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½ Price: Large Butter Croissants 10 Pack $4.50 @ Woolworths


Half priced croissants from Wednesday at Woolworths. 10 of them.

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    I've tried this. its basically cardboard.

    this is much better.

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      its funny how the fresh ones are worse than the prepacked ones.

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      I actually prefer the taste of these 10-pack ones

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        Yeah same, I like the 10 pack for some odd reason

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      its basically cardboard.

      The croissant is on the top and cardboard at the bottom. Hope you had the right thing.

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        nope, it comes in bag like potatoes. i tried once.

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          Hmm.. misleading picture.

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            @RSmith: If I remember correctly, they come in a gigantic bag and then the staff divvy up them into smaller bags of 10. Not in a tray, etc.

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      we got these once in a substituted order, they were crap. Its like the butter has melted into the dough as there are no real layers which breaks the first rule of making croissants. Rather the costco ones

    • Funny. I found quite the opposite.

      The pre-packed ones have 18% butter and the fresh ones have 25% butter, and I can easily taste the difference. Maybe different stores use different recipes in their bakeries ? I buy in Sunnybank Hills, QLD.

    • I agree. I’ve had them before and they used to come in a box and be alright. But the last 3 or so times I’ve ordered them they were really old and hard as a cardboard. Absolutely disgusting. Never again.

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    I prefer the Frozen ones from Coles:


    $6 for 6

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    These taste like nothing. Would not recommend

    • I'd guess this is cause they're plain

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    ah yes the monthly cardboard discussion

    • Well you do get better taste from chewing on the packaging

    • Don’t forget the inexplicable hundreds of votes

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    these are closer to bread texture than pastry

  • I like the 10pack from coles.. would these be the same?

    • No idea - my two nearest Woolies never have the ten packs. I will say that the Coles ones (in the ten pack) seem to be a little better (than the Woolies ones in the trays of three) - not saying they are good, just they are better. Compared to the ones from our local french bakery, they are of course like comparing carob to chocolate, or actual coffee to pablo instant dust. Ah, Pablo…. nasty stuff, but it got me through my HSC…. ;-)

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      Nope. Woolies use to be as good as Coles with them in large trays but they do dodgy little croissants in plastic bags during these sales.
      I'd almost neg the deal but maybe some people might like them.

    • Coles ones are noticeably sweeter. If you prefer a croissant to be less sweet (like me), the Woolies ones won't let you down.

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    These are not "large". Woolies wouldn't know a large croissant if it hit them at 110 Kmh.

    And yes they are bread-like in texture.

  • These things are nasty stuff. Tried once and threw the rest away after left in pantry for few days. You probably have to pay $5-7 for a decent one at a cafe but that give you 10 times better taste than this. Even my local Vietnamese bakery also sell decent quality ones for appx $2.50.

  • These are tiny and usually demolished in a plastic bag. Don't look very good and look dry/flaky. I prefer the smaller 3 or 4 pack.

  • Worst croissants ever. Also much smaller than Costco ones that are 12 for $12

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    Honestly, I didn't have any problems with Woolies' or Coles' croissants; they're pretty cheap, so you can't expect much, but they're not bad. They're best after being thrown in the oven for a short bit and the outer pastry is crispy. If you're in a pinch, the nuker does fine too.

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