Jabra Elite 85t Grey $149.50 (50% off) Delivered @ Jabra EPP (Membership Required)


Looks like the cheapest I can see from the previous deals. You need to sign up for "Friends of Jabra" which worked for me without a problem using my work email. I didn't try personal email for it. I haven't been able to find which companies are included in their EPP so it's worth trying and hoping for the best.

Grey ones is listed at $149.50 while other colours are at $179.40. I tried further discount with the newsletter code but it didn't stack up.

For Friends of Jabra sign up:

Others models have been cheaper before listed on ozbargain but with this, they come down to 40% off at:

Elite Active 75t for $161.40
Elite 75t for $131.40
Elite 65t for $71.40
Elite 85h - $227.40
Elite 45h - $107.40

Free delivery above $99 from Jabra website. It says it will take 3-6 business days to deliver and order shipped within one business day. Be mindful of some people getting charged foreign currency fee despite paying through PayPal in AUD. So far the card is charged only the standard price and the billing is done under a Melbourne company eGlobal.

Update 26/9: Grey is out of stock and other colours are backorder now at $179.40.

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  • I am still wondering which one is better. This or samsung buds pro through westpac deal. Any one cares to comment?

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      I have the Samsung buds pro and I do not like it at all. Looks nice and premium however it's got a poor sound and shallow bass. My girlfriend is using it now and she has complained about the sound being thin and won't stay in hers ear. Wouldn't recommend it.
      I got the 75t elite and it's another level, clear sound and heavy bass also fits comfortably in my ears.
      First time getting a jabra product and I'm happy as.
      Trust me, get the jabra and thank me later

      • +1

        Thanks for the advice. It appears 75t has better reviews than 85t. Only thing which is not so nice is not being able to use left earphone on its own which samsung offers. The power sharing from my samsung phone will also only work with samsung buds pro. Ah choices!

        • Be mindful that the jabra offers the 75T in two different versions. Mine doesn't charge wirelessly.
          There's a version that you can.
          As far as I know you would be able to charge any device via NFC with your galaxy.

        • What were the major cons of 85t? Anything significant?

          • @Baazaar: Not as much water resistant. Bulkier. And not being able to use the left earbud on its own.

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    It says $299. Am I missing something?

    • Friends of Jabra sign up

    • Updated the title to avoid confusion

      • Do you have promocode for newsletter 10%

        • I googled and then had to select "Desktop site" on the phone for the banner to pop up. Took about 12 hours to receive the email for confirmation but the code came soon after. Valid for 2 weeks.

  • Tried signup with my work email. Price still show $299.

  • Only works if your company is part of their program.

    • Sorry not able to find a list of partner companies.

  • Signed up and still $299. FAQ says discounted prices should show up at checkout but not.

  • worked for me .. thanks
    the grey one came to 149 others were showing 169

    • Did you try stacking with the newsletter 10% off? Yes I just noticed it's only the grey at that price while other are pricier.

      • The code can be used only once and cannot be combined with other offers, discount codes

  • 179 not 169 typo

  • Great deal for the Jabra elite 85t. I got these in a prior deal, but they've got plenty of features and excellent audio quality and good for phone calls.
    Main drawback vs the 75t appears to be the shape of the silicone tips being oval shaped rather than circular like you'd typically find for earphones. This might not suit all people.

  • Not works for me, signed up, and still $299

  • I think this deal is just for a particular 85t. I tried going to 75t Elite Active and although it says โ€œfrom $161โ€, it doesnโ€™t show the option to buy from them directly. It shows you the list of retailers who stock these and then when you go to those retailers site, the price is $249.
    Pretty disappointed.

    • Wireless Charging - Navy and Grey are $161.40

      You need to select Wireless charging enabled option on these colours to buy them directly.

  • didn't work for me. shows 299

  • Created an account using my work email address. Tried to buy the Jabra Elite 85t Grey and it was $299 in the cart for me. I will keep using my Jabra Elite 75t then. Bought them from TGG through an Ozbargain deal. Still happy.

