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Samsung Galaxy Buds2 $153.30, Buds Pro $209.30 @ Westpac Rewards & Offers


Looking for the cheap Samsung watch deal I found the buds 2 and buds pro are 30% off as well. Got myself the buds 2, good saving.

Instructions thanks to @LibertyPrime:

If you're a Westpac Customer, go into Online Banking, click 'Rewards & Offers' in the top banner, then search for the Samsung offer which currently speaks about 10% off TVs. Click into this, and there will be a 'Shop Now' button. This will get you into the Westpac Offers store, and from there the pricing on the watch is available.

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  • is this just for Westpac employees?

    • Nope I have a ignite card that I haven’t used for about 4 years .83 cents in credit and I got them no problem.

  • Also on education store?

    • No idea I don’t have access to it

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      Yes, same price on Education store as well.

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      Nothing at all to do with "Education Store"

      This is just another customer reward scheme like Qantas, Virgin, FlyBuys etc.

      Go to the web-site link above and the site will tell you all about it. To get the benefits on offer you will need to qualify as a Westpac customer and have whatever product tied to the offer… again, nothing to do with Student IDs etc.

  • Boo!!! Give us more $60 smart watches plz.

    • Yep that’s why I went there lol

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    Buds Pro are available elsewhere at roughly this price, but unsure if it's the local version.

    • Link please

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        Just check Amazon, eBay and StaticIce, you'll have plenty of options.

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    Any deals for high yield investment vehicles

  • I'm a Westpac homeloans customer. The Samsung offer is not available to me through the online banking portal.

    • I’m not sure how the home loan works .
      When I log into my Account it just has the banner at the top saying rewards .

  • Did watch post get removed? Looking for it to see if ppl orders were honoured

    • They cancelled orders

      • Not if you ordered early…. Many got dispatched emails

  • ordered one. thank you