Just Feel That Earthquake in Melbourne?

Anyone else feel the earthquake just now? Felt it in Melbourne.


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    yes, now get on with your day

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      The earths way of helping me procrastinate 8)

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        It was the baby Jesus trying to shake some sense into the people of Melbourne. Amen.

    • Just like govt saying to stay calm.


      Triggers more 🧻🧻 panic buy.

      I'm more worried about the plumbing in Melbs.

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      User name checks out?

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    yep, 5s in 3034, maybe mother earth angry like those tradies yesterday too 😅

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    Herald-Sun is blaming Daniel Andrews for it.

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      did he fall off the stairs again?

      • He has lost weight since then..

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          hmm yeah still uppity though, i mean look at the way he answers questions, extremely unprofessional. now i will get negged for stating obvious facts lol

    • Proof?

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      I heard from a good source that you aren't far off the truth…

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        Jesus even the Earthquake was made in China 😳

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          that's what happens when belt hits the road

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            that's what happens when belt hits the road

            The Dan Andreas fault?

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              @jv: JV you meant to say San Andreas? ah i get it now..sort of.. may be haha

            • @jv: Maybe caused by an underground "test"… particularly your correlation between Dan and the North.

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              @jv: Wow, an actual witty and humerous comment from you. Who are you and what did you do to jv? :P

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              @jv: A couple of zingers from JV, what a time to be alive

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              @jv: Bhaha i like what you did there.

            • @jv: ^^^ NICE ^^^ and with a beautiful double meaning - fault line and fault of the person

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              The Dan Andreas fault?

              There it is JV, the smartest thing you'll ever say in your lifetime and it was a throwaway remark on a bargain-hunting forum.

              You have peaked as a human being.

            • @jv: Priceless!!
              But…..Are you having a crack?

  • This one lasted a lot longer than the last one back in 2015 or so. lasted about 10 seconds and was much stornger, USGS site has no records, weird.

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      That’s what she said

      • 10 seconds is not long enough and damn only twice in 6 years….why you take it out of context!!! Haha

        • Makes it so special doesn’t it haha

  • Yup, squeaking door and shaky desk in Launceston.

  • Merged from What Did You Do during The Earthquake?

    Just had earthquake, scary!

    What were people doing and preparing incase it comes back. I grabbed my wallet and bolted to the toilet and shut the door and went into the fetal position without turning off the light. Its the safest move you can do. No light because the electric cables can snap or the flaming hot light bulb and fall down and start a fire.

    Im still shaking right now. Remember to use mental health services as ill be using it when i calmed down.

    Ricktor stale says 6.0 this is massive!!!!

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        Toilet, general discussion part of the forum.

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      bolted to the toilet and shut the door and went into the fetal position

      That's gonna leave a mark.

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        Fetal or fecal?

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          Fetal but Fecal followed soon after

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      I thought it was a tradie practicing his Protesting march on our roof.

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      Seriously your my Hero hehe !

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    It's all the protesters getting out of bed at the same time.

  • Yes, in 2113 in Sydney! Sitting at second floor desk and felt the building wobble very slightly.

    Lived through the Christchurch 2010/2011 earthquakes so knew immediately it was an earthquake, worried maybe it was the Alpine Fault in New Zealand (as that one is well overdue and will be chaos when it eventually goes)

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      Yes, in 2113 in Sydney!

      Found the time traveller.

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        El Psy Congroo

        • Hey mister! I am mad scientist! It's so cool! sonuvab*tch

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      Found the liar.

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        Why assume that? I didn't feel anything in 2000 but others in greater Sydney seemed to.

        • I’m also in 2113 and felt nothing? Whenever these events happen you have a stack of people claiming they’ve also been impacted when they clearly weren’t. It then impacts the reporting and those genuinely impacted.

          • @The GM: Hmm odd, many people in Central Coast seem adamant they felt it.

            Reports from Wolli Creek yet nothing Surry Hills. Strange.

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              @Hybroid: Must be a pretty unique earthquake to dodge the CBD. This is what I meant by people falsely reporting. Let us wait for the seismology report instead of lying online.

            • @Hybroid: Am in Wolli Creek and felt nothing - the suburb is exceptionally small so it seems weird to me that people would say they felt it here.

    • Are you from the future ?? 2113 dammit I’m going to miss out on your science fiction.

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    Magnitude 6 epicentre was Mansfield Vic


    Edit: it has been revised to 5.8

    Apparently those that are double vaxxed didn't feel it.

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      Apparently those that are double vaxxed didn't feel it.

      Yup. Internet going too fast to notice.

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        • That is single jab.

          5G x 2 if you got double jab.

