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2 Months Free nbn 50/20 and 100/20 (for New & Transferring Customers) @ Southern Phone


This deal has been extended, and will continue until the end of the month for people that missed the first one.

This offer is available to new and "tranferring" customers only. Offer ends 30/09/21.

nbn Turbo 50/20 — $75 per month, free for the first 2 months
nbn Max 100/20 — $95 per month, free for the first 2 months

Typo is directly from the site. (The typo has been fixed!)

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  • Typo is directly from the site

    Well doesn't that just inspire confidence in the company

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      No, it doesn't but I have been using them for the last month and a half, and they are okay. Definitely worth the price.

    • +1

      Crisis of confidence averted. The typo has now been fixed.

  • Any catches? Credit check?
    Free is hard to beat!

    • From what I can tell, no. No catches at all. They also don't ask for any form of payment. You simply don't get any bills for the first two months. No contracts either. Not sure about credit check.

      • +1

        A previous post on the same telco suggests it does have a credit check. Also service quality and customer service may be questionable. Probably quite common with these small startups…. probably gonna have to hold out until OzBargainers report more on their experiences….


        • They are now owned by AGL.

          • @kanad: Even more reason to steer clear. AGL is literally disintegrating right now

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  • Can I book it for a later transfer date then 30/09?

    • Sort of. You have to call them though. If you read the previous deal page, where comments are closed, you'll see people had a pretty mixed experience trying to sign up with them. Previous deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/635872

    • Yes, you can. There is an option when you sign up (Delay until after a requested date).

      • All that does is tell you to call them. It won't let you sign up online at a future date.

  • +2

    Just got told by them I can't have more than one nbn connection at a premise at one time.

    Literally have two connections here currently :(

    • I have same, 2x connections with Aussie.
      I have been looking for cheaper 100/20… Optus and Vodaphone accept 2x connection at one address but others (I tried) denied…

  • i have two fttn nbn connections one is voice in contact only and the other is data only with southern phone . i experienced poor customer service during sign up took a few days delay even though i asked to have connection delayed for 1 month but it was ignored and it was connected within a couple of days. cant really complain as its free to try for 2 months which is great apart from a credit check. best choose the nbn max plan and then downgrade if you plan to stay with them. i plan to churn next month to another RSP for another trial

    • which other one has free trial?

      • The only current free month is with Aussie Broadband, although multiple other companies have 7,14 and 30 day (risk) free trials or satisfaction guarantees.

  • Do they require a notice period if we decide not to continue after the 2 months?

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      No notice, although you can cancel at a future date. I used their chat to cancel, but you can also call. I don't see how to email them about it, which would have been my preference.

  • How long does it take if I choose to activate asap?

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      I ordered in the evening, and it was active the next day.

  • These guys just sent me a bill for $3.17. I assume that's a 1 day, prorated amount. I asked to cancel before the next bill was generated. I guess I'll have to contact support. They cut the internet off at 3AM, so that's over $1/hr.

    • They never billed me.

      My bill was actually negative as I cancelled a few days in advance.

      • Here is the chat transcript, which I fortunately saved:

        Chat: So the next billing month will be 1/10 I would suggest placing this for 29th or 30th of this month
        Me: Yes, the 30th then.

        Did they actually give you money? Exetel actually refunded me once, since I had a monthly discount, but didn't use the full month. They still gave me the full amount of the monthly credit.

        • What do you mean?

          It was only a few bucks, why would they pay me for using their service?

          • @hex7272: Yes, that's what I thought. I just wanted to make sure.

            • @Skylex: Nah there was no reason for me to even bother/ask them to pay me the few bucks.

              I was happy with 2 months free.

              • @hex7272: Optus kept sending me a bill each month for some tiny amount in credit. I kept trying to tell them to stop. They always told me they would, but they kept sending them. Eventually someone said they'd send me a check with the amount, and that should stop the letters. It did.

    • They agreed to waive the $3, so problem solved.