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Free Jim Beam or Canadian Club with $50 Spend @ Hogs Breath Restaurants


Free JIM BEAM or CANADIAN CLUB with $50 Spend at Hogs Breath Restaurants.
Monday to Thursday only.

Must choose Restaurant, then click "Submit". Voucher will be generated for that Restaurant only. When you get to the Restaurant, Swipe the voucher to the right hand side in front of the staff member, and it will be redeemed.

Only 500 vouchers across Australia.

Only walk-in Restaurants that aren't currently shutdown will be shown - eg. Port Macquarie, NSW.

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  • I didn’t know Hogs Breath was still around

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      A LOT have shut down since they started in Airlie Beach, Queensland in 1989. For example, Terrigal branch shut in December 2019.

      One of the few, truly 100% Australian-started Chains (as opposed to McDonalds, KFC - all American-started Chains).

      I think the only Chain older than them is Red Rooster, started in Perth, WA in 1974.

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        I learnt the other day Outback SteakHouse chain is not Australian.

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          Yep, Outback Steakhouse chain was started in FLORIDA, USA by 4x Americans in 1991:


          Look at that Didgeridoo picture in the background! I hope they bought it from the NT artists so the money goes to them.

          Just shows how much Amercians are MUCh more entrepreneurial than us, to make an AUSTRALIAN ICON commence & be very successful in the USA.

          Pretty sad if you think about it, really!

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        Taco Bill is older, 1967, although it's not exactly Australia-wide (I think all but one is in Victoria, but there's 27 here).

        La Porchetta has been around a long time too, not that I see them much anymore.

        • Good points. 1985 start for La Porchetta. :)

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    That's a bottle of either .. right . .. ?? .. 😂😂😂 .. ??!!

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      One single bottle of Jim Beam OR Canadian Club premix, yes.

      Worth max $10.

      • He actually meant to say cask.

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      So not a 700ml bottle of Beam then ? I expected it, to pay for their Hog swill.

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    Disappointed that Hogs Breath have shuttered their Hogs Squad program – which we had to pay to join – and will be replacing it with an inferior program. When I emailed them about it, they didn't even reply:

    Hi Steven,
    I understand you wouldn't be able to continue offering the previous birthday offer, but is there a replacement offer – at least for previous Hogs Squad members who paid for their membership? For example, other restaurants offer 50% off, $15 off, buy one get one free, or birthday points.