[Pre Order] $1200 off Any iPhone 13 on a $99/M Telstra 24m Plan (Port-in & New Customer) In-Store @ JB Hi-Fi


JB Hi-Fi is offering $1200 off any iPhone 13 on the $99m 150GB (24mths) plan. See also the previous post specific to iPhone 13 Pro: [Pre Order] iPhone 13 Pro 128GB $499, with $99/Month Telstra 150GB 24M Plan (New & Port-in Customers) in-Store @ JB Hi-Fi

Or you can get $500 off any iPhone 13 on the $69m 80GB (12) plan.

It’s a great deal if you need loads of data and can claim your phone bill on the tax return.

I went to the store (Southport) and they didn’t have any banners on asides for one saying iPhone 13 $150 upfront with $99m plan.

I enquired them about it and they said it’s a $1200 gift card towards any of the iPhones 13.
Or you can get $500 gift card on the $69m plan, which is not as good as the $600 one, but it’s still nice.

You can also get a Galaxy S21 5G 128GB for $199 upfront with the $69m plan.

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    Are their any problems with porting from Boost(Telstra reseller) to Telstra?

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            @Sh3nanigans: Port in stigma is bullshit, if you get the price @ 99 for 24 months, it won't change as they aren't applying any discounts. You can port in any number to any provider at any point in time. The 30 day bullshit is so that they can reach their target quota first before you port out, otherwise it won't count. No provider can see how long you've been in and out and they can't refuse porting your old number in because of this.
            (I worked at Vodafone for 5 years, every mobile phone seller is corrupt as (profanity))

            • @PotatoDealzBoi: I agree it’s a joke.

              My local JB showed me the magical screen and watched me walk out, as I wanted to keep my number

              • @Sh3nanigans: You can keep your number, call up Telstra and port in when you leave the store 😂

                • @PotatoDealzBoi: But I’m Boost

                  • @Sh3nanigans: Port to Vodafone on a 2$ Sim and then call Telstra to port you in on the new number that you got, or just port to $2 Sim and then go to jbhifi and tell them you're with Vodafone but don't give them any details of Vodafone

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                      @PotatoDealzBoi: Currently $1.00 at Coles 😎

                    • @PotatoDealzBoi: Doesn’t work mate

                      I tried

                      • @Sh3nanigans: You've done something wrong then. If you insist to Telstra that you are able to port your number onto a new number they will do it for you. When it comes to telco, if it doesn't work, try harder. You can always get your way.

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                        @Sh3nanigans: Go to JB and sign up on a new number.

                        Then call Telstra or chat and tell them you want to
                        Change your new number to your old Boost Number.

                        They will disconnect your boost service then do a change FNN which will make your new service have the number of your boost service.

                        I am a bit rusty as I left 5 years ago

                      • @Sh3nanigans: It’s easy.
                        Get your new number with the deal.
                        Call Telstra and get them to change the number to the boost service. You won’t need to port out or back in.
                        They won’t do this in store, so don’t try.

                • @PotatoDealzBoi: Not a good idea, I tried that with Find x2 pro $65 deal, It was impossible to get a hold of anyone on phone, spent 2 weeks just trying to do that, their online chat guys would ask for details and then disappear, went to Telstra shops and it was like trying to talk to a cow, with such a simple request I ahd to repeat 10 times and eventually when he understood he said he can't help.

                  I ended up keeping the new number, Never in my life again I am going with Telstra for anything.

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              @PotatoDealzBoi: Umm what!!!

              They can’t see how long you’ve ported out ????

              At Telstra we can see when you disconnect a number and what that number was, so when they see you porting the number in and see that you disconnected it 2 days prior, you’ll get a big fat No.

              I only worked at Telstra for 2 years and yes they are all corrupt.

              • @ilostnemo: Yeah, so like I said, you either tell them that they can and have to do it, or you just call up and say you want to transfer your old number across until they agree and get it done, which they will. Only thing I'm unsure of is if Telstra has access to the accounts of Boost customers. Also, the guy at JB isn't a Telstra employee and may not be able to see as much info as them and instead have some special alternative way to sign up new customers.

                • @PotatoDealzBoi: My brother was with Telstra, signed up at JB for a deal, ported his number to Vodafone, called back up Telstra to port his now Vodafone number back onto the new Telstra number that was set up, and voila they did it. They can claim they can't all they want but it's all bullshit like I said and that's just telco sales rep rhetoric to preach that it can't be done because then it dismantles the whole system.

                • @PotatoDealzBoi: They can definitely see it all.

