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AmEx Statement Credits: Spend $99 or More, Get $99 Back @ The Motley Fool


Check your AMEX app for offers. Most likely targeted.

Motley Fool has two annual memberships for $99.

Offer is limited to one credit per Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer.
Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly with your Card to which the offer is saved, at The Motley Fool at www.fool.com.au/newmemberoffer. Offer valid at Australian website only.
Excludes transactions made through a third party establishment or payment processor.
Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.
Credit will not be applied to your Card Account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.
Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (7)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (21)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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    • gotta set my spam filter to block emails now.

      Surprised you didn't use temp-mail or a burner email.

  • +12

    Wow this website is html trash designed for boomers with severe brain malfunction. And lol it goes from one landing page to spend $99 directly to the next landing page asking for $588. The people who pay for this service are truly deluded. Also it's kinda like a big pump and dump, right? Pick 2 random shit stocks out of a hat and have your pump and dump group (fool customers) buy them up.

    edit: wow, this website really is trash. Full of popups and crap like it's a paywall and full of old content. It's just like a rarely updated wordpress blog.

    Please highlight any of the following claims that would entice an intelligent person to think this is a good pursuit:

    "Something that is truly for the risk-seekers amongst us…"

    "If you’re the type of investor who’s willing to take the occasional punt on a speculative small-cap stock"

    "Small-cap growth stocks can be pure excitement machines."

    "It’s such “rocket-ship” small-cap stocks that we look to recommend in the Motley Fool Hidden Gems small-cap service."

    "Due to the unprecedented popularity of Motley Fool Hidden Gems (when we first launched the service it ‘sold out’ in a matter of hours), we keep a strict eye on the number of members we allow to join the service."

    "But there’s a spot for you to claim, only if you act now."

  • +1

    Simple plain dont do it…This shit isn't worth your time

  • +8

    Every MF title ever: Why X is the Next AfterPay

  • I do not receive the amex offer comfirmation email after the purchase, but it is tracked by cashrewards.

    • Same, just bought today. Didn't receive Amex email. Did save the offer in Amex before I went to Motley Fool to finalise the purchase.

      Did Amex give you credit in the end?

  • +2

    Page not found when clicking through cashrewards to Motley Fool?

  • +3

    This should have a warning attached to the description.
    They spruke stocks they sell as a buy and buy stocks they say to sell.
    I know 11 people over 7 years that have been burnt equating to millions of dollars lost from this scam.

    They should pay you to use their disservice

  • +2

    Ozbargained. CR link has been throwing errors for an hour and now it's gone.

    Well done to all those who made an easy $70.

    • Damn, I waited until I got to work, should have just pulled the trigger earlier

  • Every stock is the next afterpay

  • +1

    CR now removed all offers for Motley. I saw this last night going to bed, guess I paid $70 to sleep 10m early.

  • +1

    Motley Fool? You gotta be kidding Me. I'm just a robot, but I think it's a load of horseshit.

  • +1

    Removed from cash rewards this morning

    • +2

      positive signs for those who have already signed up and the transaction tracked?

      • +3

        Yes I think so - would be a bold move to not pay out the offer as it was live when we did it

  • It's a rubbish newsletter, the contributors don't own or buy the stocks they recommend.

    It's all hindsight, which is useless when investing.

    I wouldn't subscribe if it was free

  • +2

    Like what others said, I would exercise caution when using their investment advice. Articles seem sensationalistic and written to evoke emotional purchase decisions tapping on greed. I read some of their stock picks years ago and tracked their stock performances and it's very hit and miss. Do your due diligence prior to investing.

  • Motley fool is rubbish

  • They pretty much cover every single stock and every week will recommend a bunch so long as the entire market doesn't crash 50% they can say they were "right".

  • I hope CR will honour it!!!

    • Why wouldn't they?

      • Cause it came unexpected to Motley and cannot surrender to CR, thus CR can't give what we want.

        • That Motley shit outfit makes a lot of money from boomers and give crap advice too. I am sure they will honour it.

          • @Korban Dallas: Why does he get noticed by the media showing the backing from several well known? Surely his advice had been more helpful than not?

  • lol been less than a day since I signed up and I have already gotten 3 emails from them….

  • +5

    A lot of negativity here about MF. A few points:

    They are hit and miss. This is true. True of any stock picking service really. If you are right 6 times out of 10 you are winning.

    If you are new to share investing, or inexperienced, or just looking for new ideas, you will learn something. They give full write ups on the monthly recommendations. You don’t have to agree with them. They don’t care if you buy or not.

    You won’t double your money in 3 months. The recommendations are for long term investments (5+ years). Definitely not a service for day traders.

