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Nintendo Switch Lite Console $259 Delivered (Was $329) @ Amazon AU


Similar deal as the one in Target so a good alternative if you don't like shopping in target.

Also available in grey, coral and yellow.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I want one, but what are the chances of Target selling them again for $164 on 50% off?

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      Depends if they’re closing down again to be converted to a Kmart

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      There is a chance of them selling it at that price but is there a chance you will get one?

      Prob just get a used one boxed with extra games around the $180-200 mark which I have done so on a few occasions.

      Worst case if they are Top tier games you can flog them off for $40-50 on the used market.

      • thank you! I took the fall and bought it. I really want to play the new Zelda's game.

  • Can anyone advise what’s it’s like to own a Switch and Switch Lite together? I’m keen to keep the Switch OLED as docked console and take the Switch Lite out for train trips etc

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      Had a switch lite for a while, doesn’t get as much playtime as it used to so when I picked up a normal switch from little birdie last month, decided I’m going to gift it instead before I open it.. switch lite is enough for me

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      Seems a little redundant to use the OLED model as docked only? You won't have the benefit of the new screen.

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      I have both (switch lite was an impulse buy at the $160ish Target clearance price) and my regular switch barely gets played and is docked only (and given I almost never play docked, barely used), as the lite is more compact, has to my eye a nicer screen (obviously sharper), and just feels like a more solid unit due to being one piece.

      As much as I have both, it is really unnecessary, and if I had an Oled, that would probably become my portable play unit due to the better screen. I also can't see why you would buy a switch Oled for using as docked? The screen really is the main benefit.

      • My Animal Crossing Switch has dead pixels all over it :(

        I was going to buy an OLED and trade in my old Switch (if it’s accepted). I’m not really keen to carry it around as I’m afraid I’ll drop / lose it.

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          Then dead pixels won’t affect your gaming experience because it is always docked anyway?

        • As per the other poster, why not get a switch lite or oled for portable play, and leave your dead pixel one as the always docked, seems like a prime candidate. Just get a decent case for the Oled and it will be fine, my 2017 switch travelled around the world with me in no case for two years, just shoved wherever it would fit in in whatever bag I was using, and other than the joycons getting a bit scuffed and one cracked glass screen protector (which I replaced for a couple of $), it is in fine condition, Nintendo make stuff that is designed to be beaten up by kids.

  • Yellow available too I think

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    Better off waiting for the normal switch model to have a price drop once the OLED is released.

    • Fingers crossed stock doesn’t become scarce at this point

      • OLED model to become scarce you reckon?

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      I actually prefer the Switch Lite when travelling.

      Its much more compact and lighter to lug around.

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    TLDR; I'm glad I got the Switch not the Lite. You can get a lot of games considerably cheaper if you get digital versions and use Dekudeals. Get a screen protector even if you get the proper Switch and keep it docked.


    I ordered the lite from Target at this price last time they had it. Ended up deciding to cancel and get the proper Switch.

    Handheld is great and you can still buy controllers for it. But, out of the box the proper Switch can be played in handheld, tabletop or TV mode, it's ready for 2 player and motion control and comes with a holder for the joycons to turn them into a controller. The screen is a little bit bigger. I probably play around 15% handheld, it will be more when I have to catch public transport to work again, 30% TV and 45% tabletop. For me personally, it was definitely worth getting the proper Switch. I love my Switch (in case you couldn't tell), partly because of all of the different ways you can play and that it includes everything in the box.

    Get a screen protector for the Switch. Apparently the dock can scratch the Switch, but also obviously if you drop it. I also got a silicone case. The resale value on Switches seems to be pretty good. Just in case I didn't play it I decided to keep it pristine so I could sell it for a good price.

    I paid $420 because I wanted to get one quickly, if you're willing to wait a few weeks you should be able to get it between $375 and $399. You can get it from Target for $429 if you can get 5% off gift cards that's around $410. I'm not sure if there are any cheaper at the moment, usually it's ebay sales where it's cheaper.

    Check game prices before buying a Switch, they can be bloody expensive. If you get a decent sized micro sd you can use Dekudeals to find digital versions of games for significantly cheaper, but it won't be the latest games and some don't seem to ever go on special. If you want particular games find them and add them to your wishlist (if they're not currently on sale), or just browse the games that are currently on sale (recommend this especially if it's for the kids if they don't have to have the latest game their friend is playing). Digital games are easier, but keep in mind it's very difficult to share them and you can't sell them. Often the sales are 50-75% off though.

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      I'd say that for most people, if it is your only switch, go the regular. If you have the luxury of having two, that is where the more compact nature of the Lite comes in for using out and about.

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      Hi, I am a newbie on this. But can't you download the games and put on a micro sd card and put on the Switch Lite?

      • Sorry, yes you can, the bit about games applies to both.

  • Thanks OP. I was wondering when Amazon was going to match the Target offer.

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    I'd buy one at $149 ( I lied maybe a lot more hehe )
    This price is a joke and no wonder it won't sell out .

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