Who Is Buying Apple iPhone 12 and Why?



Hi, Ozbargainers, would you please give me some suggestions that who is buying Iphone 12 and why are you buying?

What is the pros and cons?

If they are not providing charger and headphone.

and iphone 12 does not have 120hz refresh rate then why are you considering to buy it?


  • cos i have macbookpro macpro ipadpro applewatch homepod

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    Apple fans. You will never understand

    • Same goes with the android boys. The attention they are doing to every post. You will never understand.

      • Are we still doing the Apple v Android thing, how very 2008.

        • To be fair - it's majority of the time in Apple threads where these low-hanging fruit arguments take place; Android users just love to troll Apple threads. Hardly any DaE bUy aPpLe iPhOnE!1! in threads with Androids manufacturers.

          • @ThithLord:

            Hardly any DaE bUy aPpLe iPhOnE!1! in threads with Androids manufacturers.

            Isn't that due to Apple operating at a way higher price point than the cheaper android phones?
            It is ozbargain so you do end up with a lot of suggestions of android device as a better value product. Each to their own though, the feature sets are becoming more and more similar these days.

            • @Caped Baldy: Of course, but on threads about Flagship Android phones you're not gonna see much gripe from iPhone users, if any at all.

            • @Caped Baldy: Even if you want to look at it from a "bargain" perspective. Android phones depreciate 2x as fast as iPhones. Meaning you can sell an iPhone for more and pay less upfront for your new one? Has anyone ever seen this perspective?

              • @SitarBoy: Not really, it depends on the actual numbers. If you buy an iPhone for $1,000 and sell it for $500, you are still worse than buying an Android for $500 and selling it for $100.

                • @bio: Im talking comparable devices. i.e. Samsung S20 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max. I was comparing my XS Max with an equivalent Samsung phone from the same year. The Samsung was selling for HALF that of my phone. There is definitely a lot less depreciation with iPhones.

                  • @SitarBoy: No, you are simply moving goal posts. You were not talking about comparable devices because you replied @Caped Baldy who said "Apple operating at a way higher price point than the cheaper android phones".

                    • @bio: Ahh fair enough but you have to see that even if you dont buy and sell iPhones constantly, they do outlast Android phones by a couple years. Whether the OS and the longevity is worth it, is up to you

        • Yes every time someone post about an iPhone, the usual suspects will come rolling in to spout the same dribble.

        • I don't really care about apple or android. I just want a phone with a strong processor and 8gb of ram that costs less than 700. Personally, I don't care much for the camera or the screen. I just want to be able to multi-task (including work) on my phone with it still remaining snappy.

  • I'm just going to buy another one when the one I'm using runs out of charge.

  • I'm still not super convinced. I have a Samsung S9 that is almost 3 years old now (I think) so I want to upgrade. The Australian version of the S20 Ultra is a bit disappointing and since I have a MacBook Pro I was considering making the switch to Apple.
    I don't know whether to go with an 11 Pro or the 12 Pro - the main points to go for 12 Pro for me is the RAM upgrade, faster CPU and 5G. I think 5G will mean it's more future proof and you may get another 3 years out of it.

    I think I will wait and see what the 12 Pro Max has to offer, see if it's anything different. If the 11 Pro Max came down to a good price, I may well just grab it because you're right, there isn't a huge difference.

    What are peoples thoughts? Cmon OzBargain, make me spend the extra!

    • Why don't you just by a Sony 1 ii or 5 ii? The two most underrated phones of the year. You can buy them on-line. The 5 ii is especially exceptional value for what it offers.

      • Hmmm, never really checked out anything Sony has offered. I'll have a look, thanks.

        • Yep, in Australia most people after a flagship phone usually either buy Apple or Samsung - herd mentality.

          • @elektron: Yeah it couldn't possibly be that people buy the phone that suits their needs - not everyone can be as savvy as you, Elektron. You're smarter than the hundreds of millions of iPhone users worldwide - a very special place to be! Old Elektron can't be fooled by marketing and herd mentality - nuh uh.

            • @ThithLord: On the contrary, I don't have as much cash to burn as the wel-to-do iPhone users, so I'm forced to make rational buying decisions out of necessity.