    Over the long term, the services are market beating. Past performance is no guarantee of future success.

    I have subscribed in the past, and while the services aren’t super amazing great deals, it is probably worth the fee. If you are getting it cheap through Amex or whatever, and actually read the recommendations I think you will come out in front, even if just for the education it provides.

    The fees are probably tax deductible too, but chat to your tax advisor.

    Oh yeah… and I hate their marketing emails. You can spot the easily and ignore.

    • -2

      If you are right 6 times out of 10 you are winning.

      Wat? Thats's horrible advice.

      • +5

        In this business, if you're good, you're right six times out of ten. You're never going to be right nine times out of ten.

        • Peter Lynch
        • -2

          You're never going to be right nine times out of ten.

          Insert S&P500indexFund.jpg

      • Omg 6 out of 10. No that's not how it works mate 😂

        • 40% of the S&P500 lose money, and 40% of companies make up the lost money to cover for the other 40%. So essentially 20% of the S&P500 provide the returns of the market.

          Just look at the top 20 companies 20 years ago. Most of them arent there anymore or are a shadow of their former self. If you go back 40 years, you wont recognise any of the top 20.

    • +3

      Why not just buy ETF? Dollar average every month..

      • +2

        Because ppl want to beat the market. You want average losses or average gains? then buy at etf. If you think you have edge, or want to invest in possible 5x 10x baggers, you'll need to invest in direct stocks. Eg ASX etf has done 100% over 13 years. However if you invested directly in CSL you wouldve nearly 80x your money. Thats 7800%.

        Some ppl are just happy to be employees, others want to be business owners…

        • +2

          If this mob are so good at picking stocks why are they writing newsletters and not running a fund?

          • +1

            @JIMB0: Coz they have zero portfolio management skills.. also, returns are not great..

        • I was talking about dollar averaging every month.. your calculation is wrong on that front. Also, would you have put all your money into CSL without any consideration for risk? Hindsight is great but need to see what’s out there for next 10-15 years..

          • @stockastics: You're right its not easy. But a small part of your portfolio of $1k has grown to $50k. When your etf part of the portfolio needed $25k to get to $50k. So without rebalancing CSL has grown to more than half your portfolio. No DCA needed. Just let your winners run and cut your weeds like AGL, AMP etc.

            You need to have conviction and perspective. CSL is just one of many examples. Even big companies started small once. However even if you wait till they are mid size you still can get 3x your money. I recall so many naysayers when csl hit $100, but its now $300. Dominos was another one of my winners.

            But I don’t know your risk profile. However unless you are in your 60s, you can handle the risk when you’re young. You have time. If Elon Musk was in his 60s, he wouldn’t start Tesla. However if he was in 20s/30s, he’d want to take the risk and reap the rewards.

  • +2

    People have been buying stocks as soon as the newsletters, forums, etc and get pumped out to sell for a short gain. Wondering if all these new Fool memberships will enhance these trends.

    Today's recommendation was ACL, email received 11:59am. Price was ~$4.50 at 11:59, hit $4.75 (5.3%) on the 1 minute candle at 12:01pm. Close at $4.57 (1.5%) for the day. For those who knew about the contents of the email before it was sent out, it was at $4.44 ;).

    Screenshot from Tradingview

    Interesting to see their advice was:

    Place an initial limit order at $4.50 or lower.

    Seems some people ignored that part and put in market orders. Looking at the market depth:


    431 buyers for 477,137 units, 29 sellers for 65,820 units
    but this one LOL: 182 orders 103,946 shares at $4.50

    • +2

      Close at $4.57

      What a stupid pump and dump this service is.

      People were questioning whether it was legal for wallstreetbets to pump up gamestop and whether that was considered manipulation. Yet the market is fine for this to exist?

      So far I am struggling to find out where the paid recommendation section of their website is. But it sounds like the majority of their service is occasional email recommendations between waves of spam.

      Place an initial limit order at $4.50 or lower.

      Man, their customers really need actual hand holding here.

      • +2

        Same thing 2 weeks ago, Sept 8 was Temple & Webster, $12.49 at 11:59am, $12.71 at the end of the day.


        Temple & Webster shares have plenty of liquidity. Therefore, we are not providing any limit order guidance. That said, there is no need to rush and bid up the shares.

        EDIT: Tradingview Screenshot

        • +1

          Please use limit orders to buy shares..
          [don't] you eat into your potential returns and increase your potential downside.

          If your order does not fill in the next week, then consider buying at the prevailing market price.

          "hey guys, it's of vital importance to use limit orders to try and save a tiny amount on spread but if you fail to get a fill, just panic market buy a week later."

