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BoozeBud: 30% Cashback Capped at $30 @ Cashrewards


New customers can stack with $25 off $150 spend with code CASHREWARDS25.

During the 12 hour promo, cashback for Boozebud is capped at $30 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 12pm to 11:59pm AEST 21/09/2021.

Purchases deemed to be wholesale (made on behalf of a business or organisation and/or not wholly consumed by the purchaser) are ineligible for cashback. This eligibility is deemed by BoozeBud, not Cashrewards.

Cashback is ineligible on non-alcoholic products and mixers; on purchase or redemption of gift cards; on orders made via the BoozeBud mobile app.

Cashback may be ineligible if using codes not listed on Cashrewards.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • +1

    more lockdowns more boozes !

  • +6

    Having to spend over the cap to get free shipping is always a bummer.

    • What’s the cap?

      • +1

        $110 to maintain 30%.

    • Yep this is what leads to buying single malt scotch.

  • Is BESTBUD code valid for cashback ?

    • check here
      Cashback may be ineligible if using codes not listed on Cashrewards.

      weird they use word may be

      • read that like "Untested" on an eBay listing - i.e. not working

  • +3

    Combined with the Flash sale to grab the Glenfiddich IPA Experiment:

    $109 at Dan's

    If my brain isn't too addled, hopefully that works out to be around $61 after cashback (had to pay shipping).

    • Is it the same as this?

      • +5

        That is an overseas website. You will have to pay postage, customs duty, GST etc., Usually ends up being more expensive than buying local. Never go by what price is being shown there. Please do some homework before you regret the decision to buy from an overseas website.

        • Ah thanks!

      • +2

        Assuming your question is "Is that the exact same product?" then yes, I believe so.

    • grabbed this too, reviews seem quite polarised, will be interesting.

  • +3

    most things are way overpriced anyway (things I am interested in) even with the $25 discount and 30% cashback, still too expensive for anything I want.

  • +1

    I thought the reputation Boozebud had was it was good pricing? With 30% cashback (+ shipping cost) seems similar or more than just going to First Choice etc?

    • +1

      Yeah doesn't work out any cheaper than first choice with bonus FlyBuys and increases cash back deals

  • +1

    I never got my last cashback, used the browser plug-in.
    Not sure why …

  • +2

    I bought with a "new" account, a bottle of maker's mark, and a botte of Kraken + a can of beer to push it over the $100 for "BESTBUD".

    10% discount and free shipping brought it down to $92 - and Cashrewards will give me an extra $27.66.

    $64 for two bottles of liquor is a steal IMO!

    • Don't you need a new address as well? Isn't that one of their tests for "new" accounts?

      • if i remember correctly the chat agent said it is possible with same account but they need to chat with the new person first
        something like that

      • If you live in a house you can add the address manually and add a "a" at the end of it. Eg 123a test street.
        Or, get it delivered to a neighbour, friend, family, workplace.

    • is that makers mark (the 46 i hope?) really good? so many raving reviews out there

      • Makers mark 46 is my go to bourbon when on a budget. If you like something spicy and has a nice kick. I'm not good at describing alcohol …..lol

        • ups, the opposite i like sweet smooth

          • +1

            @ChiMot: Glenmorangie nectar dor
            Singleton 15 - on special at Dan's for around 79.at times
            Balvenie 14 Carribbean

            Some that come to mind

        • I got the standard Maker's yesterday - but also have a couple bottles of the 46 in my cupboard… depends on if I'm planning 1 drink or 15 drinks which one my tight ass chooses to drink :)

  • Scored a bottled of Oban 14 for $65.56 after cashback, when stacked with 'BestBud' 10% off. Not too bad.

    • How did you do that ? It’s showing $112 for me (minus $30 = $82.00)

  • +1

    West Wind Cutlass Gin - $50 TA!

  • +1

    Cheers OP. Works out well if you can get multiple items that have the 10% off and free shipping promos.

  • If boozebud opens into the boozebud app after clicking cashrewards link, would the cashback still track?

    • I dont think so

  • Pretty good honestly…

    Bottle of Kraken
    Bottle of Jim Beam (1ltr)
    Slab of Atomic Pale

    $110, so approx $36 each. Nice.

  • what the expiry like for their beers?

  • +1

    Observed something strange, I have had ordered Four Pillars Rare dry gin in the past. If I check the price without logging in, it is : $69.95 but once I login price is shown as $79.95 ..
    Has anyone noticed similar behaviour. Validated it using incognito mode as well

    • +1

      $77.99 on mobile app
      $77.99 on logged off but cookies not deleted
      $69.95 on incognito (when cookies can't be read)

      Unfortunately, such price discrimination isn't illegal here in Aus I think, unlike in EU.

  • I checked my items and I was happy to see that there was no difference. Seems dodgy to me to be increasing prices based on cookies.

  • Just wanted to say - Boozebud only sent my items out after 7 days of ordering. And this was only after I emailed asking where my order was - a couple of hours later I received an email saying that my order was being shipped.