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Nintendo Switch Lite $259 (Was $329) in-Store/ C&C/ Delivered @ Target


Back on again for those who missed out recently. Colours available at this price are Turquoise, Grey and Coral.

Update: Yellow and Blue (online only) are now also available.

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Target Australia
Target Australia


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    Evidently there is a new update on the Switch that allows pairing of Bluetooth headphones. Hopefully this works for the lite too.

    • Yes! I heard about this last night. Won't have to have a stupid adapter hanging off the bottom now…

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        Can confirm new FW works on the Lite 🙂

    • I can see it on the menu, but was unable to pair with my XM3.

      • Mine was showing an error while pairing too, but after I exited the pairing page and went back to the Bluetooth menu my headphones showed up (also have XM3's). It was weird because the headphones said they paired while my Switch lite was showing an error.

    • Yep it works fine with my Lite. It's better late than never I guess. Works well with Airpods too.

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      Anyone can report their experience with audio lag/delays? Honest and non-bias reports only. Thanks.

      • Sounds like 150 - 200ms to me with Airpods. You'll notice it but I personally can live with it. Not suitable for music games though.

        • Awww. I also read this on reddit with AirPods. Do you have another Bluetooth headphones you can probably test? I don’t have a switch anymore but will be getting the upgraded one in December so hopefully they have a better btooth version then. Thanks.

          • @bargainwhore: I have WH1000XM4 and I haven't tested it yet. I read that there are noticeable latency too.
            I also doubt that the OLED version will improve. The only thing they can do is include AAC / APTX LL protocol. It's very unlikely and you'll need a device that support it too.

      • Sounds like ~300ms with WH1000XM3, ~200ms with an aptx compatible adapter. Went in blind, read that the Switch didn't support aptx after checking.

        • Damn sad news. That’s unplayable. Ah well. Thanks for reporting in.

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      Amazing! My switch has an issue with the USB port so no adapters work for me unfortunately. This would be amazing.

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        Same here. Cant get the damn USB ports to wake up. How many hardware issues is this thing going to throw at me?

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    Waiting for Switch Console deal

    • Patiently waiting as well.

    • Same here. Waiting for it to go sub $400

      • does ever get to sub $400?

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          Yeap for sure, especially towards christmas and boxing day. I'm not sure if its worth it as much anymore now that its been out a few years but I can see how this would be a great gaming console in lockdown. - thinking more "active" workout games

          • @KillerkratZ: Defs worth. Got mine last year when NSW went through its first lockdown. Just recently bought Zelda: BoTW and getting in so many hours

    • There's a lot of rumours lately that it will be getting a permanent price drop, probably because of the OLED model coming out soon.

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    so tempted to buying a switch for a couple of years now, but really prefer the dock model.

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      If you’ve been tempted for a couple of years without buying it, maybe you’re not that tempted ;)

      • what are the differences between the current model and the one that will come in 8th October.

      • it's the price mainly. ~$400 for an handheld is too much imo. The the 3DS there's been over 6 console revisions. So the OG model wasn't really going to be the best choice.

        • Sadly no price cut in Australia? only in Europe and UK.

        • Well. It is meant to be a home console. Personally, i think it's worth it, but with steam deck coming one day, it's not as attractive as it once was.

        • Yet it continues to sell like there's no tomorrow.

        • At this point, you might as well wait for the big one, when it actually gets a real new edition aka Switch 2, and not just Switch but with a slightly bigger screen with the same 2017 hardware (OLED).

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        A true Ozbargainer will wait for the right deal no matter the temptation.

        • Yesss .. and Thanksgiving sale is around the corner. Got mine during 2019 Thanksgiving sale - Amazon low price + cash back site + Zip pay discount.

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            @bajirao: Well done. Your sensei must be beaming with pride.

            • @locknuts: Actually wasn't planning to buy in 2019 but this was too much of a deal to pass. Good I did it because I don't think a similar deal came in 2020 (with all the shortages).

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    The new firmware is not good news for these ebay sellers

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      That “person” or team who made that software function decision of “not allow Bluetooth connection” will be burned in hell for all the E-waste they are solely responsible for…….

    • Not true. The switch hardware only supports SBC codec which has latency. These dongles many times support aptx low latency which are way better. I do own one which I use in the switch and ps5 with compatible aptx LL headphones and it's a good difference

      • Not true.

        Lol. I said "not good news", I didn't say that there was no further market!

        The reality is for the vast majority of people the simple out of the box solution (notwithstanding it's slight lag ) will be sufficient.

        • Yeah sorry, I misinterpreted your message.

        • The blitzwolf 5.0 Aptx codec dongle i have for my switch will still be useful for hifi audio quality Bluetooth on the main PC at least. And when someone makes a truly actually good bluetooth gaming headset.

          • @dbmitch: I gave up on "gaming" headsets. Now I use the Sennheiser momentum 3 with the dongle everywhere as they support low latency too. IMHO Heaps better than anything else I've tried.

  • Thanks op. Do I need a switch? Are the games good? I had a nintendo ds lite many moons ago.

    Ozbargain makes me spend money on things I don't need or want. But might like.

    • +1

      The DS lite was amazing. To be honest this deal is my first nintendo purchase in a long time - I skipped the 2DS/3DS console - so I'm hoping I'll enjoy the switch lite. I'm looking forward to playing the Pokémon and Zelda games haha.

    • Hold of for Christmas deals instead, and depend on how you game, original switch for big screen gaming and motion controls or switch lite strictly for portability.
      And yes there's many great games!

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    Is this any good for a 6 year old?

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      Sure if you are aware of screen time children should be limited to?

      • If you’re not, move to China. The government recently enacted 1 hour game screen time laws. Your children will only be able to play games for 1 hour on Friday-Sunday nights after 8pm before they get kicked off game servers. Win-win ;)

      • How does this help me…. let me make it more simple for you. Can a 6 year old play any games on this or is it not worth it.

        • Yes they can, some kids will want to watch you play for a few sessions some will want to dive right in. You will need to show them how to use the menu's and launch games and it might be a good idea to get a protective case and screen protector.

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      I think the Switch Lite was designed exactly for young children, to be honest. Plastic screen, very durable construction, its the 3DS for the new era.

      I have a Switch Lite and a regular switch, when I do play switch games (which to be honest is not that often, I much prefer gaming on my XSX or PC), I always use the lite - its just perfect for what it's designed for (casual gaming).

      • Thanks !

      • I wasn't aware of the screen being plastic, thanks for the info.

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          A bit of an odd decision IMO (although supports the general ruggedness of the device - plastic will scratch more easily but is less likely to shatter or crack) but easily rectified by the application of a glass screen protector - brings the glass "feel" back while also giving some protection to the screen!

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      As a parent of a 5yo with a family Switch, the answer is a big yes, as long as you stick to simple games that require less complex dexterity - Mario, et al for example. With the Nintendo Switch app it is also incredibly easy to limit screen time per day - I enjoy getting notifications on my phone that my kid has entered the parental password wrong 7 times today.

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        lmao at that last line! Gonna ask my bro if his kids doing the same

    • Awesome for a six year old. My kids love Breath of the Wild. Damn! Everyone loves Breath of the Wild. People buy a Switch solely for this game. The amount of hours they’ve spent playing that game has paid for itself a thousand times over.

  • Can anyone not checkout on the site? Mine just keeps loading the green dots on the website

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    Thanks OP. Bought. Might actually get to play some switch games again. Bloody kids

  • is it actually viable option for someone who already owns a gaming laptop?

    small screen, games cost a fortune each

    • Yes. Exclusive games and great for portability