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Kingston NV1 1TB 2100MB/s PCIe Gen 3 NVMe M.2 (2280) SSD $120 Delivered @ Shopping Express

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  • Need an additional heatsink to be used in PS5, right?

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      You need Gen 4 for PS5

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      Not fast enough

      • 5500 MB/s or greater is merely recommended by Sony - Gen4 + storage size are realistically the only barriers.

        • Gen 3 had read speeds up to 3500MBS (this one is 2100MBS) Gen 4 is up to 7000MBS so far with slower end at 5000MBS+

          So speed is a barrier that's addressed in the gen 4 barrier.

          • @Where's_That_Cake: Slower Gen4 drives, such as the ADATA XPG Gammix S50 Lite (3,900MB/s reads and 3,200MB/s writes) tested in this article and Corsair Force Series MP600 (4,950MB/s reads and 4,250MB/s writes) tested in a previous Linus Tech Tip video apparently work fine.

            In fact, Linus' same video also goes on to showcase how the PS5 responds when you try to install an incompatible drive:

            Can't use the M.2 SSD inserted in the expansion slot.

            Use an M.2 SSD that meets these requirements:

            • PCIe Gen 4 or later
            • Capacity of 250 GB minimum and 4TB maximum

            Turn off your PS5, and then remove your M.2 SSD.

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      To answer your question, yes - adding an additional SSD will also require a heatsink.

      However, this particular drive won't work at all since it's PCIe Gen 3.

  • Any 2TB Deals?

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    No deal considering WD Blue SN550 is the same price on ebay

    [Edit] Link [\Edit]

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      Thats for 500gb, this is for 1tb. so it is a deal.

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        Choose 1tb, then apply the coupon code and it comes down to 119.2

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          $116.22 w/Ebay Plus, good find and faster than this drive (2400MB/s)

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      yep, SN550 1 TB for $116.22 is a good deal.

    • Grabbed one, thank you for linking :)

    • What's a good external case for this?


      • I've grabbed this to pair with the SN550. Though it obviously hasn't arrived yet so no idea how it will turn out

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    Does anyone know why SATA SSD deals are not as good as they used to?

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      semiconductor shortage. Demand is also high because of COVID and all the extra data needing to be stored.

      • Demand is also high because of COVID and all the extra data needing to be stored.

        Why does COVID result in extra data needing to be stored? Everyone has to stay home and entertain themsel…..

        Oh ok.

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      may be supply and demand as well, this is the age of NVMe with faster speeds than SATA 3. SATA is pretty much dead now.
      you can use a PCIe 4x to M.2 NVMe adapter even you don't have any M.2 slots in the motherboard, costs only few bucks at Aliexpress

  • No more A2000's?

    • Isn't this one faster than A2000?

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        NV1 doesn't have DRAM, it's only 240 TBW vs 600 TBW on A2000.

  • just need 2tb gen4 now

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    Thanks got one for ps5

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      Get ready to cancel it because it won't work for PS5.

    • hehehe

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    WiLL tHis Werk on muh ps5

  • I have a 1TB NV1 from the last shoppingexpress deal if anyone wants to buy - unopened. $120.