Ego Tools Bonus Battery Offer with $800+ Spend @ EGO Power Plus


Stupidly I spent close to 2k on this stuff over the weekend and searched +ego +redemption and came across this offer which starts in a week and a bit.
Wish I’d known about it before hand. But here ya go. Maybe I’ll save someone from purchasing before this free redemption becomes active.

1 Spend $800 or more on participating EGO products between 1 October and 31 December 2021
2 Register your claim by January 31, 2022 at
3 Receive your free battery once approved

Spend Bonus
$800-$1399 2.5Ah Battery
$1400-$1799 5Ah Battery or 2x 2.5Ah Batteries
$1800-$2199 7.5Ah Battery or 2x 2.5Ah Batteries
$2200+ 10Ah Battery or 1x 2.5Ah and 1x 5Ah Battery

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  • "I spent close to 2k on this stuff over the weekend"
    I spent $1,399 last time without realising it was on 🤦‍♂️

    • Been down that path, ego will normally honour it, just say you mixed up the dates, they did for me before.

      • Ego will not! They use a third party which obeys the promotion rules exactly as written and ego will refuse to have anything directly to do with the promotion!

        You got lucky somehow.

        Ego are bastards about their promotions.

        • Yup pushed back hard n ego authorised their 3rd party to honour redemption, especially when I just said 30 days to return

    • +2

      I did that. Just went to the store and explained they refunded me the money and then I repurchase it again thus getting a new receipt.
      All do want to see is the date paid for the kit.

  • +2

    Got 'charged' too much

  • TOTAL SCRUB HERE - What's the Ego brand like?

    • +2

      From doing lots of reading of reviews on various sites, they get a pretty good rap. If you're not happy you can return them within 30-days for a full refund. Not a bad trial period really.

      • Would you say more Eminem or Snopp Dogg style?

        • haha, Eminem (oops - wrap!)

    • +3

      Really good compared to other brands like Ryobi/Ozito. Can't comment on other expensive brands.

      I haven't any problems with their mower/blower/multi tool. Mower does a good job with long wet grass compared to other brands.

    • +5

      Upgrading from 36v Ryobi kit to Ego was an absolute game changer.
      Yard time cut in half and frustrated far less now. Ego is outstanding kit

    • +2

      So a thing or two I’ve noticed - I’ve done the lawns once haha. I got the LM2135E. When my old 19” Victa/Honda GCV160 petrol stalled and got clogged with wet grass, I’d just pull the string slowly a few times with the throttle off and and the mower tilted and it would clear it up. This thing has no equivalent.

      Another downside - the Victa would let me lower the handle all the way to the floor so I could get under the trampoline. The Ego doesn’t go that low.

      On the plus side the Ego seems easier to manoeuvre, I was done much quicker in the yard with this electric thing. It’s a bit wider. It’s much quieter. And there’s nothing I hate more than getting in the mood to do the lawn, then noticing I’m out of petrol… Oh and ya can hang it any way you want because it won’t fill the filter and spark plug with oil lol

    • +1

      Got line trimmer, then backpack blower, then edger kit, then pole chainsaw, then brush cutter (on deep discount), and most recently the pole hedgetrimmer. Got 2.5ah and 7.5ah batteries in that lot, then recently got another 7.5ah battery and adaptor backpack.

      I'm not unhappy with any of it. Wife loves the results of the edger, and also the pole hedge trimmer. She now complains about the sound of neighbours using petrol trimmers all weekend.

      Waiting for approval to get a mower, and then I won't have any petrol gear anymore. I certainly won't miss it. Also looking to pick up the chainsaw, and hedge trimmer skins eventually.

    • +1

      Ego makes great gear, well regarded, the downside is the prices, especially extra batteries are pretty expensive. You can pick up some clearance lines every now and again on decent specials. Unfortunately they have been dropped by a few major retailers, Masters did stock them and closed, Bunnings aren't an agent for Ego, Mitre 10 are but I haven't seen a Mitre 10 actually stocking their gear for quite some time, Blackwoods no longer sell them. However a few bigger hardware stores have taken them on, Total Tools and now Sydney Tools stock them, Trade Tools and a few independent stores.

  • +1

    I have the electric 5 amp line trimmer. It's awesome. Would never buy a petrol one again.

    • Does the 2.5amp line trimmer get the job done? Was just about to pull the trigger…..

      • +1

        Depends on the area you're wanting to do. I've never had an issue with the battery running out and I do my lawns at least twice before charging the battery.

      • I have an older brushless EGO line trimmer with the 2.5AH battery and it's pretty awesome. I do only have a small yard so it's hard for me to really say how long it would last but I reckon I charge it once every six months haha! Has plenty of grunt too. When it ran out of line, I replaced it with some stuff from bunnings and it was way better again.

        I have some other EGO stuff and rate the pole trimmer very highly. My brother has an older model lawn mower which is pretty gutless, but I have heard the newer ones are better.

