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Seiko 5 Street Fighter SRPF21K $299 Delivered @ Starbuy


Great deal, cheapest I've seen it anywhere to date..

Seiko Limited Edition 5 Sports Automatic X Street Fighter GUILE - Indestructible Fortress SRPF21K1. Guile's uniform as Major of the US Air Force inspires the military camouflage-patterned dial and patch at the 6 o'clock position. At 9 o'clock is the "dog tag" of his best friend Charlie Nash that he keeps with him to cheer him up and stay sharp during fights. On the case back is printed the command for Guile's special move, "Sonic boom". Limited Edition 9,999 pieces worldwide. Presented In a Special Box.

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  • +16

    Sonic boom!

  • +1

    Been wanting the Blanka. $299 is still probably pricey for me but I'd bite if it drops to that.

  • no Hadoken?

    • no deal then

    • +1

      I’m here and I approve.

    • +35

      Distinguished gentlemen.

      • +1

        And they are handsome gentlemen, too.

    • +16

      You don't have to.

      Go home and be a family man.

    • +2

      Tough guys never mess with you, cause you have a "STREET FIGHTER" watch!

  • +2

    Not looking to buy one but this one appears to be the nicer one of the collection. I do like the detail with the dogtag but overall too nerdy for me

    • +6

      as far as nerdy shit goes this is pretty inconspicuous……..kinda want one lol

      • The Blanka version is pretty out there. This one actually isn't bad, fairly lowkey but still a step too far for me lol

        • yeah just looked it up, ridiculous. Maybe nice as a collectors item but I couldn't see myself wearing it.

      • I used to wear my Chun Li version to work before lockdown. It's quite stylish. I wouldn't wear a Blanka one to work though.

      • This looks like an Invicta 5 lmao

  • From StarBuy's description:

    Seiko Limited Edition 5 Sports Automatic X Street Fighter GULIE

    Was this Gulie character a hoax like Sheng Long?

    I wonder if they made a digital version of a Guile watch and the alarm would be the sound of Guile's stage from SF2.

  • +2
  • Great collectable:

    Compared with this one…here are the other characters:


  • +2

    You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance

  • +3

    I have the Chun Li watch.

    I've been tracking this watch as well but honestly, I'd rather have the Ken watch and call it a day.

    • Chun Li would be my pick too. Jealous

    • The blue on the Chun Li looks so nice

  • -1

    $300 for a 7S26 movement

    • +2

      I believe it's actually the 4R36 movement, but yes, you probably need to be a fan of Street Fighter for these models to appeal.

      • +2

        It's a bit of a hard complaint to understand. Quibbling over the intrinsic value of an item that literally nobody needs these days. The 4R36 is arguably the best mechanical movement Seiko makes anyway. It's so cheap to buy a replacement in the form of the SII NH36 equivalent that you can't justify servicing the original one in 5, 10 or 100 years time. You just swap the guts over and then it's essentially like a brand new watch and you can continue nostalgically reliving the hours you misspent in your early teen years, sitting on milk crates and smoking cigarettes while playing the arcade machine down at the local corner store every time you look at your wrist.

        Try that trick with say the 6R35. Marginally better performance but the cost of ownership is ultimately much higher (and there will be fewer parts available eventually).

        $300 for a 4R36 wrapped in a limited edition Seiko is a comparative bargain it seems https://starbuy.com.au/seiko-king-turtle-mens-watch-srph37k/

  • $300 for a Seiko 5? Nup.

  • I find these to be quite hideous, but I also really want all of them and so my brain is quite confused.

    • +1

      Is that why you didn't make it to uni?

  • +1

    awesome, thanks! I can now take this home and be a family man

  • +1

    Can I do invisible throws with this watch? ;)

    • Yes, to invisible people.

  • Would have preferred without the word ‘countdown’

  • +1

    If you want to buy the Ryu watch, you'll have to spend All-you-can

  • Well that looks…


  • Super efficient seller. Delivered already, warranty provided etc.

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