        • +2

          i have found in the past with Motley Fool, particularly on the shares which have lower liquidity, you can sometimes see a noticeable increase in buying activity a day or two before the emails go out.

    • I prefer to look to 1 hour candle to average out possible short term market manipulations. 4 hour candles are even better for long term investors. Get rid of the noise in the market.

      Voting machine weighing machine

  • +3

    Has anyone received one meaningful email from the Fools yet? I can see why people hate them, so far since signing up I have received tons of email asking to subscribe to other services but received no email from the service that I signed up. How these guys still in the business if they are this bad?

    • +1

      Yeah, the amount of spam emails that are coming in is annoying AF

      • Imagine PAYING for this sh*t? People are crazy, man.

  • missed out on the cashrewards and i guess kickback and all others pay out 0% now? i guess i should still be able to claim it on the tax return. once you sign up can you cancel straight away and still get the amex credit and keep access or do you have to wait until 12 months time?

  • +2

    DON'T DO IT!

    Honestly I registered they keep spamming me several times a days with their many freaking novel sized email per day.

    It feels like registering to some free advice mailing list that spams you with they BS all day long.

  • +2

    I just revoked my vote. Had high expectations of gaining something meaningful out of these fools.

    Seems this isn’t even worth for free. Heck not even worth even you get cash back tracked of $70.

    Consider this, you get 15 messages daily and tend to read only to find that’s some advertisement for their other services. Repeat it often and becomes spam. Then you either invest time to find out actual email recommendation or mark those emails spam. Bl**dy they are gaining their money back by ‘insiders trading’ only DAILY.

    And I am already sick of that Kevin guy.

    • Reminds me of kogan emails

    • +1

      Heck not even worth even you get cash back tracked of $70.

      ?? Just set up a gmail filter and you will never actually see the emails.

    • Can't it be unsubscribed?

  • +1

    That was quick, Amex offer credit posted 22/9.

  • +5

    Jesus, now they are surpassing my mail filter by sending email from their affiliates [email protected]

    It's difficult to even keep this garbage service active for 2 months to see if cashrewards will work.

  • +5

    Another pump from today's recommendation (HPG)

    • Email sent at 11:59am with a BUY (Please use limit orders to buy shares. Place an initial limit order at $3.60 or lower.)

    Looking at the market as of now:

    114 Orders 77,817 Shares $3.60 (Next biggest level $3.50 with 26,554 shares and 33 orders.

    11:58 $3.60
    11:59 $3.63-$3.75

    Close at $3.84

    So potentially put in a buy at ~$3.70 as soon as the email is received, sell at the end of the day.
    3.7% profit.

    Trading View Screenshot

    And to follow up on the previous emails

    • ACL recommended to buy at $4.50, Closed at $4.57 on day of recommendation, now at $4.36
    • TPW, recommended at market price ~$12.49, closed at $12.71, now at $11.55.
    • +2

      Any view on today's recommendation/pump? The email came around 12:02 advising to purchase at 99cents price (limit). Went to look up the stock (with no intention to buy given Fool's track record) and the price had jumped 20% to $1.15 by 12:05pm - looked at today's price history and looks like it was pumped at around 11:50AM (just before sending out the emails) - so looks like some known members of Fool are buying the shares before the recommending to other people?

      • +1

        Yeah spot on. Mine came at 11:59am.


        Given the email doesn't tell you what the stock is but rather the linked page, it's possible the page was published 10 minutes earlier which members could have seen and then the email 10 minutes later. Possibly…

      • Maybe the emails go out in batches and some people got it before you.

  • +5

    My CR for Motley of $70 got approved today :)

    • Same. Woohoo!

      • mine too, ripper deal :)

        • Same here

  • +3

    After all, they are indeed very good at giving us investment ideas right? Easiest $70 earned with zero risk.

    • Guessed what, some people still complained even after getting paid $70. I'm happy with this "investment" so far, need this more often :P

  • Anyone who bought this actually finding this useful ?

  • +1

    Anyone managed to cancel the autosub successfully? Sent an email last week but hasn't received any response.

    • +1

      I got mine cancelled a few days after cashback was approved (requested to cancel on the same day), might take a bit of time for them to process.

      • Which email did you use?

        • +3

          I sent the email to [email protected].

          I actually sent it on 13/12 and it was resolved on 14/12.

  • Does anyone know if you will receive the AMEX cashback if you sign up outside of the https://www.fool.com.au/newmemberoffer/ weblink?

    Can't see why AMEX would know you signed up via the specific link if you wanted $99 off some other service or a discount on a longer term?

    • Has anyone tried this? I'd like to know too.

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