              • @elektron: The best Android Phone of 2020 is the Sony 5.2, followed by the Sony 1.2, and then the OnePlus 8 Pro. That's my (well-formed) opinion. Note, I'm only talking about "the best" and not the "best value" or even "the cheapest".
                ……For best value, this is the best tactic (took me years to nail down):

                1 - Research which older device (specific variant !) is best for your wants/needs
                eg/ enjoy the long-term reviews, best accessories, and use great Custom Rom like EvoX

                2 - Buy a good-condition USED phone that is 1.1 years old (HUGE savings)
                eg/ Well inspected from gumtree, facebook, eBay etc etc.

                3 - Use the phone with great accessories, and great Custom Roms for 1.6 years
                eg/ stay in the "goldilocks zone" of depreciation, software support and hardware relevance

                4 - During transition, be well prepared/researched, and make the upgrade swiftly
                eg/ buy the new phone, transfer your data, sell your old phone… all in the same weekend

                5 - Repeat the steps above periodically, and enjoy the savings!!
                eg/ the sale of your old device subsidises most of the purchase of the new one

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                  @Kangal: Here I will (roughly) demonstrate this tactic in action:
                  - Best Android phone of 2014 was the Samsung Note 4 (Exynos Variant)
                  - Great accessories (Glass Protector, Kickstand Case, etc etc)
                  - Awesome 64-bit EvolutionX OS Custom ROM
                  - Handset released in October 2014 for ~AUD$1,100 / USD$800

                  -In Nov 2015 buy a Samsung Note 4 for ~AUD$600 / USD$400
                  - Enjoy this first round, a great device for the time
                  - In April 2017 buy a Samsung S7+ Exynos for ~AUD$600 / USD$400
                  - Sell the old Samsung Note 4 for ~AUD$400 / USD$300
                  - The upgrade ended up costing you ~AUD$200 / USD$100
                  - Enjoy this second round of a great device
                  - In Nov 2018 buy a Samsung Note 8 for ~AUD$600 / USD$400
                  - Sell the old Samsung S7+ for ~AUD$400 / USD$300
                  - The upgrade ended up costing you ~AUD$200 / USD$100
                  - Enjoy this third round of a great device
                  - In April 2020 buy a Samsung S10+ for ~AUD$600 / USD$400
                  - Sell the old Samsung Note 8 for ~AUD$400 / USD$300
                  - The upgrade ended up costing you ~AUD$200 / USD$100
                  - Enjoy this fourth round of a great device
                  - In Nov 2021 buy a Sony Xperia 5.2 for ~AUD$600 / USD$400
                  - Sell the old Samsung S10+ for ~AUD$400 / USD$300
                  - The upgrade ended up costing you ~AUD$200 / USD$100
                  - Enjoy this fifth round of a great device

                  -Total time elapsed Nov 2015 -to- Nov 2021 is SIX YEARS
                  - Total phones owned in this period FOUR DEVICES
                  - Total upgrade cost in this period is ~AUD$600 / USD$300
                  - Upfront Cost + Upgrade Cost = ~AUD$1,200 / USD$700
                  - Cost per year is ~AUD$200/year or ~USD$135/year

                  -Including Last Round (5th device, eg Sony 5.2) is OVER SEVEN YEARS
                  - Total Total phones owned in this period FIVE DEVICES
                  - Total upgrade cost in this period is ~AUD$800 / USD$400
                  - Upfront Cost + Upgrade Cost = ~AUD$1,400 / USD$800
                  - Cost per year is ~AUD$190/year or ~USD$130/year

                  • @Kangal: @Kangal Are you lost? Why the USD values?

                    • @BadHorse: In case any one on the web sees this post, and is interested.

                      ie, someone from USA. IE#2, someone wants a better idea of the currency (AUD somehow confuses people, beats me).

                  • @Kangal: Upvote for the sheer amount of information.

                    Say, if I were looking to buy now (~$500-600), what would you recommend? Asking for a friend whose Galaxy Note 9 is starting to play up (yeah, cannot sell that).

                    • @ddhar: I'd firstly try to fix the Note9.
                      Maybe backup all data to external, and do a factory reset. Or resort to some tinkering/custom firmware. If not for longevity, think of the hit to resale.