          Why do you think all the fake tradies are demonstrating in the city. The internet is seriously fast here. See the crowd at Carlton Gardens (one of the vax hubs)

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    Just researched, earthquakes come in waves, be ready for the 2nd wave.

    Unlock doors
    Have access to phone
    Access to toilet
    Turn off electricals

    • I felt the second tremor in Parkville, was just enough to shake my monitors for a second or 2.

    • be ready for the 2nd wave.

      Lol, yes the Delta earthquake variant.

      They're called either doublet/multiplet earthquakes or aftershocks.

  • Reported it to Allquakes to enable them to map the extent of the quake.


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    If you’re in an apartment open your windows and pull down the curtains. If there are aftershocks Open your main door and slip something to stop it from closing entirely. Prepare evac kit with water and passport etc.

    Lost power here. Experienced a lot bigger in Japan but buildings there are built to handle it so a lot more scary here.

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      That would be the end of my world no power = no screens but you know what hehe .

    • What's the reason for opening windows and pulling down curtains?

      • So you can escape but stuff doesn't fly in or out I guess.

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        Windows may crack explosively if tightly closed and the curtains help deflect shards.

        Doorways may warp and result in doors unable to be opened.

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      Passport really useful. Head to the closest airport within 10ks and go to …
      Oh wait

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    I feel the earth move under my feet

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      I feel the sky tumbling down

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        I feel my heart start to tremblin'

        • Whenever you're around

          • @Baysew: good work better late than never mate

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    Mornington Peninsula, felt like it was shaking for almost a minute here. The fridge was even starting to shake and rattle out of its hole, lost a few picture frames too.

    You can report and check the status here at the USGS.

  • hopefully everyone is ok in Melb <3

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      NO, we are still in lockdown !!!!

      • People want to go out but with the shitty weather and now earthquakes, better to stay inside /s

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          I'm not looking forward to the Asteroid strike tomorrow !!!!

  • Had one in Hiroshima once. Was like meh and went back to sleep.

    Imagine if it hit the CBD when the 'protestors' were around yesterday.

    • A sink hole didn't open…

      Or did they got their wish, imagine the amount of additional jobs for the construction trade and the need to get back to work!?

      • Perhaps we will see a COVID cluster emerge from yesterday? All I can do is face palm.

    • Had one in Hiroshima once. Was like meh and went back to sleep.

      Too much information…

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        No that was Kabukicho.

  • Centered around Mansfield/Knockwood.
    Magnatude 6.0

    The one that ruined Christchurch NZ was 6.3



    • https://twitter.com/i/status/1440461587567943681

      Extremely powerful batteries though!!

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      The one that ruined Christchurch NZ was 6.3

      This one is 5.8

      So the NZ one was 5 times the energy released compared to today's…

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        But what was experienced in Melbourne City was more like a 4 ish on the Richter scale.
        It's very lucky that the epicentre was reasonably far from the city centre.

        1989 Newcastle was 5.6, but the epicentre was on the outskirts of Newcastle proper.

        Just to add, Based on the peak ground acceleration maps, it looks to be like a peak ground acceleration of say 3.5%-4% of G experienced around Melbourne. Your typical concrete structure, post 1993 would have at the very least been designed to take 3% of G without failing.

        In comparison, a 5-6 magnitude earthquake has a peak acceleration of anywhere from 3.9%-18% of G.

        Needless to say, very lucky the epicentre wasn't any closer.

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    These are the best times for "Yo Mama" jokes.

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    This is an OzBargainer's dream. Now to sit back and wait for the Earthquake damaged stock sales.

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      Or the shaking put the decimal point in the wrong place causing a misprice.

  • Yeah it’s a sign for them to end all covid restrictions already

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      Nah, Chairman Dan said unless 85% are vaccinated by October then the earthquakes will get bigger.

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    more proof dan andrews is an ineffective leader, a real man would have been dressed in a full karate get up swinging punches and kicks at the ground to keep the quake at bay.
    i guess his fall has humbled him and now he has a healthy respect and fear for the earth/ground

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      Dan gets police to shoot rubber bullets at protestors, protestors summon an earthquake to retaliate. Can't we all just get along :)

  • Just on 6 points. It was out of Manfield area.
    Felt all over the east side/state.

    (Here is Alb/Wod) was feeling it.

    Concerned about snow fields. Recent snow falls etc.
    First reports I saw coming in on the geo au sote from snow/high mountain.

    Fingers crossed there isn't any after shocks, often NOT the case.

  • Could it be the 5G waves

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      Nope, it was Trump blowing up pedo tunnels.

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    Did the earth move for you too?

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      uh yeah we are on a plate so when the plate moves we move lol

      • whoosh :)