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MSI MPG A750GF 80+ Gold Fully Modular 750W PSU $119 + Shipping ($0 to Metro/ VIC C&C) + US$15 Steam Gift Card @ Centre Com


Gift card redeemed through the MSI Promotion

  • Full modular cable design
  • Flat cable equipment
  • 10-year warranty
  • 80 Plus Gold certified for high efficiency
  • 100% all Japanese 105°C capacitor
  • Active PFC design
  • Industrial level protection with OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, SCP, UVP
  • LLC Half Bridge Topology with DC-DC module design

The MSI MPG A-GF PSU is in the Tier A of the Linus Tech Tips PSU Tier List

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  • That was quick!

    • Whoops, entered in wrong date.

  • +1

    Looks like it's free shipping to most areas? Also ends at 11pm tonight

  • +3

    Got one :)

  • Nice one

  • +2

    Manufacturer is CWT, so likely similar/same as Corsair RMx series

  • It’s a $15 USD value Steam gift card you get, not $20 (seems you’ll actually get a $20 AUD card which would make sense given the exchange rate).

  • Wish the 850w one is $139 or $129, now it is $159, big price jump.

  • +2

    Not buying as the fan is always on - no smart fan control, what’s is the point of having the fan going when you are only browsing OZBargain 😁

    • Thanks for the info. Specifically looking for a quiet PSU. RM650x fits the bill but is at $149 at the moment. Can't find any in-depth reviews for the MSI. Seems really good, but not sure whether it's as quiet as the RMx.

    • +6

      I got this power supply today, it’s dead silent, and the fan keeps things cool anyway, so not much to complain about, quieter than my cpu my gpu and my hdd

      • Got one based on your review haha. Thank you and cheers OP.

  • +1

    Dangit. My PSU died and I just bought a new 750 watt one on the weekend to replace it.

  • Hi guys, my friend is offering to sell his seasonic x-1250w PSU (2011) for $160.
    Should I buy it? I need enough juice to OC an XFX 6900xt.
    Advice please! :). I couldn't not find the PSU on any tier list

    • seasonic is a good PSU, but for a 10 years old, you'd better go for the $199 1000w platium at PCCG if you worries about your 6900xt.