[Pre Order] iPhone 13 Pro 128GB $499, with $99/Month Telstra 150GB 24M Plan (New & Port-in Customers) in-Store @ JB Hi-Fi


Just saw in my emails this morning.
24 month kills it but good if your desperate for an i13
iPhone 13 Pro 128GB, available from 24/9/2021

1699-499=$1200 worth of discount
$600 per 12 month to compare with other plans

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  • $10 per month port in discount?

    • Lol got my telstra bill they ended my $10 a month discount at month 10… Not happy…

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        Just keep bothering them on live chat and say you were promised 12 months.

        • I have a text that says it ends in Oct… they still said owell here's $7 off so I told em I will pay 59 and they can chase 😂

  • Any deals on the 13 pro max?

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        In two years?

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        Pickup from Mo at Punchbowl Maccas?

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      iPhone + gumtree

      that's the recipe for success 🙂

      • For the seller or buyer?

      • Why do you say that? Genuinely curious

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        and that son, was how I met your mother…

        • and that, son, was how I met my grandmother

          and not even once

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      15% bonus (30x reward points) Apple store gift certificates at woolies, in store only

      iphone pro 128 is 1699 —> 1444.

      Bought the cards yesterday and loaded them, put my Apple order through last night and got the rewards points in minutes.

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        Ditto! Got $280 off a iPhone 13 Pro 256, brought it down under the price of the 128GB. Much happy :)

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          Damn I’ll have to cancel my order and do it again! Thanks for the heads up. Off to woolies.

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            @wayl: Thanks @enigma48 - just ordered after a trip to Woolies 😊 Points already in the app!

        • How many gift cards did you buy?
          Is $200 maxium amount in a card?

          • @tootoo84: I purchased the whole amount in gift cards

          • @tootoo84: I bought 3x $500 cards, and then 2x $200 cards. I'd have bought all variable cards, but they only had 3 variable cards left at my Woolies.

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        Thank you so much for this. Just scored $330 Woolworth rewards and a new iPhone 13 pro max 😀

  • So how much is in total after discount

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      99 X 24 month = 2376
      Plus Handset = 499

      Total You pay = 2875

      Cost of Iphone = 1699

      Effective Telstra sim with 150GB Data = 49 per month for 24 months

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        So not much of a bargain…

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        Effective Telstra sim with 150GB Data = 49 per month for 24 months

        This is only a bargain if you actually use or close to go over 150GB.
        Otherwise, a complete waste of money. I would rather stick with my $10 pm Belong plan.

        Also, not to mention the handset will be locked to the Telstra network, no?

        • None of the phones I got off Jb with Telstra plans were locked so no, most likely not.

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    Is it 24x99=2376(plan)+499(13 pro)=2875
    So plan cost is 2875(total)-1699(13 pro cost)=$1176 for two years

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      Where’s the deal

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    The only way this is a deal is if you absolutely need 150GB of data.. Sure you're getting $1200 off the phone- but you pay $2,376 in phone bills over the next 24 months. Total cost = $2,875

    • It's essentially a 49/m BYO cap.. Not amazing but absolutely not the worst deal

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        Well not quite.. you're essentially paying full retail price for an iPhone and then subscribing for two years on a $49/month plan.. Considering those together I'm not super impressed

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          You'd be better off buying it outright and going on a 12 month expiry plan. Unless of course you can't afford to purchase outright or you need 150GB a month

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          Well the best you'd get for an iPhone is 100-150 off and the cheapest BYO on Telstra is a 40gb $55/m plan which is $6/m more (or $144/24) which is your saving. Most people looking at the IPhone pro will be needing sizable data. They'd be the type to steam shows, movies and music etc.

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      If it works out to $49 a month as per the comment above, then that’s cheaper than Telstra’s cheapest Sim only plan ($55) and you get 5G access which is only available on the $65 or higher plan.

      Might be some other JB deals with gift cards that will be better, but this seems ok if you want Telstra and 5G, even if you don’t need the full 150GB. Also you might not need 150GB but that cheapest $55 plan only gets you 40GB which may not be enough.

