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Samsung Galaxy Watch3 41mm (BRNZ) & 45mm (SILV & BLK) Cellular $63.20 @ Westpac Rewards


Hey Guys,

[EDIT: link to my order - https://ibb.co/ZXpWjbF ]

First Post - go easy on me.

Found this today looking around the Samsung EPP site - I think it's a pricing error but my order went through…?

Galaxy Watch3 41mm Cellular Bronze - https://shop.samsung.com/au/multistore/auepp/westpac_offers_...

Galaxy Watch3 45mm Cellular Silver & Black - https://shop.samsung.com/au/multistore/auepp/westpac_offers_...

Grab it if you're Galaxy user or happy to use it with iPhone with limited functionality.

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  • Can't see this in my EPP.

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    I'm seeing $679 on the Government EPP.

  • yeah.. says $639.20 and $679.20 in the EDU EPP

  • I think its only for westpac.

  • Are you sure you don't have the decimal point in the wrong spot?

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    It's not on the EPP exactly; it's Westpac's 'Offers' portal link. So Westpac customers can go to their online banking, go to 'Rewards & Offers' and then access this version of the store from there. Can confirm the prices OP lists, and threw in an order for a 45mm.

    • I don’t think it’s even for customer, they were asking for Westpac employee email…

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        That's because of how the offers portal has been created/built. It's on the same stuff as the EPP sites are, so if you click a link that isn't authenticated, you get that prompt.

    • It literally says epp in the link…?

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        As per my other reply to Jozz, that's because of how the offers portal has been created/built. It's on the same stuff as the EPP sites are, so if you click a link that isn't authenticated, you get that prompt. You need to go through online banking, direct links won't work.

    • This is for Westpac employees. Just went through both my accounts and couldnt see this offer. When you click on the above link it says you must be a Westpac employee to access

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        As per my other reply to Jozz, that's because of how the offers portal has been created/built. It's on the same stuff as the EPP sites are, so if you click a link that isn't authenticated, you get that prompt. You need to go through online banking, direct links won't work.

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      To give very clear instructions. If you're a Westpac Customer, go into Online Banking, click 'Rewards & Offers' in the top banner, then search for the Samsung offer which currently speaks about 10% off TVs. Click into this, and there will be a 'Shop Now' button. This will get you into the Westpac Offers store, and from there the pricing on the watch is available.

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        Good job. I'm not a customer, sadly, but I'm sure it will help someone else.

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        This! Thank you @LibertyPrime

      • Does this mean Westpac customers receive Samsung EPP pricing and offers?!

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          Not the complete EPP. My staff EPP has better pricing for a number of products. It's like a halfway house between RRP and full EPP.

      • is this only for Westpac Credit card customer? I have only Westpac Transaction account and there is no Samsung in the Offers list.

        • Not only for cc customers. You need to click on the Samsung offer and it will bring you to the EPP-Westpac website, and then just search watch on the site

        • same. i have westpac choice account and no offers at all. i remember i had an offer for something else before but now all gone.

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            @tinx: i chatted with westpac "banker" and she said rewards and offers only for cc customer.

    • Thank you, managed, appreciate it 👍

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    what a find

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    Guys my screenshot link

    If ppl in EPP portal cnt find it, should i change it to Westpac Rewards?

    • Wow. Certainly a nice find. Enjoy.

    • can you order me one?

    • Yes, it's not on the EPP so change it

  • no education portal this time?

  • Thats a really great offer. Is Westpac offers availble for people who have transaction account or only credit card

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      I only have bank acc, no credit card - im sure you'll be able to.

      • I have credit card but can't see

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    It's showing for me, but looks like the cart is broken now.

    • I had a similar issue but once I changed my first name (from legal to English first name) it worked?

      • Ahh it worked in Edge! Awesome, thanks for sharing. Let's see how it goes.

        • What do you mean by edge?

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            @King181: Just in the Microsoft Edge browser, Chrome wasn't working to load the cart.

  • I am both a Samsung, and Westpac customer with a login.
    However this is my roadblock "You do not have any products which are eligible for the Westpac Rewards & Offers program. Find out more about eligible products"

    So if someone could order me one of these and Private Message to talk payment and details I would be most appreciative. thanks!