  • Looking forward to this, buying my first electric mower + whipper snipper. Will cost around $1450, so will get a free 5ah battery. Something for nothing is always nice :-)

  • +2

    The Ego stuff is awesome. We went all out last time the battery deal was on. Mower, trimmer, and blower. 100% would recommend.

  • Must purchase from authorised retailers to be eligible

  • Have pretty much all of their gear excellent kit. Aftermarket batteries available on aliexpress albeit some not too cheap. That said I've repacked 10 batteries from 4.0ah to 7.5ah successfully with new cells.

  • Been eyeing this mower for a while, can't decide if I want a 42cm,47cm or 52cm cutting width. Looking to upgrade my ageing Bosch 36V mower mainly due to its narrow 37cm cutting width. Only have about 250m2 of flat lawn to mow but want to get it done quicker. Is the 520mm Select Cut model overkill for a lawn my size?

    • +1

      I got everything ego last October. Line trimmer, blower, trimmer, mover. I went the 52cm mower with blower kit. All good. BUT the 52 lawnmower is too big for a normal lawn.

      Turning circle sucks. It’s big and wide. Doing say a normal square lawn you have to take wide turns. Getting up and down my 90cm side access is a pain.

      All the gear is great. But suggest a 47cm mower depending on how big your lawn is/ side access is. On the plus side being able to fold up
      And sit it up for storage is great. No oil running out to worry about. Being able to hose it down when done and clean the mower before putting back in the garage is great. No mess and clippings in the garage or shed anymore.

      Only issue I have had is with the hedger. Not even one year older and blades are already rusting and causing it not to move the blades/operate smoothly.

      Otherwise great year. I have 3 chargers. 5 batteries after the redemption promo last year. All wall mounted. Up off the floor and out of the way including the tools with a few wall hooks from bunnings. No more petrol or fumes. Everything Starts first time every time. Batteries last plenty long enough. They charge quick. $2400 well spent for me and will never look back. Sold all 4 petrol tools I replaced on gumtree for $600 in one hit. So more than happy

    • I grabbed the 47cm yesterday. The thing turns on a dime. I will never lose my place again when turning around. It comes with a free blower, the blower is very good as well from the 15 mins or so I was using it yesterday.

      Also got the multi-tool with the line trimmer and the edger attachment. spent $1650 all up.

      This stuff is expensive, but I have been eyeing it off for a fair while now. Early days, but glad I pulled the trigger. I normally always feel buyers remorse after a big purchase, but nothing on this stuff :)

      I have to choose between the 1x 5 amp or 2x 2.5 amp batteries via redemption, but not sure what to get. I was able to mow front and back (roughly 170sq) on the 5 amp and also used the blower for 15 mins or so. when I put it back on charge there was at least 25% left… so I am thinking of going the 2x 2.5 amp and leave them for the multi-tool and the blower…

      decisions decisions…

  • Bought EGO mower and trimmer last year, it's life changing.

  • I purchased a lawn mower kit, whipper snipper kit and an extra battery (7.5Ah) from Masters Home Improvement before they went bust (2016).

    Mower and whipper snipper are still going strong, batteries are still holding charge. The only issue I've come across is 5.0Ah that came with the mower kit is starting to play up, detach then pop back in and works as usual again.

    The lights on the mower have definitely been useful on more than one occasion.

    I've wanted to upgrade to the self feeding line trimmer and self propelled mower but can't justify it since what I have still works.

    Would happily recommend EGO products.

    • +1

      R.I.P Masters. Will never forgot you….Gone too soon :(

    • Self feeding and self propelled are game changers. Wouldn’t ever do lawns without again

  • Always use the biggest battery possible. More power means more heat and Li-ion cells don't like heat. Tools like the Line and Hedge Trimmer, chain saw under light loads draw low current so are fine with the small packs. But more powerful tools like the blowers and mowers draw much more so really need the larger packs with more cells to share the load.

    • Always used 2.5aH on blower, mower and line trimmer.

      One brand new battery, one second hand.

      All going well after a couple years.

  • I bought EGO 56V Brushless Powerload 380mm Line Trimmer ST1521ES. From online where can I buy extra trimmer line ? Any 3rd party trimmer line from Bindings is compatible ?

  • Argh, typical, I missed out on the July offer by a few weeks (I bought late August)… and now this offer comes along as well. Never mind. The mower is very good though, I got the self propelled 42cm one.

  • Steel deck vs regular, what's the general consensus here?

    • +1

      Consensus regular deck easier to clean doesn't rust last for ages lighter

  • +2

    For those of you interested in getting an Ego line trimmer, there is a current promotion for September where 2 of the line trimmer kits comes with an extra 2.5Ah battery. ST1302E-B for $399 with 2 batteries or the ST1521E-B for $499 with 2 batteries. Stock seems pretty low, but they are available on Sydney Tools website and also for pre-order from Tradetools. Here are some links:

    Total tools don't have it advertised on their website, but our local Total Tools was able to hunt one down for me on Saturday. $499 for the ST1521E with 2 batteries was a bargain. I really needed the two batteries because running time was only about 30 minutes, so now I've got an easy hour of running time. And I didn't have to wait till next month to spend $800 before I could redeem an extra battery.