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        the $69 plan with $400 back is basically $35 a month for 80 gig

        this isn't a good deal UNLESS you NEEED more than 80gig a month

        still better buying phone outright then getting $400 this year, porting out in 12 months and getting another $400 in 12 months to port back in

        • I did say some of the plans with gift cards etc might work out better. Some people might prefer to pay a phone off over a period. It’s not the best deal, but I don’t think it’s terrible if it meets your needs and your plan requirements fall within some margin of what’s being offered.

          People saying they only want 10 or 20GB a month are obviously over serviced with this plan.

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      Yeah, I never use more than 10GB a month, so paying around $100/month when I currently pay $15/month for 18GB - yeah, nah.

      Personally, I couldn't imagine paying $100 a month for a phone plan, I haven't in many years.

      For others, this might work out ok.

  • I hope JB Hifi comes with iPhone 12 plans with 12 month

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    128gb model will not get ProRes video capability - something to consider for creators

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      incorrect. It will have ProRes video only at 1080p 30 fps. Higher storage tier will get the 4K 30 fps mode

      FFS downvoters. It on the apple website itself "ProRes video recording up to 4K at 30 fps (1080p at 30 fps for 128GB storage)*"


      Downvoted for being factually right? Sometimes Ozbargain is a bad community for this reason only.

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        Some Apple fanboys get very touchy with that stuff. Even if its factual, they'd prefer you don't say it

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        Also stuff like that s#&ts me. The only difference to someone buying a 128GB model of the same phone vs a 256GB or 512GB model should be the storage. It shouldn't also mean lesser features when its the same model!

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          It could be a technical limitation of the storage, as often smaller SSDs have worse performance as they can’t leverage the speed of multiple NAND chips. Not everything has to be some nefarious scheme.

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            @Mitch889: Maybe, but given previous examples it's more likely Apple encouraging people to buy the more expensive models

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            @Mitch889: Stop talking complete and utter sensible logic Mitch! We don't come here for facts, we come here to join the pitchfork wielding lynch mobs! 😁

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              @Maximum64: @Maximum64 Or perhaps its nothing to do with logic but simply that you like what you heard because you're a massive Apple guy yourself


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                @celtics889345: Pffft, nope, just because I have a pile of Apple gear doesn't mean I drink the cool-aid, and having worked in the arena many many years ago, definitely do not agree with quite a bit that they do as a company.

                And it just looks a bit dit desperate you doing a comment search in my history over one little reply that wasn't even directed at you, clutching at straws much? Clearly can't handle just sticking to facts, again, facts clearly don't play into your OMG hysteria. It is common knowledge that lower end SSDs often don't have the same throughput of the higher end models, not my fault you aren't aware of this incredibly common phenomena.

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              @Maximum64: Haha, yeah a lot would rather believe it’s a conspiracy. Sure, Apple wants people to spend more and buy larger storage options, but sometimes there are genuine technical reasons for stuff.

              It’s like the iPad mini having a slightly down locked A15, far more likely to be a case of binning than trying to “upsell” you for a few hundred extra megahertz.

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            @Mitch889: Thats fair. Didn't make sense to me on the surface but if thats the case, makes sense

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            @Mitch889: Just me doing random googling but 4k pro res is only 110 MB/s or 6.6GB/Min (or smaller depending on compression). Storage speed of iPhone 12 128GB was 484MB/s.

            So unless they downloaded the SSD on iPhone 13, there's no limitation.

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          Apple doesn’t want 128gb owners with 4K pro res, because the storage space would fill up in negative 2 seconds.

          It’s quality control. Sure they are limiting your freedom to do what you want, but it makes sense.

          • @glennmoir: Besides, what’s the overlap between people that will get anything out of pro res, need 4K and think 128gb is enough?

            There might be two potential practical reasons and one potential marketing reason but who is this even really going to impact? It doesn’t sound like a marketing reason if 99.9999% of people who want 4K pro res are going to buy one with more storage anyway.

