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Free 50 Primogems for Genshin Impact v2.1 (Adventure Rank 10+ Account Only) @ Alienware Arena


Free key to redeem 50 Primogems. Requires an Adventure Rank 10 or higher account, one redemption per account. Requires Genshin Impact Version 2.1 update "Floating World Under The Moonlight".

Once you have your key redeem here

More keys here: https://games.steelseries.com/giveaway/80692181/genshin-impa...

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    You can create a temporary email address here.

  • thanks friend

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    Thanks! Better than the community rewards that Mihoyo prepared.

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    Playing since day 1, and spent thousands of $ on the game and on this 1 year anniversary im like crawling underneath the vending machine to pick up 50 primogems…

    • At least it's good to see that the community is finally coming together against it. See the official post comments here: https://www.hoyolab.com/article/957762
      I remember when I discovered the disgusting gacha rates the game has I was shocked but almost nobody complained. This time, it seems people ran out of patience.

  • There are no more keys left in this giveaway!

  • SteelSeries has more at the time of posting: https://games.steelseries.com/giveaway/80692181/genshin-impa...

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    Here is 1 that I could not use CS6VMA9BQZGR

  • Thanks

  • I have a key i cant use : RTNU5B9WQUYR

  • Back in stock
    They are adding daily until 25th
    Only one claim per account. Quite a few left to claim at the moment of posting

  • Genshin Impact 50 Primogems: GTNV4GLHTQBM
    Genshin Impact 50 Primogems: DB6VJRTM3NU5
    Genshin Impact 50 Primogems: QA7C3838VUKZ
    Genshin Impact 50 Primogems: CT6CJ93QDU9M
    Genshin Impact 50 Primogems: BTNCKQJQU4BV
    Genshin Impact 50 Primogems: KBPCKRJ9CLCV

    • Thank you! I used the 5th one (BTNCKQJQU4BV)

  • GS7C2MJELTHD didnt see it was only 1 per account oops