  • Elite 85h - Titanium Black is $227.40 (40% off)
    Elite 45h - Copper Black is $107.40 (40% off)

  • You are not authorized to view this page.

    • Looks like it's gone. They must have picked up the traffic

      • Ruined for legitimate users

  • +1

    Waiting for Jabra Elite 7 Pro coming out 1 October.

  • Just as an FYI… the 75ts and especially the 85ts are going to be flogged off the shelves with discounting over the next month or two as they prepare for the 7 Pros to come.
    … for me the Elite 7 Pros are finally the Jabra's I've been waiting for - they have everything I want that I've been missing in the 65t, 75t and 85t.

    • same, hoping the Elite 7 pro will be as good as they claim… do we know how much is it going to sell for? thanks.

      • I reckon theyโ€™ll be pricey/top of the line.
        Iโ€™m betting 300

  • Stock is back, just ordered one

    • Thanks. Got one too. Was a bit scared this morning that I missed out while I was posting this. A relief I didn't ๐Ÿ˜…

      • Just to confirm that you guys already signed up before they changed it to employee only?

        • It did that to me once but then let me in again

      • Anyone who placed the order in back order? I placed mine on 2 oct ans still waiting for shipping details

  • I still see $299 for the 85t after signing up and in. Is there a promo code or something?

    • No it's 50% off through sign up. It works for some. Others have a difficulty.

  • I hate that the only 1 earbud only option is the right, I need a pair that allows either or at least just the left. What are the decent earbuds which allow left/either for single bud use?

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      Samsungs allow either. Id wait for jabra elite 7 pro. Either can be used for single earbud use.

    • Samsung does that apart from few other nice features like locating earbuds if you lose them or charging through your phone. Samsung pro is also water resistant. I just bought these ones as tad cheaper through this link

  • Not working for me :(
    Shows as $299

  • Did not work for my personal email.

    • You are not authorized to view this page.

      When I goto to the provided link!

      • Still coming up okay for me. See comments above. Maybe it didn't register you for the employer partnership program.

        • I registered with the company email and it worked, where is the 10% code?

          • @sqheaven: The newsletter sign up but I tried to stack it and it didn't work so bought for $149.50

            • @Royale with cheese: Oh wow, let me try. I have been using these for ages. The sound quality is immense. I don't get ear fatigue in long calls, music also sounds so spacious. This is for anyone in the market for these. My ear pads are wearing out so thought to buy new ones.

              • @sqheaven: Good to know. I wonder how they will be with running although sweat resistance is not so good but you have to be a weird person sweating from your ears to kill it I imagine

  • So is there any way for the average Joe to be able to get this deal at the moment?

    • Maybe find someone who has a work email that works. I am not sure if people help out each other here but you could ask and see if someone is trustworthy and obliging enough. But in NSW and VIC, it's hard with covid

  • Thanks mate. Worked for me.
    I first tried my gmail but didn't work. Then I used my work email and I got one at the discounted price.

    Thanks so much, you saved me $150

  • The Jabra verification email is taking ages to come through. I've even done a message trace on Exchange server and nothing has come through from Jabra in 30 minutes.

  • Got it, cracking deal thanks Royale!

  • Anyone know which business emails work?

    • It's trial and error. Health one worked for me.

      • It didn't work for me with a gov.au work email

  • Thanks OP, just registered yesterday and it works with my work email. The 10% off promo code seems to be generic but it can't be combined with any deals mentioned here: 10off05082021

    • It didn't show any extra discount when I ordered ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  • +1

    Just got an email from Jabra about their customer appreciation day. Promo code to be sent tomorrow. Might be an offer for the masses.

    • 30% off so didn't make sense to cancel this one.

  • worked for me, ordered 2 Elite 85T Grey at $149.50 each

  • Anyone that managed to get an extra 85t in Melbourne South East Suburbs? Happy to buy it off you.
    Aka โ€œthe long shotโ€!

  • If anyone has access to the EPP and this deal please PM me.