        • It’s the memory performance which increases with more storage chips. I ordered iPhone 13 pro 512gb to store lossless Apple Music and videos. I will keep my $15 per month mobile plan for now which is locked to 4G. I’d like 5G but working from home means I’m on wifi 95% of the time and I can’t justify the $45 per month for a 5G plan. I kept my last phone 6 years and I expect this new phone to last ~5 years. Phones are getting too expensive though and cost the same amount as a laptop now. Eventually 5G plans will come down a bit more in price then I’ll switch across.

      • -1

        Yep. The pile on.

        • I just want to clarify as my simple comment that differentiation in features of the same model with different storage is annoying seems to have started this whole thing. This is not an Apple vs Android type thing.

          I'm not anti-Apple. I have a Galaxy S21+, an iPhone 12 pro max, an iPad Pro 12.9 and a Surface Laptop 3. I don't pledge allegiance to any particular brand or ecosystem but buy what I think best in each category. I enjoy Samsung phones best, Apple tablets best and Windows laptops best (though I have happily used Macbooks previously).

          @mitch889 raised a point that it may be due to technical limitation of the storage and as I said, if thats the case, then fair enough. I don't necessarily know if that is the case because other brands don't seem to do it but if it is, fair enough. @buckster was also right when he said previous examples may suggest its Apple driving sales of more expensive models.

          Regardless, downvote me if you like but those are the kinds of questions that should be asked. Why were iOS updates slowing down older phones? Led to Apple implementing battery health. Why does my iPhone 4 lose signal when I hold it here? Led to Apple addressing in future gens. Why could my Galaxy Note 7 overheat and explode? Led to far better quality control by Samsung. Why are bits of foam ending up in my mouth using my Philips CPAP machine? Led to Philips recalling the model as people could suffocate. Its a dangerous slope when you start negatively reacting to people simply asking questions or challenging something that major corporations do.

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    I think those slicing and dicing the numbers are totally missing the point .
    This is basically a "radio rentals" deal . It's for people who simply can't afford it but want it anyway and are prepared to ignore the fact they are getting loan sharked .

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      Well put, I always buy my phones outright nowadays, I end up paying MUCH less over the contract term.

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        I do too. I usually buy a slightly older model outright. Up until this year, I’ve always been good mates with someone who worked at Apple so got the 15% family/friends discount which helps too.
        I bought the iPhone SE 2 last year with the discount. It worked out okay.

    • +3

      Contracts will never good.
      Its destroying young generations and the poor with over spending for unnecessary stuffs and not having enough saving for rainy days.

      See how many people with latest iPhone iwatch can survive without job for 6 weeks?

      Why worry we have centrelink… /s
      Contracts should be banned by government.

      • +1

        Banning stupidity could impact a lot more industries than this one.

    • This is OzBargain! Slicing and dicing the numbers is the name of the game.

      • Yeah, but it's extremely funny when done to something as anti-bargain as a new iPhone, and that on a contract.

        • +1

          Let’s face it, this site is really the opposite of encouraging people to spend less money, it’s just on rare occasion it means you spend slightly less than you might have on an individual purchase you were probably going to make.

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    Better off buying one outright.

    It's 2021. I must say I hate anything with the word 'lock' on it, let alone for 24mth!!!

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      yea, like mortgage

      • +8

        or marriage

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          death is an option to get out of all three

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    Ordered iPhone 13 Pro Max 512 GB from Apple store in US via a freight forwarder

    The Australian model is still missing 5G mmWave support even though Telstra has already rolled it out in some areas, and the US model supports every band the Australian model does. See https://www.finder.com.au/iphone-13-mmwave-5g-australia

    Hope there will be a good Telstra deal to get 5G SIM-only

    • Is Apple warranty international nowadays? Back then it wasn’t.

      • +2

        It is, Australian Apple stores will service iPhones bought overseas but I imagine they would not have a US model logic board if that needed replacing. Happy to take that risk for the benefit of faster 5G in certain areas

        • Is it that much faster? I’m on iPhone 12pm I’m getting 150mbps download not a single lag watching anything..

          • @sauce2k: Theoretically mmWave can do 5Gb/s.

            Practically it's a light year ahead :)

            • +2

              @datafellows: Just curious what do you do on your phone that you need 5Gb/s of data limited bandwidth?