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        I dont want to come across as rude, but no one cares. Go make your profit, but don't be an anchor with a capital W about it.

        • +1

          I'm not making a profit, I can't buy it. If you and the other people who have negged me are fine with seeing dozens of "I can't buy this, can someone please buy for me thnx, location: sydney" posts, then fine. I'll retract my comment.

          • @Runite Oar: Those responses are pretty dumb and reek of desperation, sure. So just say that. No need to be a jerk about it. I mean, your post is pretty pointless if you couldn't actually by one. lol.

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      Hi, I have one spare. Please share your credit card details here along with the CVV. A photo of your current driver's licence or passport for proof that you aren't scamming me would be good too!

  • It's for Westpac employees I believe

    • im not a westpac employee…? strange!

      • It says "Welcome, please validate your Samsung account to access the Westpac Offers Store"
        Strange it is!

  • Sucks, westpac employee only :(

  • $639.20 on telstra epp

  • Great find, copped one. Let's see if they ship it

    • fingers crossed friend x)

  • just bought 2 good find

  • +1

    I was able to login being a Westpac customer but don't bother as all the watches are out of stock!

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    OOS now.

  • not on my EPP portal

  • Awesome find, copped one too as a Westpac customer

  • Thanks grabbed two!

  • Can confirm it does work through westpac. Silver doesnt have much stock but there should be plenty of black.

  • Thanks, managed to grab one, finger crossed.

    • +1

      My order has been dispatched, ✌️

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    All OOS now

  • out of stock, links to 'sign up for alert when back in stock' when trying to add to cart

    • have you tried to click on the watch? and select the different colour? one is OOS but the other you can add to cart

      • theyre all OOS

        • ah damn, sorry.

  • Not on the Govt portal…

  • Party is over!

  • +3

    Keen just to see if these orders are honoured. Got my popcorn out

    • I'm dubious. Happens most times. A company might honour 1 pricing error, not 151 via ozbargain.

  • Got 1 thanks OP.

  • OOS. Damn

  • Got 1 . Hopefully they send it

  • Bought 2 awesome first OP

  • Does anyone have an employee email I can put in to make the account

    • +7
      • Parties over tho.

        • On the Samsung website it's still in stock

          • @jack smith: If you click on the deal link, it will bring you to the EPP-Westpac Samsung page which shows the discounted watches all oos.

      • -1

        Lol might have to make a Westpac account quickly. Anyone know if they are all out of stock? In the website only a few colours are

        • All gone on that discount price.

        • I think you might just have to accept that you've missed out this time. I know its really tough, man. We all desperately wish we could have bought a fancy new watch at this fabulous price. but only a few, lucky individuals were fortunate enough on this occasion. The "chosen" ones if you will. Oh the humanity. 😱Ring 1300 224 636 if you're really struggling with your disappointment.

          • +2

            @Fredorishi: It’s even worse when I had the watch added into my cart but at checkout I had to create an account, and then going back to checkout and the watch is no longer there. Going back to main page then says all oos ☹️

  • damn, snoozed…

  • -2

    Still not a good enough reason to work for Westpac

    • Cool story, but it's for Westpac customers……..

      • +1

        Still not a good enough reason to be a Westpac customer

  • My order was processing but now missing….

  • Snoozed and will be guilty for next few weeks i guess. (deeply crying 😭)

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    thanks guys, grabbed 2 myself, although i already have one lol guess ill hold for xmas presents

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    It appears Westpac customers now have access to the EPP - they emailed about it over the weekend. As a customer, open online banking and click on the "rewards" - go from there

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    Too many people on here who have purchased yet not bothered to upvote this deal. +

    • Probably waiting for the item to be dispatched…seeing is believing!

  • Any orders cancelled yet?

  • Order is now missing but that didnt stop them taking money out of my account :( expecting ill get refunded soon

  • Seems like they've changed the prices back on the EPP store, what are the chances they'll send them out since it looks like a price error

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    Order status is now saying Preparing for Dispatch:

    Your order has been processed and is now being processed for dispatch. No more changes can be made to this order through My Account. If you'd like to cancel your order, please contact customer service.

    • Fingers crossed they ship my order too 😬