                  If you scroll back through months and months of these deals , you’ll see all the knock backs people received.

                  They have definitely tightened their game as about 2 years ago we were all exploiting them and getting free phones / gift cards etc.

                  • @ilostnemo: Well, like I said, I'm not scared and I'll be doing it and it will work. They aren't the government.

                    • @PotatoDealzBoi: Of course you can port in whenever you want…
                      You just won't be eligible for the bonus

                      • @SuiCid3: You'd get given the bonus gift card from JB hi Fi when you sign up, whatever you do after that isn't going to invalidate the gift card. You don't even tell the guy what you're doing.

                        • @PotatoDealzBoi: Then you got lucky with one of the staff that DGAF. There are noticeably less of them these days compared to a few years back.

                          • @SuiCid3: Well, all I'm saying is that it's possible. If people can't execute it properly and are subject to manipulation then I can't help that.

            • @PotatoDealzBoi: Does this still work if you port out for 1 month and port back in, but you still have an account with another number with telstra?

    • Yes you will have problems.

      You must have been with another provider for atleast 30 days, or sign up to a new number.

    • I tried last year. It’s absolute shit, I attempted about 4-5 times no one knew how to do what I asked despite reports here indicating that it is possible.

      I do not recommend porting from boost to Telstra. In my experience it’s too much trouble.

      Sign up to another carrier and port over. You may need to wait

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    Two years contract is way too long and not many people can use 150G per month.

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      2 years is ok. Optus and there crazy 3 year contracts are wrong.

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      12 month deals are the best especially ones with $700 GC that come later.

      150gb is good where you want to supplement a bad nbn with 5g for occasional use

      I think $69 plans are better in comparison but still not great.

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        I replaced NBN with Telstra's 300G $69/m data plan with $549 upfront for a 11inch ipad pro before. Pretty happy with speed. 300G is just enough for my case. Only put the data sim in the B818 4G router. The 5G router is still at ridiculous price.

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        would you happen to know when in the year the $700 deals appear?

    • mehh…..claim some from tax and bob's your uncle.

    • u will be wantting to get the iphone 14 next year and stuck with one more year of contract.

    • Nonsense. Smart phones are a matured product and the days of upgrading every year are long gone. Most people are now on a 3-4 year upgrade cycle, so a good deal on 24 months is the sweet spot.

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    I thought this was already posted?


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    which is not as good as the $600 one, but it’s still nice.

    which $600 one is this?

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      A while back you could get $600 gift cards with the $69 12mth plan

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        Website is showing me $400 gift card with the $69/12 month plan

        Any chance you could link the offer for a $500 gc12 month offer?


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          As I said, there’s no advertisement, it’s an over the phone/in store only deal.

          • @IgorRullez: was this $500 voucher also only to be used towards an iphone 13?

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              @ozbogan1: I assume you can claim it with whatever you would like but I’ve only enquired about the iPhone 13 so I can’t say for sure

              • @IgorRullez: Thanks, I signed up the other day with the $400 offer but will try my luck to see if they will bump it up to $500 👍

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      I think its just people not wanting to go on their shitty expensive plans

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      Minor or not, I had two criteria for upgrading - USB connector and a fingerprint scanner - and it didn't meet either one. Reportedly next year's model will be the significant one.

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        I've been waiting 3 generations for Touch ID to come back mate, I think we have to let it go…

        • My new iPad Air has fingerprint scanning so I know it can be done at least.

  • Last year, people reported you could sign up to a new plan with a new number under the same account (i.e. one account, two plans). They still give you a gift card for that, then you’d simply approach telstra chat, and tell them you’d like to cancel your old plan, and port that number over to the new plan. Does that still work?

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      Yes it does, just make sure the old plan has no etcs.
      If you are still under contract , you’ll have to pay the old contract out.

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      I got denied last year, had to pay it out. What a waste of time.
      Worked the year before though.

      I’ve ported out this year, but I’m on Aldi (Telstra but not on their list) and only 1 month ago.

      Anyone experienced this? I probably have to do it over their call centre option due to lockdown.

      • Aldi with 30+ days was fine for me last time!

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        Denied what? As in, you hadn’t finished your old plan before you decided to switch? Or you did everything right but they didn’t want to replace the new number with your old number even after cancelling?

        It worked for me last year.

        • Yep, wouldn't change my number. Told me it was flagged as a special deal associated to the number I ported initially.

    • read the fine print mate. The GC is now payable on top of the ETC

      • Nah, not terminating early.

