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Gigabyte B560M AORUS PRO Intel LGA1200 mATX Motherboard $119 + Delivery @ Shopping Express

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    Anyone have a deal on a CPU for this gen of intel? I swear everythings inflated like early this year AMD processors or just plain out of stock x.x

    • I would have a look at statiicce. I found i7-11700KF for like $460 at MSY which is meh.

  • Is Shopping Express reputable? Anyone have experience with warranty claims?

    • Yes, they r, I have made more than dozen of orders from them,and their eBay store is futu online.

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        Both are very ignorant when it comes to communications.. I wouldn't say reputable - they are bulk sellers / box-shifters that have no little interest in after sales (or ebay sales).. If there is a confirmed issue I'm sure they would handle it as per legal/ebay guidelines though.

        • I agree with you that they are very ignorant of communication.

        • I have made a RMA on a dead-on-arrival 4tb NAS drive, it was painless, they gave me a shipping label, and shipped out a replacement at the same time.

    • Yes pretty honest, bought vga last year from their eBay store, claimed rma this year they paid for austpost, got my card back. AAA++

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    just wait for 12th gen now

  • LGA

    • Yes

  • Is this for the new intel 12990 cpus?

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    For mATX I think this is a better deal
    MSI MAG B560M Bazooka $109 delivered + bonus $30 steam voucher

    • Why? Aren't the Z-series boards better?
      What if I'm pairing it with an i9 10th gen?

      • What did you end up going with ?