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                @dealsucker: Theoretically I could remote operate on a brain but practically I just troll on OzBargain ;)

            • @datafellows: We don’t have that kind of speed here 🤔

              • @sauce2k: Im sure the mmWave will be available in Australia as well but I don't think anyone of us commoners have real life use for it for a while :)

            • +1

              @datafellows: I love fast internet, but what's the point of 5Gbps on a phone, particularly when you have data limits? If It really can provide those speeds in real use terms (not just in a lab) and I tethered it to my PC for torrents, I could tear through that 150GB monthly allowance in a few minutes. Then what? Apps, web browsing, and streaming certainly don't need these speeds, not even 4k video. So it's unnoticeable for these applications. Wondering what applications, on a phone you'd use these sorts of speeds for that only require small amounts of data due to those limits?
              Serious question BTW.
              I've turned 4G/5G on and off on my device and I'm yet to notice any difference for.what I use my phone for. I keep 5G off though because it makes a noticeable improvement to the battery.

              • +1

                @SimAus007: Exactly this.
                I don't understand why anyone would need such speeds on a mobile phone.

                • +1

                  @DisabledUser393851: In reality it’s just a mechanism for telcos to give more people the same bandwidth in congested areas and potentially lower latency, rather than faster bandwidth for individuals, but if you can see the tower from where you are at 2am you can maybe also get close to theoretical bandwidth for a minute before your phone overheats.

              • @SimAus007: For me 4g is plenty, couple of years ago I used to have unlimited Optus 3g hotspot at home instead of ADSL. It was more than enough, YouTube and Netflix didn't lag at all.

                But 5g will enable us to so things in few years that we can't imagine yet. For example Google maps for your glasses.

                And you might not need to buy a 1TB phone if most of the stuff is instantly accessible from the cloud.

              • +1

                @SimAus007: mmWave is not about a single user getting multi gbps speeds, but more about providing more overall bandwidth in dense populations. Hence why it's being placed in city towers, shopping strips and other dense areas. Think of it like wifi but for mobile data. It doesn't have huge range, but it can support a hell of a lot of devices at the same time.

              • +1

                @SimAus007: The point of fast internet on your phone is to show off ur speedtest results

              • @SimAus007: I've seen 900 mbit+ speedtest results on my iPhone 12 Pro Max in Melbourne with current Telstra 5G

                I figure if I'm going to drop $2k on a phone, I may as well get the best model that's more future-proof with mmWave support as well.

                Why settle for the Australian one if it's the same price (the US one may even end up cheaper depending on how much GST I get charged on the import).

                In practice, I expect it could make a difference to speeds in a very congested area in the CBD where you will get hundreds of mbit/sec with mmWave and maybe only 50-100 on non-mmWave 5G due to many other concurrent users in the area

        • +3

          I have some experience with this. Bought my iPhone 12 Pro Max in January when I was in New York, so a US model. Came home and had a small problem with the power button - the phone would sometimes get stuck in a boot loop when turning on. Took it to Apple and they would not service it as it was a US model, so instead they imported a brand new one from the US and replaced mine as soon as it arrived (two days later back in April). Mind you this was all free of charge under my 1 year limited warranty - not even through Applecare. Super seamless service tbh

      • +1


        Back then it was. Back in 2010 I had my US bought iPhone replaced in Japan, even though it was out of warranty if I remember correctly. Getting replacements at Apple Store was easy in the past even for out-of-warranty products, at least in the US. That easy policy changed around 8 years ago.

    • Even with the imported phone, does iPhone 13 supports 5G mmWave with Telstra or Optus?

    • +5

      Please update on the total costs (shipping, entry fee, etc) once you have received it. I thought about using the parcel forwarder when iPhone 12 came out but negative reviews on those companies made me hesitant. Which forwarder did you use?

    • +2

      which freight forwarding service do you use?

    • +1

      I also imported mine but through a friend. I am also curious what the shipping + customs cost ends up being.

      Telstra has a 180gb for $65/m discount at the moment with 5g.

      I posted a similar question here about importing.
      You can check which towers are mmwave 26ghz here. I'll post an update if i can get it to work with my telstra 5g sim.