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20% ShopBack Cashback ($25 Cap) & 2000 Bonus Flybuys Points with $50 Spend Using C&C at Liquorland


20% Cashback with ShopBack on Liquorland between 4pm - 8pm AEST

Along with 2000 Flybuys points with $50 spend using click & collect (ends Sunday 26/9/2021, T&Cs)

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  • Nice deal, the link only takes you to the Shopback home page though? Also cashback for Liquorland showing at only 3%…

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    States between 4pm and 8pm so needs to be in the title.

    I also get 10,000 points for my third week of spending $60. Nice way to end it.

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      Thanks updated it.

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      I don't get any flybuy deals from the app anymore.. Any way to fix this?

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    The 2k Flybuys points is only for C&C.

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    If you’re a westpac customer, don’t forget to check Westpac Rewards. I have a $10 cashback on $50 spend as well - likely targeted

    • I've got $10 off a $75 spend on mine

  • Anyone know what the maximum cap amount is for this offer? Can't see on Shopback website.

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      $25 cap. OP should add it to the title

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    OP better add in Click and Collect only for the 2k Flybuys points
    And the cap for the 20% off from Shopback is capped at $25 discount so spend $125 for max capped discount.

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      You don’t get more than 2000 points for $50 so most efficient purchase would just be to stop at $50.

      • Yes 2k max flybuys points at $50.

        Max discount of $25 is on a spend of $125. Anything above that it is still $25 for the cashback of 20%

        • It would actually be more since its a GST free 20%, so $137.50 for $25.

        • Excludes taxes, fees or additional extras
          Liquorland online orders paid partially or in full with any gift cards will be ineligible for cashback.

          For $25 cashback you need to spend $137.5.

    • Cashback doesn't take into account GST so you'll need to spend $137.50 inc GST to get the full discount.

      EDIT: just noticed I'm repeating what everyone else already said🙄

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    does anyone know if this will this work with the signup promo code or the promocode I recieved for later delivery from the previous deal?

    • Would like to know this as well, got the $10 promo code for the email sign up.

      • I contacted the Rep, they said unlikely my codes would apply and to decide what's best for your own individual circumstances.

    • Staff discount, yes
      Discount code other than mentioned in shouback:no
      Thts my experience

      • Can you confirm the staff discount works?
        I know it won't work with cash rewards
        So have never used it with shop back

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    Need to click and collect the same day for cashback to be approved?
    Or can I place the order today and collect it tomorrow?

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      I've never encounter a C&C offer for cashback that required same day collection (not to mention if you were to purchase at 7:59pm it's not particularly likely you'd be able to collect that day anyway)

      • Thank you :)

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        T&C of the click and collect offer:

        Bonus Points offer valid online only at Liquorland. To qualify for this offer you must spend the qualifying amount online and enter your flybuys card number online at the time of purchase. Transactions must take place between 20/9/2021 and 26/9/2021. 2,000 BONUS POINTS will be applied when you spend $50 or more online during the dates specified and select Click and Collect as your delivery method. This offer is limited to one transaction per flybuys account. Points not awarded on purchases deemed to be wholesale quantities. Retail limits apply to all products. Points awarded after savings and discounts. Excludes gift cards and smoking/tobacco product purchases. Points will be credited within 4 weeks after expiry of offer. flybuys' privacy policy applies.

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    Kirin Ichiban looks to be $52 if you can find stock

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      Not imported from Japan.

      • The Megumi was always Australian and the Ichiban imported. Unsure how much I trust the website, might double check in store.

        edit: just called and the bloke said they have just started getting aus brewed in. Disappointing.

        • Thanks for checking Kirin Ichihan is the best Japanese beer in my mind.

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    omg more boozee

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    Just in time for stocking up. 5 more weeks of lockdowns so good timing.

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    Also don't forget if you have targeted 28 Degrees Mastercard cashback - Spend $25 Get $5 Back

  • Amex also has Spend $100 get $10

    • holy molly i got this offer. but initially i wasnt planning to spend $100 …. dilemma …..

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        You can use it in 2 purchases and two different flybuys.

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        Yeah I'm in the same situation and I ended up bought 3 cases of beer. Cheers

    • Hope it stacks with Amex as I just made a purchase (>$100) but no confirmation email from Amex. Last time this happened (was a BP offer) I had to contact them via live chat to get it resolved.

      • Often I don't get the emails but get the credit. I always find them helpful on the phone anyway.

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    Well, I have just ordered …. Let's see if Shopback actually tracks this order.

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      Ordered some wino, now lets see if Shopback stiff me again and say it hasn't been tracked properly

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      Yes… I've had to hit them up on more than one occasion!!!

    • I keep reading about orders not tracking. Is this an android problem?

      • I use desktop for these ones.

  • Just created my Flybuys account. Does anyone know if my Flybuys card no. is the same as my Flybuys member no.?

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      Yes. (A 16 digit number similar to credit / debit cards.)

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    Score… 2000 points from this individual Flybuys deal, 10000 points from an ongoing 3 week Flybuys deal, 20% cashback from Shopback deal (pre GST), and the drink was already on special at about 15% cheaper from Liquorland. :)

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      Thirsty work. I hope that you paid with Coles M/Card gift cards from their last deal!

      • For fear of being downvoted… I will refrain from answering that! ;)

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    There is always something wrong with my Liquorland account. The orders never go through.
    4 times I've ordered, and just now, but it never ends up with the shop. They cancel the orders. We'll they say there isn't one. But there is a fully processed charge that they refund.
    Shopback still pays out the cashback. So it's like a free $15 in 2 months.

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    the 2000 flybuys are for anything or certain drinks only ?

    only on here, right ?

  • Westpac Credit Cards have $5 cashback spending $50 or more in Liquorland / FirstChoice .. You may want to stack up as well.

    • My Wpac Rewards doesn't show Liquorland, only FirstChoice, as well as Vintage Cellars.
      Does this actually translate across to Coles other brands, e.g Liquorland?

      • May be it’s targeted, I could see Firstchoice - $5 off for $25 spent as well.

  • Ordered, hope it tracks for once

  • Sorry, but there are no delivery options available for that address.

    lol is this because I live in Redfern?

  • Where do I add flybuyers? At my Coles card section? Cheers

  • Is this Shopback deal only available today?

  • So much stuff not available for click n collect .. struggled to get a my cart done. How far past the 8pm (7:30 here) cut off can you go? I got stuck with the Westpac OTP requirements and checked out at 7:38 (8:08pm AEST). Checked the bottom button and it still said 20%. Took a screenshot as well.

    • Good luck

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        Might need it, cheers. But its all good. If it doesn't track I'll just get it refunded. My 2000 FB bonus points didn't get applied in the recent Firstchoice offer.. so wasn't prepared to collect until they did. Saw the funds are already back on my card. Guess they cancelled it. Only a few days between deals recently.

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    Ordered yesterday around 4:30pm, cashback tracked through about 8am this morning. Order confirmation page acknowledged the 2000 flybuys points.

    Thanks OP!

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      Same here for me, however interestingly my order status says "Shipped" despite selecting C&C. I only selected items that were available in my local as well so hopefully still eligible for the 2000 flybuys points