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HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset for PS4 and PS5 $49 (Was $99) + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ VIC C&C) @ Centre Com


While it is the "PS4/PS5" model it should work with any device that has a 3.5mm plug or adaptor.

Edit - just to ease the apparent confusion, this should work with any device that has a single 3.5mm audio output. E.g. PC, laptop, Switch etc. Plug on these is a combined audio/mic.

If you want to connect to motherboard that has separate audio/mic plugs then a splitter is required.

The PS4/PS5 branding is confusing as I’ve seen videos saying the internals are no different to the Cloud X.

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  • Do these have 3d audio?

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      ALL headphones have 3D Audio on PS5. It's sent as a regular stereo signal, so no special hardware needed. Obviously some headphones are better than others. Don't expect much from these.

      • Cheers. I get confused by marketing jargon!

  • Non detachable cable unfortunately

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      Yep. It's a huge plus with the Cloud Alpha's. Have replaced two cords already (my sons pair, not mine, I know how to look after things). Replacements have come out of his pocket money each time.

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        How do you break the cable?

    • Just treat the cable like the headphones and they will last.

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    Looks like shipping was free for me. In Sydney

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      Also free to Melb

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    Says free Auspost for me but i didnt buy a pair just wanted to check because Qmar said it was free for him.

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      • Those?

    • Definitely the Hyper X

      Plantronics is meh

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    These are a great headset. I don't have a pair myself but I have used them before and they are so comfy.

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    good for pc use and zoom meetings?

    • might wanna be more specific than "pc use"

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        watching ASMR videos at 3am

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    These are great for listening to music also

    • -1

      What kind of music?

      • The audio based kind

  • Cheers grabbed one

  • can be used on a laptop for headfone+mic?
    laptop got only single input connector

    • Curious about this also! Will mainly use this as a work headset ha!

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    These are a steal at that price. Sound good, built solid, mic is perfectly usable. Good buy.

  • I read some reviews that mic is bad when using this on PC? but perfect on PS4.
    Can anyone comment on mic quality on PC?

    • You can use these for PC?

      • I don't see why not…

  • compatible with pc?

  • Thanks. Ordered one.

  • +1

    What are the differences between this and the Cloud IIs? I have the Cloud IIs, highly recommend, considering getting these bc they seem like a steal at this price if they're even close in quality

    • Pretty much identical build and drivers however Cloud2 has an impedance of 60Ω whereas these are 41Ω as they are designed for controllers.

  • I just watched a youtube review vid and the guy says you will need a splitter to use on PC (if your's has 3.5mm port for mic & audio). But, yeah this lead is combined mic & audio through one 3.5mm jack. Which is perfect for mobiles too

    • Im confused, if I only have 3.5mm port in my pc - do I still need a splitter?

      • No splitter needed - I’ve added some clarifications to the OP.

      • sorry my post confused you. I guess I could have worded it slightly better

        and thanks OP! I just invested $49 big ones, before Mr Procrastinator controlling the finance side of my brain got a chance to stop me

        • Cool thanks OP ordered one :) this should make zoom meeting calls interesting.

          Now might need a headphone stand…

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    Now back to $89

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      You need to enter the discount code HYPERX40 at checkout to get it at $49

  • How’s the mic on this for party chat on PS4/5?

    Was going to grab the Steelseries Arctis 7P on Amazon for $222 but might try these out instead

    • -2

      Sound quality should be much better than the 7P, mic quality is ok for gaming headsets.

  • OOS online.

  • I'd just bought stingers earlier this week thinking they were a deal https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/xbox-one/265006-hyperx-cl...
    Returned them today after ordering these last night for only $10 extra. Thanks OP!

  • Received mine today! did a bit of test of mic quality vs earpods and there is definitely some level of improvement for online calls.

    Thoughts on making it wireless? was thinking of buying a bluetooth receiver etc