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[PS4, PS Plus] eFootball PES 2021 Season Update Standard Edition $3.99 (Was $39.95) @ Playstation


Enjoy :)

Celebrate 25 years of PES with the eFootball PES 2021 Season Update* - available at a special anniversary price!

This product is an updated edition of eFootball PES 2020 (launched in September, 2019) containing the latest player data and club rosters. Please note that some leagues will have their rosters updated post-release.

Purchase this version of the game and receive the following myClub content:
• 3 Player Contract Tickets x 10 weeks
• Premium Agent x 10 weeks
*Premium Agents can sign players from a large variety of clubs, including players from the club of whichever edition you have purchased.

It also contains the following purchase bonus:
• 2000 myClub Coins

The pre-order bonus, purchase bonus and myClub content can only be claimed on the account used to purchase the game.

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  • +1

    They need to update Messi and Ronaldo's shirts on that picture ;)

    • +5

      that will cost another $3.99

    • +8

      I completely disagree. This is the best representation of football in a video game ever in my opinion. I absolutely love it and for $4 that is an absolute steal. In terms of gameplay it is superior compared to FIFA 21 and doesn't have those awkward robotic animations that (again in my opinion) ruin FIFA.

      The new game may be free-to-play but we really don't know how that will play and if it will be any good. The fact you can play on a phone vs someone on a PS5/Series X/High end PC concerns me about the quality.

      • +2

        As much as I agree with you about football game comparisons this is just a roster and kit update isn't it?

        It's about time that both of these football games became f2p. They've been pay to win for ages now and the non pay to win modes have been trimmed down every year. I've quit them both nowadays and I'll just play a modded PES 2019 (ML mode) for my football fix now and then. Though that's something I'm needing less and less.

      • -1

        IMO, the fact that the new game is free means the devs have not spent any decent amount of time reworking the base engine. I’m quite confident in predicting that the f2p game will be basically what PES 21 is to PES 20, a glorified roster update.

  • eFootball (successor of PES) is coming out on September 30 and is free-to-play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K84Mt8FhgME

    • Yeah and it has no Master League anytime soon which may also have a price attached to it.

  • Could put the 4 bucks to buying teams on the new free to play version coming out 30 September?

    I heard you only get 9 teams on the new free to play version.

  • This is probably a safe back up option just in case the new f2p version turns out to be craptacular.
    This version has been pretty good for a good ol couch multiplayer.

  • +5

    For those negging the OP, you have NFI that the Free-to-play release is only the basic version. This $4 discount gets you the whole version of pes 2021 Season update.

    For example, if you wish to play Masters League aka. full season mode against AI and starting a season with the current teams/players, there will be an in-game purchase for that access on the new version.

    • +4

      What Airforce said

    • Thanks for clarifying. Was gonna say thats a massive gamble to make the full game f2p

    • -1

      Even putting aside what you do or don't get in the upcoming f2p, you are rorting yourself by giving Konami any money at all for the joke that is PES 21.
      It is literally nothing but a roster update over 20. At the time Konami released this basically as an "interim" product, while foreshadowing some big things coming for 22 because they now have all this extra development time. Gee, I wonder how they spent that time? Probably calculating how to maximise profits while doing less than the bare minimum in actual game upgrades.

      PES and Konami are absolute shambles at this point and I wouldn't give them a bloody cent for anything.

      • And what if people don't own PES 20?

        Just because you dislike Konami doesn't mean you should be negging posts, this is a bargain website not a video game forum.

        • Why so defensive? According to the rules I'm well within my rights to neg a deal due to "problem with product". I haven't even scratched the surface of all the problems with this POS.

  • PES has the ability to import user created players and teams, probably better off doing that since this is missing a lot of licenses.

  • For those who haven't been following, next season's installment (eFootball 2022) is being released at the end of this month as completely F2P. All the myclub benefits for 2021 will be pretty much useless after this date when all online users migrate to 2022.

    • If I never play online, will 2022 still the best for me?

      • +1

        Still TBC - 2022 is built on new (Unreal) engine. No harm in trying it when it comes out as its FTP, and in the meantime $4 for a full game aint bad!

        • Ah so this one is full game right? not a DLC?

          • +1

            @d3n0tz: That’s right - 2021 contains both online and offline modes.

            I forgot to mention that dev roadmap for 2022 is to effectively release a demo first (limited teams/game modes) with the full game progressively released over the rest of the 21/22 season. See roadmap section of https://www.konami.com/efootball/en/

  • +2

    Hi, I havent play PES in a while so… is this a DLC or full game? Thanks

    • +2

      It's the full game. It's just a bizarre and confusing name change from the standard PES20 etc.

      As a fan of realistic football games, I highly recommend it.

  • Whats's the best team edition?

  • Is there a similar deal for the xbox?