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$0.05 Cheeseburger, Large Fries or Small McCafe Beverage for New App Users @ McDonald's via mymacca's App


Greetings everyone, this was previously listed this morning as an open promotion for all, but now has changed to be new users only. Considering the change, I thought it was worth posting separately.

Can just create a new account using a different email, no requirement for phone number verification.

Create an account in the app and for iOS users the promotion should show up within about 60 seconds in the "My Rewards" section. Android users will take a bit longer, upwards of 5 minutes to show up.

There doesn't seem to be any requirement to use Visa as the method of payment.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +11

    Is it still the same old Maccas app? I had so many issues using their stupid app with it freezing all the time not being able to load the next screen…… I eventually uninstalled it out of frustration.

    • +4

      Yes - Sometimes I think it's getting better but then it completely fails again during promotional periods (conveniently).

    • +5

      Yeah I have no idea how a multi billion dollar company can produce such a buggy app or how those that developed it did…

    • +1

      Never ever had a problem with this app. iOS on iPhone 11. What are you all using?

    • Yep.
      I've used the kfc app many times and it's been perfectly fine every time.

      His I've only used a few times but also no issues.

      Macca's is the only one I've had to have staff come around the counter to try and fix it. And I work in IT. Im perfectly capable of operating an app.

    • There is a setting you can toggle for "performance " mode I believe. I had the same issue as you before changing it.

  • +1

    Should help to fatten up plenty of people.

    • Coming from someone who calls himself a beast.

      • Only when he’s on the road

  • -2

    Meh I know it's a bargain but I don't really like those items much… my laziness re: creating a new account will win out…

  • +1

    Still not there for me
    Edit: New users, okay then.

  • +4

    This is a win win for those wanting cheap Macca's. First is this 5c deal, second is you have another account to try your luck of scoring a decent targeted deal that are on rotation every 3 days like some of the following:

    • 18 McNuggets & 2 Large Fries $8
    • 2 Small Big Mac/Quarter Ponder meals $8
    • Large Fries/Thickshake $1
    • +5

      Also a $1 large fries for each new account, so 2 more monopoly tickets. I already had 10 accounts but might be time for another 10.

      Also they allow you to claim multiple deals in separate orders (max 2 for me in drive-thru, but could probably drive-thru multiple times to get around that or go in store).

      • +1

        😆 a true hustler - i am laughing here.

  • +2

    Went in the morning to pick up coffee with offer checked out (existing customer). On reaching the store it suddenly disappeared and removed the coupon. Maccas were nice enough to give free coffee anyway.

    • Mine disappeared as well

  • +9

    Bit rude of them to pull the offer for users who already had it in their rewards section.

    • -2

      Lol its not rude. They were probably fixing the mistake

      • +6

        It's McDonalds, not like they can't afford it and just chalk it up to a mistake while honouring coupons many customers had already seen.

        • It only proves McD can promise you anything and it may disappear without an explanation before you reach the shop.

      • it really is rude coz some people may have been on their way to pick it up (i was getting ready to leave for it when mine disappeared)

  • tried a new account and got $1 large fries :/

    • +4

      Try refreshing in a few minutes time, it takes a bit of time to update.

      • got it now, cheers.

  • +1

    is there anyway to buy family box deal from mymacca's App? Always have 20% off, but it is still expensive compare with family box deal.

    • whats the family box deal? never seen that in the app before?

      • if you google it, you can see it. apparently not listed in the app. looks the only way to go to shop to order and apply 20% on it. :) there is no way to order on app.

    • +2

      Order the dinner box through the self-serve kiosk and you can apply the 20% voucher.

      • Any tips for when you get 20% off in app payment only, but the dinner boxes magically don't appear in the app menu?

        • No, the family box meals have never been on the app.

  • +8

    New users only? Hmm… Ark94 already has an account, Ark93 though….

  • maccas

    • +3

      ^ This person gets it!

  • +3

    This should go great with the 0.04 avocados.

  • I have it last night on the first post and disappeared this morning.

  • -1

    If you don’t pay with a Visa card, will it get rejected?

    • +1

      No. It worked fine with a Mastercard.

  • Nah. Not worth it.

    My wife's account in the app has been hacked twice. I've been hacked once.

    • Use Apple/Google Pay?

      • Neither. CC.

