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25% off All Coffee & Pods + $7.95 Delivery ($0 with $50 Order) @ Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters


It's our 9th birthday so we are celebrating with…25% OFF ALL COFFEE AND PODS!

Hurry, this offer ends midnight Tuesday!

The even better news, you can use the code as many times as you like over this time. So, get in quick.

Use code: BDAY25

*Hollywood Blend (https://fatpoppy.coffee/product/hollywood-blend-2/) - Lights, camera, action! Our Hollywood Blend is popular, fashionable, and loves the spotlight. It's best described as a cup of chocolate-coated blueberries. $36/1kg, $13.50/250g
Also available in pods: $10.50 for 10 (https://fatpoppy.coffee/product/hollywood-pods-x-10-pods/)

*Blackbird Blend (https://fatpoppy.coffee/product/blackbird-blend-2/) - Not for the faint hearted. Best described as a cherry ripe, it's a rich blend that cuts through milk vigorously and can also be enjoyed as a robust black coffee. $36/1kg, $13.50/250g
Also available in pods: $10.50 for 10 (https://fatpoppy.coffee/product/blackbird-pods-x-10-pods/)

*Indonesia, Java Frinsa (https://fatpoppy.coffee/product/indonesia-java-frinsa/) - A sweet Single Origin with taste notes including cinnamon and stone-fruit. $36/1kg, $15/250g

*Kenya, Kamviu (https://fatpoppy.coffee/product/kenya-kamviu-2/) - A bright gorgeous Single Origin that is carefully handpicked and washed with water from River Muriuriu. It tastes like pineapple and cream! $36/1kg, $15/250g

*Colombia, Las Guacanas (https://fatpoppy.coffee/product/colombia-las-guacanas/) - A salty Single Origin. This coffee was picked following a strict ripeness criteria and hand sorted. Whole cherries were fermented inside plastic tanks for 200 hours. The cherries were then placed on raised beds to dry at a temperature of below 35 degrees celsius, until the ideal moisture was achieved. Tastes like Green Apple & Miso Soup. $36/1kg, $15/250g

*Decaf Blend (https://fatpoppy.coffee/product/decaf-blend/) - A decaf coffee that doesn't taste like decaf. Our blend is sweet, creamy and seriously delicious. It's also a natural sugarcane process, which means the caffeine has been removed naturally, making it completely chemical free. $22.50/500g

Don't own a grinder? No worries! We can grind for the following brew types:

Batch Brewer
Reusable Pods

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code: BDAY25

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  • I don't drink coffee from pods but +1 for environmentally conscious biodegradable coffee pods

    • Thanks @timmydunlop :-)

  • Blackbird Blend is fantastic! Kicking myself this deal didn’t come through sooner!