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Crucial P5 Plus 6600MB/s PCIe Gen 4 NVMe M.2 (2280) SSD 500GB $135, 1TB $235, 2TB $495 Delivered @ Shopping Express

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  • So for ps5 I still need to get a heatsink?

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      this is the only compatiable drive for the PS5 in this list Crucial P5 Plus 2TB 6600MB/s PCIe Gen 4 NVMe M.2 (2280) SSD - $495(shoppingexpress.com.au)

      none of the others in that list are compatable and yes you will need to buy a heat sink,

      this is compatiable and fits the ps5's slot https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/133751069493?_trkparms=amclksrc%...

      • Are you saying the 500GB and 1TB versions of the P5 Plus are not compatible? Shopping Express specifically lists them as being compatible

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          only a GEN 4 drive that can do 5500mbps read speed is compatable GEN 3 drives are blocked by the ps5

          • @kungfuman: 5500mbps is the 'recommended speed' I think the Verge and Linus? tested slower drives and they worked. Only core criteria seems to be gotta be Gen4

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              @Warehouse: they tested this with the beta, the final version of the firmware has been updated, so if you fail the speed test it will reject the drive.

          • @kungfuman: Just wanted to note that there are Gen4 drives at 500GB and 1TB as part of this deal that are compatible. Your comment kind of looked like only the 2TB version was, but the main deal link (and title) is to a page with the lower capacity Gen4 drives

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    64gb Ballistix kit OOS.

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      o yeah totally see that as a 10k ssd lol in 2001 lol

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      TAKE 95% OFF!!!

  • Hmmmm I just found this one it seems it is using TLC 600TBW, Should I go for it over the P2? what do you guys think?


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      My summary in a previous deal. P2 would be a better option.

      TLC flash, DRAMless and has about 250GB of SLC cache that will reportedly slow down to speeds of around 250MB/s temporarily when exhausted. Typically a TLC SSD will go down to 500MB/s temporarily when the SLC cache is exhausted. If it was QLC that would make more sense, so potentially there's a mix of TLC/QLC flash, or the quality of the flash used is questionable.

      On a plus side it has 600TBW endurance, but it runs hot so be sure to use a heatsink.

      • Thanks for the great explanation there! Do you think that the Kingston A2000 has the dame problem that you mentioned there and if yes or no will it be better than the P2?

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          Kingston A2000 is an excellent budget SSD and has proper DRAM cache with decent endurance. The issue is that it's now a discontinued model in favour of the Kingston NV1 and that has no DRAM and less endurance.

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        The P2 may also be QLC since they've quietly switched to QLC for new ones resulting in much worse write performance (only about 100 MB/s sustained). I'd avoid the P2.

        • Oshit that's so dodgy. I've avoided ADATA but now it seems they're all doing it. I know with Samsung they'll update their models when parts become unavailable and they need to change.

        • My P2 is QLC.

  • Should add 1TB 980 Pro to the SSD list at $249


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      its a good price but I always recommend if you can go for the 2tb at least, the more storage you get the better, obvisousy 4tb gen 4 nvme drives are insanely expensive at 1500 bucks so I wouldn't expect anyone to get that for a ps5 but 2tb is generally the sweet spot, and you will be glad when you start installing more PS5 games on there.

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        The Samsung 2TB is like $500+. Considering the digital PS5 is $599, that's one hell of a hard pill to swallow.

        IMO never future proof your drives, just buy when you need it.

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          fast storage is expensive thats why the PS5 isn't 1200 bucks on launch its 750 for the disk verison.

          do you think if sony sold the ps5 for 1000 to 1200 bucks that many people would buy it?

          for a console that has games that are 50 to 100gb a piece for PS5 some are even 200gb. the internal 667gb of internal storage will never be enough for anyone, and sony knows this, but they knew people wouldn't buy it if they had put decent storage in there like 2TB.

          So yes 2tb is expensive but it will last you years. 4TB is even worse at 1500 bucks for a gen 4 7000mbps drive.

        • the key is to not future proof but to avoid using the internal drive so it doesn't die in a short period of time and lasts longer. if your nvme drive fails you can just replace it, your internal drive fails on the ps5 that is soddered to the motherboard then your screwed. 2TB is more than enough for most people to work with.

          • @kungfuman: But the whole point is that by spending $500 on a (I'll be generous and say) $750 console to 'future proof' it, you've defeated the purpose. By the time the internal drive dies, the price of the console will have come down, or the internal storage amount will have gone up, or both. You might even be looking at a PS5 Pro at that point, meaning a performance upgrade on top

            • @TimR31: at what point did I mention anything about future proofing? PS5 games are big if you only want to install 5 games on 667gb of storage be my guest.

              most people will want to installed about 20 ps5 games will be massive sooner than you think.