                      If buying now, I would look to something that is similar size, used, and at least 1.1 years old.

                      Naturally the right fit would be the Samsung Note 10+, however, that's going for about ~A$800 now. I would've expected it to be under A$600 in normal circumstances. Why are prices bloated? I think it's because the RRP was bloated, less people upgrading these days, and covid restrictions.

                      A better option is the Samsung S10+ for ~A$600 instead. I've also noticed for around the same price you could snag a OnePlus 7t/7pro. Best of luck!!

                      • @Kangal: Thanks. I've been considering a note 10 lite (hesitant to put money on a soon-to-be 2yo S10). Otherwise I could grab a pixel 4a which I use and love. Any thoughts?

                  • @Kangal: I'm thrilled

                • @Kangal: I wouldn’t buy Sony after reading about their after sales service. I’ve experienced Apples first hand. In and out in 30 minutes with a new phone.

                  • @Icecold5000: That's a fair point.
                    There's definitely some things of note worthy to criticize in Sony phones' software, hardware, and support. It sort of feels like Sony has the world's best engineers that build phones AND the worst incompetent managers that make crucial decisions.

                    PS: I recently tried buying the new Sony Xperia Five MkII for roughly ~AUD$1,200 and it was to come with a free Sony XM4 Headphone (valued around ~AUD$400). That seemed like a good deal as I wanted both, since my older headphones broke and my current phone doesn't have a headphone jack. But that deal was only available to select locations and it wasn't easy to claim. I ended up scrapping the venture, and stick to my trusty daily driver (a $800 OnePlus 7 Pro I've used for over a year now).

                    • @Kangal: I owned a Sony phablet. Didn’t really use it much and don’t have much to complain about as it was 250 at a half price sale. I am very hesitant to pay above 1k for a phone and Apple provided the assurance I was after. I didn’t think Sony were in the phone business anymore. I usually go to the Sony shop in EmQuatier in Bangkok to check out the latest as I’ve am a big Sony fan from way back and they didn’t have any displayed so I figured it was too competitive for them but they might be producing for the Japanese market only.

      • Sony Australia no longer sell / support mobile devices. This has been the case for quite a while now.

        • Which is why I said that you can buy them on-line. The link I provided also includes 12 month Australian warranty and the price is great for a recent release flagship.

        • mobile devices Might be more accurate to say support 'all devices', or failing that, 'a device'

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        Used to buy Sony all the time but they have pulled out of the Australian market , so no Aust warranty.

        • There is Australian Warranty. The store is legit and has been around for years, with thousands of positive reviews on-line.

          • @elektron: Probs referring to manufacturer's warranty

            • @stainedteatowel: I've had experience with 3rd party warranty for a grey import Sony phone a few years ago. I sent it to the store's Sydney office, they returned it to Sony some where in Asia, and I received the returned phone back within a month. To be honest, I've had worse experience with Sony's authorised repairer in Australia for local stock, so personally wouldn't have reservations going the grey import route again.

          • @elektron: I meant there is zero Sony warranty.

            • @PVA: How much does this actually matter if the warranty is by an Australian retailer? It'll still get repaired by Sony in the country of origin and sent back to you. A small local retailer is much easier to deal with than Sony Australia, in my experience when claiming warranty with Sony's Mobile division.

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                @elektron: For me, probably time.

                The time I had to have my Sony phone repaired (Australian phone), it was less than a week to get it back.

                • @PVA: Fair enough then. Your experience with Sony's Australian warranty was much better than mine though - it used to be outsourced to a 3rd party mob (I forget their name), with notoriously bad customer service - my own experience confirmed that.

      • Because Sony's OS updates are very limited. My XZ1 launched with Android 8, got updated to 9 and thats it.

        Samsung is now offering at least 3 updates to their flagships, meanwhile Sony is nowhere to be seen with that commitment. Really like the 5ii especially with the earphone jack, but I aint paying premium for a phone with less updates.

      • Bad advise. Don’t doesn’t update their software. I was stuck with a Sony tablet that got a point update after 1.5 yrs to fix a time issue. It was crazy.

      • Didn't know that Sony still sell phone in Australia.. I always thought the left the AU market.

      • That things the same price as an iPhone, and it's a grey import?