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Free $10 Worth of Cryptocurrency after Signup & Verify @ Digital Surge


Last month we gave away $10,000+ in signup bonuses to Oz bargain users, we are now doing it again and bigger!

We want to prove that we offer the best Australian based Crypto exchange platform in Australia with the LOWEST fees & spread with the best customer support in the nation (7 days a week live chat). Stop paying hidden fees and use a platform that wants their customers to get MORE for their hard earned money!

Allow us the opportunity to prove this with a free signup bonus, no strings attached and no deposit required, all you have to do is signup & verify NOTHING ELSE! Verify in a few minutes and the $10 is all yours!

  1. Register & signup using this link: https://digitalsurge.com.au/?tc=OZBA10C

  2. Complete verification process

  3. $10 bonus will automatically be added into your account the moment you verify!

$50 BONUS WINNERS - Bonus Event Ended

1st. Austin W
2nd. Masar S
3rd. Ricky C
4th. Mark Z
5th. Roger L
6th. Peter D
7th. James H
8th. Isaac G
9th. Gage M
10th. Bin W
11th. Stephen D
12th. Arnab G
13th. Aravinda J
14th. Kou L
15th. Travis R
16th Karina D
17th Michael E
18th Calvin C
19th Lachlan
20th Sonia F

To qualify you must not be associated with another referral affiliate.
Not stackable with OzBargain referral system. Do not use referral randomiser.

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Referral: random (380)

Referrers earn 50% commission of referee's trading fees.

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  • +1

    This is not free money, you are selling your details to them.

    I'm sure they will want your name, DOB, address, etc.

    Just enough info to uniquely identify you.

    • +32

      If it's that much of a concern you can delete your account after you got your $10. We also do not hold onto customers ID's or information. We are also registered with AUSTRAC and AUSTRADE and have been in business since 2017 servicing 10,000's of Australian customers.

      • -36

        Thanks for the reply.
        Since you are a functioning business, then I would wonder why you are encouraging ppl to ozbargain you to get the money?

        • +22

          Just some good old classic marketing, we had a very successful run when we did this a couple months ago so we wanted to do it again. There are actually many amazing types of people who use oz bargain. Everything from beginners who have never been in crypto before to even whales who spend millions on Crypto. We are always looking for ways to reach new audiences and this seems to be one that works well for us. It's probably because we do truly have the lowest fees and spread of any other Australian based crypto exchange maybe that's why.

          • +4


            even whales who spend millions on Crypto

            Name drop these richasses hehe

        • +5

          Perhaps to increase there users?

          Could that be it maybe????

          Just the same as a "free modem" from ISPs,
          Ebay offering coupon codes
          Shops having sales

          • +2

            @Pedro321: Yea as Pedro mentioned, basically just another incentive to try convince people to use our platform so they can at least give it a try and hopefully find out that they might actually really love our platform and continue using it.

          • @Pedro321:

            Perhaps to increase there users?

            Why would they want to do that?

            That would just create more overhead for them…

            • +1

              @jv: @jv more customers is a good thing even at the cost of $10-$50, we are in this for the long run! =)

        • Mate, did you know Etoro, a company that is worth 10b gives people $250usd for opening an account?

          This is how financial companies do business

          • @Pacify:

            eToro Get $250 Bonus With $5,000 In Cryptocurrency Trade

            What you’ll get: Up to $250 bonus
            Where it’s available: Nationwide
            How to earn it:
            Sign up for an eToro account
            Deposit funds
            Open $5,000 worth of crypto trades in your portfolio
            You will automatically receive $250 directly to your trading account balance.
            When it expires: None listed

            That's how etoro scam noobs into opening a $5000 trade. Noobs get rekt and etoro collect the trading spread.

      • +2

        If it's that much of a concern you can delete your account after you got your $10. We also do not hold onto customers ID's or information. We are also registered with AUSTRAC

        Either the marketing department has been misinformed or that's an outright lie.

        As a reporting entity registered with AUSTRAC you are required to comply with the AML/CTF Act.

        This means that you are required to keep records of customer information for the entire duration of the relationship as well as for 7 years after the relationship has ceased.

        • +2

          Yes correct I apologize for that, this is my mistake and I have fixed this response in below comments mentioning the 7 years you can see that below. For some reason oz bargain is not allowing me to edit my mistake of that specific comment so I do apologies for that.

      • So this equate to about 34 dogecoins? :) That's pretty good.

        • You are rich! =P

      • I signed up under the last deal but only just verified now - Any chance of still getting the bonus? Nothing has come through

        • +1

          Yea just let the live chat team know we will sort you out =)

      • How easy is it to delete your account?

        • Just let us know via live chat and we can get it done, can I ask why you want to do that though? =)

    • +5

      KYC is a legal requirement under AML/CTF law.

      People that don't want to KYC can use atomic swaps.

      • +1

        Yep exactly, KYC is mandatory in Australia that is for certain. =)

        • +1

          Unless you're laundering your drug money at crown casino.

