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Oppo Reno 5G - 256GB Green - $449 Delivered @ Green Gadgets


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    Any deals on Find X2/X3 Pro

  • great phone specs does this model have dual sim? will it ever get android 11?

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      No dual sim. You need the 10x zoom which doesn't have 5g.

      Possibly won't get android 11 - you need to buy tech on current specs not future promises. That said, I'm pretty happy with android 10 on mine.

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        That said, I'm pretty happy with android 10 on mine.

        Android12 comes out in a couple of weeks, I wouldn't want to be on an n-2 version OS for very long.

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          Then I recommend you to wait for deals on Pixel 6 with 5 years of OS update or S21 fe or an iPhone if u can afford.

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        My 10x zoom Is on Android 11 color Os V11.1 Got latest security updates last week.

        • hey mate - are you on Telstra and got this update OTA? Oppo are trying to tell me the 5G version is not powerful enough :)

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        The 10x Zoom is effectively the same device and has received the update, so there is potential for Android 11 on the 5G.

        I'm not holding my breath, though. I am happy with Android 10, too.

        This is one of the only devices I've owned where I haven't felt the need to upgrade after a year.

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      RenoZ of similar vintage on A11 - got to be a reasonable chance for the Reno 5G?

    • My Find X2 Neo has Android 11

  • Tempting but apart from 256gb storage this seems a bit average compared to Poco etc.

    • But it's expandable right

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    when Apple eventually release iphones with no notches in 2023, they will promote them like they are greatest innovation of mankind

    • Different between Apple and these phones is Apple will still update their phones in 2023 and would still be worth a good penny where you can't say the same about this.

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        I was joking bro. I use XS Max myself. just saw the new iphone 13 promo, and 20% smaller notch is one of the reasons to upgrade your iphones apparently

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    Great phone, even has micro SD card slot. Android 11 is an unknown.

    • I have this phone and didn't even realise about the micro SD slot. 256GB is plenty for me.

      • Ye it's plenty, but memory card slot is so useful when switching devices e.g. smashed screen but can get the images off sd card

  • good phone, got it last year. however now the zoom lense moves when i shake it… they said its normal…

    • Ahhh, is that what the rattle is! I have a the 10x and figured that there was probably something in the popup cam mechanism that was making the noise, but a rattling part in the zoom assembly makes sense.

      • Is the rattle loud for you?

        I don't notice it unless I shake the device close to my ear. I'd also assumed it was the pop up cam.

        Its one of those quirks that bothers you when you first get the device and you cease to notice once you've had it for a few weeks. Kind of like your first scratch on a new shiny thing.

        • It's not super loud, but now that I know it I can hear it if I shake the phone at arms length.

          Never notice in day to day use though, I don't actually think I noticed it until the phone was at least a few months old. So long as it keeps working as well as it is I'm happy.

          • @Srey: Mine has always had it and I've never encountered any issues. I've had it for about 1.5 years.

            Everything about the device is solid and I haven't experienced slowing or deteriorating performance, so I anticipate the same for yours.

            I'd typically get bored of a phone prior a year of use, but I don't have any intention of upgrading until this one starts to die. Literally the only sign of wear it has is that the stock screen protector has started to lift toward the top of the display.

            • @thanatos350: That's great to hear. I got my 10x on the half price deal more than a year ago now too and mine has also been solid. Unfortunately my stock screen protector didn't last long, skittled the phone on some rocks when I was out climbing, but otherwise it's been pretty flawless for me.

              I'm pretty taken by the look of the Pixel 6, but when I have a phone like this for $499 it's hard to justify dropping $1k+ on a handset again

              • @Srey: Yeah, I wouldn't be too keen on taking a Pixel 6 climbing. On that note, I've been surprised by the durability of the Oppo. Its taken knocks, drops, full submersion in salt and fresh water and survived it all. I haven't owned an expensive, high end device for a while so I wonder how they would hold up.