        • Maybe you should use Apple/Google Pay then?

      • -1

        @NoGiveJustTake I can't figure out how to use Google Pay in app?

    • +2

      This very likely means that a password of yours has been exposed in a data breach (likely the one you use for your maccas account). I'd recommend changing your password anywhere where you use the same password as there is a good chance eventually that account will be breached too.

  • -1

    Bless the night shift I got it before they changed it.

  • I've created a new account for this deal, but when I click on the email activation link, it takes me to the maccas sign in page. When I sign in, it says account is not activated and gives me the option to resend.

    Anyone know how to get out of this loop?

    EDIT: Fixed itself when I open the link in edge instead of Maccas app.

  • I presume you can only order just one item for 5c ?

    Also you nee to use visa to purchase.

    • Yes, once per account. Visa isn’t required.

      • How do I pay for it without Visa?

  • Can you have a single credit card linked to multiple accounts?

    • +1

      Yes you can

      • Thanks!

  • Didn't receive any offer using mail.ru, other emails are ok.

  • Saw it this morning and noon, but now offer no longer appears.
    Anybody else confirm they've pulled it?
    A bit gutted to miss out on my 5c Mocha :(

    • +2

      Can confirm it still works… just did mine and came through a few minutes after. Close the app and reopen 😊

      • Nope - offer has disappeared on all my 8 accounts :(

        According to dupe thread, party is over:


        • +3

          New account only. The offer that was there earlier has been removed. Mum just set up a new one and the offer came through 3:15pm est.

          • +1

            @Matty V: That works. Thank you for clearing that up.

  • +2

    You can just delete your account, then sign up again. Just tried it and got the 5c deal within 5 minutes.

    • +1

      and I got $1 large fries as well as the 5c large fries. That's 4 monopoly cards for $1.05.

  • Not showing up after doing a new account. Only the 20% off voucher pops up. Waiting now since half an hour…

    • Same, waited about 30mins and nothing

    • Are you on iOS or Android? I just tried again fresh on iOS and it came up within 30 seconds.

      • -1

        It worked for me on iOS, once signed up I reset the app, waited 5 minutes and the 5c deal was there

      • I am using iOS and not working.

        Did you had to delete and reinstall the app?

  • +6

    For existing account just sign up for a new account with this https://15minute.email/
    Make account wait a minute or so and it appears, order food, enjoy them delete account

    • Fantastic! Who ever made this site is a genius.

  • After several tries it finally worked!

    • What did you had to do to make it work?

  • +1

    Apparently you can get the same deal with your Revolut card but the card doesn’t get verified correctly on the Revolut app.

    • Any chance Revolut card is Visa?

      Mystery solved.

      • Did you manage to get the deal? I added my virtual and actual Visa cards but the offer is not displaying.

  • Can someone kindly let me know how to create a new account as I did with a brand new email and changed all the fields but it said I already gave an account

    • +1
      1. Visit the site https://15minute.email/
        -generates a temp email address for 15mins.
        2.Log out from Maccas App. Then go create a 3. new accnt.
      2. Use the email you see at 15min email
        Maccas will send the confirmation email of new accnt to the site.

      5.Click it. and then log on with new account.
      Enjoy freebie.

    • log out, click sign in -> sign up

  • -3


  • +1

    Created new account…nothing there so far…

    • Me too

      • Got mine eventually, just need to wait a few hours.

  • Wow my local maccas are busy! I got my chips and won a free small coke. Not sure if it's worth the wait. 15 minutes on the coke so far..

  • +1

    Are you allowed to own multiple macca's accounts, it against the terms of service? i've got like 5 accounts and order 5c fries on each to bulk up tickets in-store, not sure if i should keep doing it, don't wanna get banned or anything lmao.

    • i think they still making money off ya so they really dont care. if youre fussy only link your card to one of those accounts

  • +1

    You can delete account in settings and then use the same email to sign up again. Then the offer comes back

    • Oh wow does it really?! I saw that feature but wasn't sure if it retains your old history.

      • Getting my coffee fix every day that way 😅

        • Lol thanks for the hack sir

  • Got a free McChicken with my 5c chips! haha

    • How'd you get the free McChicken? I've never seen them for free!

      • +1

        most likely a monopoly win

        • yes it was

  • Im still searching for more deals..

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