        Simply terminating as I've reached the maturity of the 12 month contract from last year, and now wanting to jump on a new plan and also get a gift card. All without the hassle of porting out - which I managed to do successfully last year (off the giftcard from the year before that).

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    lol iphone 13 pro $1800 the only iphone with 120Hz screen 2021…..

    • $1699, but yes a lot of money.
      If you are after an iPhone with an amazing camera it’s certainly appealing with a voucher.
      I’ll take this deal, but I’m in lockdown.

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          Apple made a phone that folds … the iphone 6+

  • Does anyone know the ETC on these plans?

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    99x24=2376-1140(because 1200 JB credit is worth less)=1236/24=51.5

    you are still locked in a 51/month plan for 2 years…

    no thanks.

    much prefer getting a 5% off JB gift card and have the freedom to choose my own service provider

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      Well, even if you’re paying $51 a month for 24 months, you can’t get 150GB per month with 5G access and specially not with Telstra’s coverage around that price anywhere else.

      • -5

        Telstra’s coverage is not that good

        • +1

          Who’s got better 5G coverage than them?

          • @IgorRullez: Who's got worse than this?
            This was my random tests for a month.

          • @IgorRullez: Ive been on Telstra for 11 months after being on Optus for over 15 years. can't wait to switch back at the end of this contract. Telstra coverage has been awful. Everytime I make a complaint theres apparently a 'scheduled maintenance' a few days later but nothing better. i'm sitting on -117dBm as i write this. On the signal scale that is.
            ≥ -90 dBm: Good
            ≥ -80 dBm: Excellent
            ≥ -110 dBm: Fair to Poor
            ≤ -120 dBm: Unusable

            On the positive note, they have almost paid half my plan now but i'd rather a working service than money.

      • +1

        I wonder how many people would need to burn 150GB/month without being able to have any access to wifi…

    • +22

      Funny thing is, Ozbargain is filled with blokes looking to nit pick deals that save them $5 a month but when it comes to GPU’s they’re willing to pay $2200 for a $1200 card.

      Amazing stuff I see here daily.

      As for this deal, I don’t think it’s bad, certainly a ‘saving’ if you are Telstra bound and want top quality coverage.

      • You can afford a good GPU when you nitpick on other things.

      • People are missing the fact that the deal isn’t only the $1200 off the iPhones, you also get the phone plan, which you can claim as work related expenses or in case your employer contributes towards your mobile phone bill.

        • Can't you claim work related expenses for the phone if you buy outright?

          • @Freeskater: I’m not sure if you can claim the phone itself as work expense, I was talking about the plan.
            If you need to use the phone for work and your employer doesn’t pay you extra for doing so, you can claim your phone bill as work expenses.

          • @Freeskater: Of course you can.
            In fact probably more accurately with a proper depreciation model." Paying something off" in a phone plan would be technically difficult, from my understanding. Not saying it can't be done "the easy way" , but its a bit questionable as it's technically not a lease.

            Not an accountant, just someone who's depreciated a lot of tech assets for work over the past 20 years. Always do my own tax.

      • Wow you didnt need to call me out, I like to inflate my ego a little bit at times :(

      • While I agree, it's not '$2200 for a $1200 card', its $2200 for a $2200 card for now at least, the only money you lose is the money lost when you sell

  • Looks like they're really trying to goose the ARPU.

  • Can you pick up the pre order instore on release day?

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    Is it worth waiting for iphone 14 which is only a year ahead.

    • +14

      Why not iPhone 20 in 2028?

    • +5

      I checked… no.

    • Tim says no.

    • Depends what you're after in a new phone. I have the iPhone X and it still works. I'd love a better camera but it's not like I can go anywhere to use it currently.

  • $1200 off, it is not bad.

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            @ely: You’re comparing apples to oranges.
            Why would anyone buy a car if a motorbike can take you to the exactly same places for 20 thousand dollars less?

            • -1

              @IgorRullez: Well yeah, that's my point - it's only $1,200 (as the post I'm responding to says) if you're spending that money already. Your savings will depend on current expenditure and actual needs.

          • +16

            @ely: My dad has a $5/month plan that more than covers his needs. Your $12.50 plan would cost him an extra ~$180 over 24 months. So your plan isn't exactly a bargain.

            • @prhino: Not for him, no, but it works well for me. Just as this plan may work well for some people that have massive data habits for some reason - but it doesn't work well for me, and it's only a $1,200 saving if you're already spending $99 (it might even be more if, for some reason, you're spending even more than that).

              Incidentally, what's your dad's plan? I'd be interested in giving it a look, I could do with half the data that I have…