Rechargeable Batteries and Charger Deals?

I haven't seen any decent deals on Eneloops or similar for a while. Am I just blind?

I'd like to get 8x AA and 8x AAA.

Which charger is recommended to go with them?

I don't mind if the charger is powered by mains or USB.



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    Ikea Ladda

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    Ikea Ladda rechargeable batteries are great

    Nitecore and Liitokala chargers seem to be the ozb favourites. I've got the Lii-500 and am very happy with it.

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        Yeah should be.

        Take note of the battery capacities.

        You can take advantage of this deal. There's also a $10 sign up bonus to the ikea family.

        I'd be a bit cautious of a reseller on Amazon. I'd favour aliexpress or banggood. You should be right though, Amazon CS is very good. I forgot to mention that you will need a DC 12V charger. I can't tell if it's included in the amazon listing, doesn't appear to. I use the one from a Seagate desktop hard drive.

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          Ahh, I hadn't noticed there's no power supply. Thanks for pointing that out.

          If I get this one:

          it will charge the Ikea Laddas I linked previously, right?

          Will it also do some off brand 18650s I've been using for my drone goggles?

          Sorry, I'm new to rechargeables. Your help so far has been great. Thank you so much for taking the time. :)

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            @Uncle Bert: Yup should work great. I've been charging all sorts of batteries including 18650s.

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              @Caped Baldy: Cheers, mate! Picked one up today. Also a few packs of Laddas.
              Thanks again for your expertise.

    • Reason/s to go with a Liitokala over the Ikea one? (I've got the old "book" charger, Storhögen)

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        I don't think there's much wrong with the Ikea one if you are only recharging AA or AAA.

        Some Liitokala chargers are more versatile in the sense they can charge different battery sizes and has a display with different readings. Can charge at different rates, discharge test, and can use as power bank with the 5V USB output. I'm mainly talking about the Lii 500 which I have but the features are mostly across the range.

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          Thanks. Wasn't sure how "smart" the Ikea one was.