              2TB will be the confortable spot. If you play very little games, then maybe 500gb is enough for you. But for people that want to get the most out of there PS5 with out having to constantly delete and redownload will see the value.

          • @kungfuman: Even just buying a 1TB is manageable until we see prices really go down in future. Me personally I already have a 1TB External Samsung T5 SSD for my PS4 games so that with an additional 1.66TB total of PS5 strorage space is manageable.

            • @Justin9mm: I am refering to people that don't have PS4 games or ever want to buy ps4 games the new people that start with ps5 games will have to deal with 50 to 100gb games in the case of some games even 200 to 300gb games.

              PS4 games can be as small as 2gb most are under 50gb, and all of them don't need to run on the internal ssd or extra nvme drive. PS4 games can work on a single USB hard drive.

              Bu for those that DON'T have ps4 games or have anything to do with ps4 will want the bigger ssd option because PS5 games will only work on INTERNAL STORAGE and not external ssd's and hard drives.

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                @kungfuman: I'm just making the comment mate that even for someone who only plays PS5 games, 667GB internal storage + 1TB Gen 4 NVMe is manageable for now until prices go down. Not sure why you brought all that up about PS4, I'm well aware. I think you misread my comment because the 1.66TB I mentioned was just for PS5 games, nothing to do with my external SSD.

    • Stay away from the 980 Pro, Samsung has just changed the components

      They've then removed the Elpis controller from the 980 PRO and replaced it with an unknown one, and also removed any speed reference from the spec sheet.

      Take a look here for what's changed on the 980 PRO:

      It's fine for them to do this, but then they should give the new product a new name, not re-use the old name so that buying it becomes a "silicon lottery" as far as performance goes.

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        I think the 2tb 980 pro is good value you get it for $495 delievered plus a free $70 steam gift card to spend on steam for games on pc.

  • Didn't realise 6600MB/s was a thing now woah :)

  • Can I replace normal ssd with navme ssd.. Can somebody give me any suggestions on how is it possible.

    • It depends on if your motherboard supports them. If you can post the model number of the motherboard we can almost certainly answer your question accurately

      • I have MacBook Pro 2012 15” model laptop.. Is there any chance I can upgrade my normal ssd to navme s

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          Gave it a Google, answer is no

  • Where's the Gen 4 1TB for $235? OP and Title don't seem to match…

  • is the mx500 2tb ssd good price?? My mobo doesn't support nvme

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      $260 is a little better than the best price PCPP shows ($270). Seems like an okay deal but not stunning.

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    I think the price is still too high. I was happy with spending $360 on a 2tb nvme for a ps5 and I'm sure many others would as well. But $495 is too steep for a ps5 storage

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      495 for gen 4 2TB 7000mbps speed nvme drives is cheap.

      usually they cost about 600 to 700 bucks. 4TB gen 4 7000mbps nvme drives cost 1500 bucks so they are double a disk version cost.

      it will be a while before they cost less than 400 bucks since 7000mbps drives are brand new tech.

      • I'm not disagreeing but I just don't see people spending that much money for a ps5 storage. That's why I opted for the gigabyte aorus for $360. It reaches speeds of 5600mbps which is more than what is recommended for ps5

        • I understand its not for everyone, and most people won't bite that bullet. for me how ever was worth it, I am a streamer and having the convienence of just launching the games I want to launch for stream on the fly is something I needed for my ps5 thats why 2tb for me is perfect. But yes I agree if your not used to spending this much money on a drive for pcs or a ps5 then yes, I see how you can see this to be an expensive purchace. In my case I see this as something I would use I have over 70 physical PS4 games with about 25 of those already having free ps5 upgrades to the games, and then these is all my digital ps plus games as well. Filling 2.6tb would be easy for me to do. with games like COD being 200 to 300 gb in size filling 2tb is going to be quick.

          • @kungfuman: I got a 2tb as well, it was more along the speeds. Is 6600mbps or 7000mbps a necessary boost to spend the extra $160 or so

  • Anyone know if you need to flash z490 motherboard before using the pci e 4.0 slot?

  • I have MacBook Pro 2012 15” model laptop.. Is there any chance I can upgrade my normal ssd to navme ssd

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      No, the 2012 Macbook Pros take 2.5" SATA drives. NVMe is not compatible.

  • Good stuff.
    Can someone please tell me if I need to also buy a heatsink for the M.2 SSD? .. I'm assuming that is the case?

  • I don't buy computer parts very often and I've not heard of ShoppingExpress. Any issues with them or warranty claims?