    • Ahh geez I didn't see that… WTF honestly im pretty disappointed by this experience. So I missed out on a $199 battery because I got the wrong SKU and missed out on $349 battery because I got it the other day and not in a few weeks.
      How does this help customers feel good about their purchase… Its just left a sour taste with me.

      • Yep, it's a pain. I was going to wait till next month before I bought the line trimmer so I could get the battery by redemption, but then I stumbled across this other bonus offer, which isn't even on Ego's website. Who did you buy your Ego stuff from? I'd be giving them a call and asking whether they would be willing to credit and re-issue your invoice for next month so that you qualify for the redemption.

    • -1

      The way I read those links the one comes with TWO BATTERIES. (Pre Order) photo shows 2 batteries n under technical specifications at bottom says batteries included 2. comes as skin with ONE bonus battery. (not Pre Order)

      Both $499

      The charger isn't worth a cent . Old model but plenty 2nd hand fast chargers around.

      Anyone else read it same way..

      Cos 2 x 2.5ah BATTERIES alone are $199 each meaning the trimmer n charger $99 bux ! is a bargain! I'm in WA but have bought ego gear off in QLD (free freight) they have been on with bunch cheap ego one off's previosly others weren't offering.

      Live chat says comes with TWO BATTERIES as well, but can't find stock anywhere

      • +1

        I'm pretty sure both the Sydney Tools and the Trade Tools links are for exactly the same promotional packs so they come with 2 batteries. The "-B" on the end of the model numbers seem to indicate it's a special promo that adds the extra 2.5Ah battery to the one that normally comes with the kit. I emailed Trade Tools and they said they should be getting stock in soon, I used the online chat for Sydney Tools to inquire about stock levels and I had a couple of Sydney branches call me up to say they had one in stock, but by then my local Total Tools had already sorted me out.

        Definitely a bargain if you would normally be prepared to pay the full $199 price for a battery. The 33cm trimmer is pretty much buy two batteries and get a line trimmer and charger for free!

        What's wrong with the charger? The one I got seems ok, it takes around 50 minutes to charge the battery, so I guess it's a bit slow, but otherwise it seems fine.

        • +1

          Yea they both come with 2 batts. I spoke to their live chat a week ago and they confirmed 2 batts - Sydney tools

    • Thanks man this is perfect, is there any major difference between the two line trimmers?

  • Looking to purchase a 420mm mower, any one has a 420mm lawn mower can share your comments with it?

    Comparing the normal one and the SELF-PROPELLED model.
    Please give some suggestion. Thx

    And how about the HT2000E hedge trimmer and ST1300E line trimmer?

  • Sourced and just picked up a ST1521E-B and gave it a spin. Complete game changer coming from petrol!

  • ah damn happy about the timing but gonna hurt dropping 2k on ego gear

  • +1

    guessing that when this promo starts - the current one with 42cm mower, blower, 5a battery and charger - $799 will finish.
    Was looking to get that kit and a line trimmer (maybe the carbon shaft one), but guessing the deal is better currently than it will be next month?
    A single 5a battery should be enough, but an additional 2.5 would be a good just in case.

    Any hack/better way to buy it all - be it currently or wait?

    • Just lock in the price with the tool shop and say you will pickup and buy on the new promo start date.

      If you need the ego tool buy on any specials. Only other good buys are the upgraded 5.0ah brown box sales then sell off batteries and charges and only keep what you need. (Ego stuff is abit slow to sell but it does sell at reasonable prices to make it cheaper.

  • The promo is still running with new ones as well for anyone who waited!! Just grabbed the 799 mower blower combo and the 399 line trimmer.

    All in all with the promo will have 3 X 2.5 and 1 X 5 batteries! Thanks heaps for the heads up OP!

    • yea they have a new bonus too

      47cm self propelled mower with blower $950

      planning to get that with the carbon fibre trimmer to bring it to 1450 and bonus 5mah batt.

      • this is showing as out of stock on Total Tools website?

        • Yea i messaged them and they said they are getting stock in soon

          • @phocus: the website description says it's the 420mm mower while the title says it's the 470mm model.

            Also the image of the mower isn't the self-propelled model.

            Need to confirm its actually the 470mm mower.

  • +2

    Well my sad story has a happy ending. I visited my retailer today and explained the situation. After a while they called back and agreed to let me “return” the items (they have a generous return policy and I was still within the returns window) and re purchase, and while I was at it I grabbed a blower to bump myself into the next tier…

  • Just received this email.
    Get $50 off hand-held or $100 off mowers when you trade in your old unwanted gear for EGO’s premium battery powered range of outdoor power equipment.
    14-16th October