      • -1

        Not understanding here

        How do they deposit in the first place without kyc?

        How does atomic swaps solve this!

        • We deposit once you verify, does that answer the question? Let me know if I'm misunderstanding.

    • Dumb people won’t listen.

    • I'm a happy DS customer. Even without their $10 signup bonus, I would still recommend them.

      By the way, If you want to trade crypto annonymously or trying to avoid taxes, then this is not the platform for you.
      Also If you are investing a huge sum for a longer period, don't keep your crypto with DS or for that matter in any exchange.

    • +2

      You also need to take a selfie holding a sign saying digital surge and the date to transfer your bitcoin out of your account.

      • +1

        And I thought you were kidding , they actually require this if you want to send to an external wallet , roflmao.

  • +4

    Been using them since the last time it was on ozbargain for the $10 bonus my experience has been goodservice, I like their user interface too, I now mainly use use digital surge and Swyftx

    • +1

      Thanks Japius for mentioning that we really appreciate the support. We do our best to continue to improve our services every single week so people like you can continue to enjoy the platform more and more! Glad to have you and welcome to the family! =D

  • +2

    Will there be an app for this?

    • +5

      There is an android app out now, it just came out a couple weeks ago. iOS app we are aiming to get it out this week! Let me know if you have any other questions. =)

      • Your android app is bit of a pain. Even after using my fingerprint to login, I still have to add my 2FA.

        • Yes apologies we only just brought it out less then 2 weeks ago and we are still working out the bugs. We are working on this daily to fix every single issue please kindly bare with us we promise all issues will be resolved quickly!

  • Same as Japius, I have been using them since the last sign up on OZ Bargain, no dramas.

    • Amazing! We were not expecting people to come out and say this about our platform on here. Always awesome to see this, stay tuned for some AMAZING new updates coming to Digital Surge soon we are only just getting started!

  • Avid user of Digital Surge since March this year. It’s a bit light on in regards to its features, but it’s straight forward and has low fees. Keen to see all these promised updates come to fruition

    • +1

      Amazing to hear this and yes we are bringing out heaps of features, we have some major updates to do with P/L, ROI tracking, wallets, dashboard and much more hopefully in the next few weeks. We also even have bigger project in the pipeline such as staking in the near future and swapping so we are running fast and trying to get all major features added as quickly as we can.

  • Waiting to Get $50 bonus

    • +2

      Hey Sam thanks for signing up, we are choosing them in order of signups, every 50th will get the bonus $50. The bonus amount get's added manually on our end while the $10 is automatic. Winners will see the $50 bonus later this afternoon. =)

  • Do you guys have a page on crypto withdrawal fees, like for e.g. to a different wallet?

    • Yep we sure do, right here: https://digitalsurge.com.au/fees let me know if you have any other questions at all. In regards to fees to other wallets we personally never charge anything. It's just the standard network fee costs but we personally don't add anything or take anything from our customers for those types of transfers.

      • I went through that page but it didn't answer my question. If say, I buy ETH, ADA or XRP through your site and wish to transfer them to my cold storage wallet or another wallet on another exchange, what are the fees I can expect to pay? Will I receive the full amount of coins?

        apologies if I missed that somehow on your page.

        • +1

          Users have to pay the network fee.

        • So in regards to fees in the examples you are giving me, most exchanges charge a fee on top of the network fee, we personally do not charge anything on top of the network fee. Every exchange on the planet, even transfer not through an exchange will get charged the network fee for that coin. Does that make sense?

          • -2

            @DigitalSurge: can you tell me what is the withdrawal fee for BTC and ETH?
            because i asked this question to your customer service team a few months ago, and you guys charge very high withdrawal fee.
            So either you are misrepresenting yourself, or the previous customer service staff misrepresented themselves or you have cut your fee.

            You should be able to provide that for full transparency. If you cant, then it suggests that Digital Surge has something to hide.

          • @DigitalSurge: Thanks for clarifying. Yes, I was asking about the exchange fee on top of the network fee and pleased to see that its not charged.

        • It sux but you have to be charged for sending coins to a wallet. Best you can do is find a coin or token that doesn't cost much. KAVA for example was really low, think .1 to send 100 KAVA

          • @UberIsCool: Yea also XRP is very cheap as well like extremely cheap.

          • @UberIsCool: As is SOL. 0.01SOL

              • @DigitalSurge: Mostly just want to buy nano from a local australian marketplace. if you guys haven't heard of it they offer 0 fees and sub second settlement times.

                would defs consider hopping on board if you made that offering :)

                edit: woops just found that you guys do! will be hopping on

                • @Ghosteye: IS this the Nano you're referring to? https://digitalsurge.com.au/alt-coins/NANO/buy

                  • @DigitalSurge: yep, looking at prices you guys have a ~2c au spread from binance though, is that your maker/taker fee?

