expired HP Officejet 6000 - $29 + Free Shipping/Save $100 - Dick Smith One Hour Deal (7-8pm EST/March 8)


As per usual, Dick Smith "One Hour Quicky" returns on a Thursday night.

HP Officejet 6000 Printer (E609A)
Normally sells for $129, on special for $29 between 7pm-8pm AEDT.
Free shipping.

Excellent quality printer for the price. $29 would normally get you nothing more than a very basic printer such as the Epson NX125.

Dick Smith Electronics (DSE)

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    Just heard on the radio while driving to work and was trying to find it on website. it was not there. I think it is updated now.
    Think it is a good price.


    good deal, just a note for the rep, i am looking at a all-in-one printer/scanner/copier, would have purchased it if had it all. thanks


    Amazing deal, if you're into colour. You will be filthy if you bought one yesterday, ha ha ha ha.


    if only it was wireless


      It seems it got a Ethernet port, so i assume you can hook it up with your wifi router and access it through wifi connection.

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    Only saving $10 or $11 not $100

    Can get it from LFO for $39

    and Umart for $40


    Good printer at $29 but $100 off pffffftt get some serious normal prices!!


      How did you find those prices? Let me guess staticice?

      I usually find that the prices staticice throws up involve an outrageous delivery fee, which you only find out at the end of a tedious and laborious process.


        I use the free pickup at umart.


        what the hell are you on about?

        nearly all stores on staticice have shopfronts. go and PICK IT UP for FREE.


          Do remember that not everyone lives close to a computer store. This is $29 shipped. It's the best deal around for that printer, if you can't or would rather not spend the time to pickup from a store.


      Umart are displaying $29! It's only $39 if you walk into a store and ask to buy it, but it's $29 if you order online, and then walk into the store.
      Actually, Umart even have a computer in store which you can use to order online.
      The "retail price" of $39 is only there to stop people from price matching elsewhere. If you go into Officeworks and say you want to price match against the $29, Officeworks will state that the price is $39.

      Regardless, this is not a bargain, it just display's Dick Smith's rip-off normal prices.


    Taking into consideration of the consumable cartridges, they're quite expensive to replace. I will give this one a miss :)

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    God I hate stores that don't let you calculate the delivery charge easily! Who do they think they're fooling?


    Mmmm and I just sold mine to this guy from uni for $35 :(

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      Shouldn't that be ":D" ?


        That was more to do with how the RRP was like $129 or something. Selling it for $35 when it goes for $100 more than that would be a kick in the guts!


          Dude, it's $29 from Umart. Ignore Dick's RRP price.

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    since im new to printers, i got a quick question, will this printer be able to print stuff in red, since the website says the compatible cartridges are in black, cyan, magenta, yellow

    • +3 votes

      no red here mate sorry………….. just pick photos & doco's with no red in them


    • +2 votes

      I'm going to assume you are being serious. Yes, you can print every colour with this printer. Most professional printers use the CMYK model to reproduce colour: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CMYK_color_model

    • +2 votes

      will this printer print stuff in white?


        Nah - you need a black & white printer for that…. hehehe


          the paper is pre printed in white so it should be fine

          technology these days!


      So many colours, so few compatible cartridges!


    Buy a laser printer and be done with expensive ink crap :p

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    Something to keep in mind (though I'm sure Ozbargainers already know this)

    "The HP Officejet 6000 inkjet printer is cheap to run, at just 17.77c per A4 page when using high-yield cartridges. Though it won't compete with laser printers, it is significantly cheaper than similarly priced multifunctions like the Brother MFC-250C. It isn't all good news, however; the Officejet 6000 is bundled with starter cartridges, which didn't even provide enough ink to cover the PC World testing procedures."


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