation to the issues listed above.

    NBN Co

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    Or just buy one if you want to turn it on tomorrow!
    Just work out what type, size, plug. Then power requirements and call Jaycar, or Wagner electronics.

  • That's a bit of a dick move taking the power supply.

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      But nice enough to leave the HFC modern

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    Do you own or rent ? If renting then its the owners responsibility to make sure you have it, they will need to contact the previous tenant and charge them for the cost of replacement or getting it back.

    If you bought the place talk to your solicitor, it should be included in the contract.

    If you contact the nbn directly, you mostly likely will be out of pocket the replacement cost.

    • There is no charge for NTD and PSU replacements.

    • If you rent, its your problem. Landlords are not responsible for any issues like this, you are quite welcome to switch to another form of broadband, 4G, 5G etc.

      When you rent you essentially are paying for use of a space, what is included is up to the landlord. They dont even have to supply you with water, power or gas, that why you pay for these things from your own pocket.

      The only thing landlord supply is drainage for the property, eg connect to sewer because its part of the building facilities, they dont have to supply you with water itself

      Thats a black and white view of it.

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    Done this in the past for clients. Just buy a power supply from Jaycar if you need it ASAP. It’s around $30.

    Otherwise your ISP will need to book a tech

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      Sometimes NBN will send out a HFC self-install kit.

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    Call up the provider, mine was missing when I moved in and they sent me a new one free of charge

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    No.. I highly recommend you do nothing.

    • I chose to do something as other ozbargainers said. Just converted a Netgear power adaptor to match the plug. Posting on NBN now with that HFC box. Stable connection with pppoe on linux.