                    • +1

                      @Ghosteye: Spread is not consistent depends what coins you're on. I can confirm though we do have the lowest fees+spread of any other based AU crypto exchange. Comparing us to Binance purely on spread/fees is probably not the best way to go about it as for the majority of situations they most likely will be cheaper. But for a very small fraction of a % more you get an amazing UI/UX that is easy, simple and very user friendly, 7 days a week aussie customers support with an average response time of 50seconds, complete Austrac and ASIC compliance including the guarantee that your taxes on your crypto will be able to be managed correctly and the list goes on and on. So there are upsides to using a proper compliant platform that is based in AU as you can see lol.

    • +8

      Member since 3 hours ago. 1 comment that sounds like an advertisement. Hmmmmmm

      • +5

        Commented minutes after signing up. Dodgy.

      • A comment that sounds like an advertisement what do you mean?

  • Highly recommend these guys - fees are great and support is super responsive

    • Thanks so much for the comment! How long have you been using Digital Surge for? I'm noticing a lot of people from the last oz bargain commenting on this one lol.

      • Looks like roughly: 30.01.2021 @ 12:16 !

        • haha that is extremely precise, love it and nice so you have been with us for a while now, glad to have you on board and stay tuned for some amazing new features coming very soon!

  • +3

    Whoa, free $9.37 in cryto?!

    • $9.37? lol What happened to the other $0.63 cents?

      • +18

        My mistake it's $8.98 now

        • +2

          ahhhh nice I see what you're doing now ;)

          Next month could be $300 though =P

  • +6

    Binance has a lot lower fees and of course the highest trading volume with the lowest spread, payid too. The fees on this site are 5x higher.

    • +6

      We are the lowest fees of any Australian based exchange, Binance is not AU based and is not fully regulated under Australian law so it could cause problems for Aussie doing their taxes in the future. But that aside Binance is not for everyone, a lot of people prefer a more simple and easy UI/UX experience.

      • +1

        Not true they've had an Australian subsidiary that fully complies with local law for over a year now.

        • Again, up to the individual what they would like, there are various other things I could mention such as the fact you can buy privacy coins on Binance which is not legal in Australia and people can easily purchase those and might not know that is not legal here and other such matters. So being "legal" on paper vs actually actively being compliant are fairly different things. That aside though, again as mentioned majority of first time Crypto users prefer a more beginner friendly platform which is exactly what we offer.

          • +4

            @DigitalSurge: Binance don't allow Australian's to buy privacy coins? That stopped when the Australian subsidiary started over 1 year ago. They are fully regulated in Australia.

            If I want to buy 1 BTC on your site it will cost me at least an extra $240 to do so.

          • @Munnday: Great example of what I was talking about @munnday thanks for sharing and this is just a fraction of it. For a company like Binance to truly be AU compliant will take another couple years most likely.

  • Is there an ios app? Can't seem to find it on the app store

    • +2

      Just android right now but iOS is coming out this week. Our website app is very responsive and a good experience. But give us about 48hrs and we should have that iOS app for you ;)

      • Sweet! Just registered and pending verification. Will check in again for the IOS App!

      • If you have responsive WEB app, Chrome OS is also supported (before iOS, yeah;). Remember, all the new kids on the block use Chromebooks :)

  • Awesome strategy, I'm not brave enough to invest my own money, but I now have 3.3708 Cardano and when that becomes $60k like bitcoin I'll remember this day. Have only refreshed my wallet 3 times in the last 5 minutes.
    How do we know if we're a lucky 50th?

    • Crypto could change your life forever! I'd highly suggest make sure you stay subscribed to our newsletters we send out a lot of educational information which may help you better understand the world of crypto.

      We will manually deposit the bonus amount's to every 50th users towards the end of today. Since this post only just came out we will wait until the end of the day before we start doing that and we will continue to do for the duration of this ad.

    • +1

      Unfortunately ADA won't reach the height of Bitcoin's price. Bitcoin has a much lower supply cap. If Cardano had the same market cap as Bitcoin it would be worth 24.97 USD.

  • The $10 from the previous promo is now valued at $14.41.
    It is worth jumping in

    • haha love it! By the sounds of it, you should have invested more ;)

  • I signed up and verified but don't see the $10?

    /edit oh shoot I didn't sign up via the link, I first clicked through to the fees page linked in a previous comment D:

    • Please refresh your account and if still now showing log out and back in. It should appear straight away but might get caught in cache sometimes. Please let me know if those options did not work and we will get this sorted for you straight away.

  • +1

    Hey mate,
    I'm wondering if you can answer this question i have.
    Legit exchanges require KYC. What exactly happens to the KYC documentation, where is it stored and who has access to it before and after being reviewed, and is it actually stored or destroyed after verification?
    I ask this as it seems to me that the next massive data leak will be a KYC database being exposed, with personal photos and their whole identity being in the wrong hands. This isn't question specific to your business but moreso for the industry and KYC in general, as I have a few other exchange accounts and have wondered what actually goes on with everyone's sensitive information.

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