      • yea try going to 10x zoom and the rattle is gone

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      It is likely the Optical Image Stabiliser, I believe this is normal for all phones with OIS as it's a mechanical feature with moving parts inside the camera

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    I have this phone. It's ok. I miss my Google Pixel. Be aware there are no more OS updates on this phone. Stuck on android 10.

    • Yeah, "ok" is accurate.

      Best things about it are:

      • the pop-up selfie cam. No notch or cut-out is a plus for me, especially as I don't use the selfie-cam
      • under display fingerprint reader
      • zoom lens
      • bang for buck (I paid $599 18 months ago)

      Downside are:

      • mediocre battery
      • chunky and ugly
      • Oppo software
      • +1

        The Oppo software isn't particularly intrusive from my experience.

        I quite like the look of the phone, tbh. Mostly due to the absence of those hideous camera arrays popular on newer phones.

        • I agree. The old ones were bad but from color OS 7 onwards it's been ok.

  • ColorOS 12 release timeline
    The older Find X2 series and Reno 6 series will receive their first ColorOS 12 beta builds in November, while the Reno 5 series, the OPPO K9, A95, A93, Ace 2 series and the OnePlus 8 series will receive a public beta build in December.

    • I don't think it's going any higher than ColorOS 7. Only security patches. Do you have a link?

      Edit: Just checked. This is not a Reno 5 series but a Reno 5G. Different phones. I will never buy another Oppo again due to lack of support. Stuck on ColorOS7.

  • I also have this phone and really enjoy it. No complaints except the lack of Android 11. Very interesting to hear on this thread that the 10x zoom has been updated - especially as this is exactly the same as the Oppo Reno 5G. I think it's just called 5G in Australia as a way of differentiating it for the Optus version. I recently had a response from Oppo after haranguing them about there being no OTA update for the CPH1921 version. They claim that the model is "not powerful enough" and "does not have enough memory" to run Android 11. I am waiting to hear their response to me calling BS - 8GB RAM and SD855 lol.

    coolbuddy2k7 - did you get your update OTA? I assume you are Telstra?

    • +1

      Wow, they really said "does not have enough memory" to run Android 11?

      I have a lowly Nokia 2.3 (2gb ram, 32gb memory)and it's been on Android 11 for months, also runs it fine.

      System takes up 15gb in total. Was 11gb on Android 10.

    • This isn't exactly the same handset as the 10x though, the 10x doesn't have 5g support at all.

      I was under the impression they were pretty much the same otherwise though, so very surprising that this hasn't gotten the update, my 10x got it ages ago; runs pretty nicely too.

  • I don't recommend it. Not for this price as its age is showing and there are some issues.

    I have the 10x zoom (same specs, no 5G), but I bought it June last year for $499.
    Don't get me wrong, I love the phone and it does more than everything I need it to.

    Major drawback is that there is no indication that it is getting the next software update from Oppo.
    If it does, I won't be surprised if it's the last one.
    There is no ROM/mod community as no one has managed to unlock the bootloader to my knowledge.

    Overall the phone is good, and I actually really like ColorOS.
    It has had major improvements since the majority of reviews that trash it.

    The camera is pretty good. I would say that on paper it's great, but the post processing isn't the best.
    The photos rarely come out looking fantastic like they do on iPhones or pixels. Then again I'm a useless photographer.
    I don't use the zoom either, it's grainy and pretty crap in general.

    Facial recognition isn't that useful due to the popup camera.
    I have it on for when the fingerprint scanner doesn't work instantly, but the scanner is generally pretty good.

    It's also really hard to get a good screen protector.
    All the cheap eBay ones are trash - they refract the light and give it this rainbow pixelated look over the entire screen. I've never seen anything like it before.
    I found some Zuslab ones which were pretty good though.
    I also ordered some from overseas that looked great, except they were a fraction too large to fit with the supplied case. As a result they came loose quickly/never really stuck properly.

    End of the day though, pretty awesome specs for the price.