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[eBay Plus] ASUS Zenbook UX425EA 14" FHD Laptop (i7-1165G7, 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM) $1399 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay

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      Depends what you’re into..Maybe a staffy? But you won’t get a golden retriever or something.

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        Made my night

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        Be real, anything pulls a golden

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    Woohoo. Been waiting for this. Thanks OP!

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    I bought one of these refurbished a couple of months ago…. It's really really great. Just needs a touch screen, but for me it wasn't a make it break feature.

    Couldn't be happier with this laptop, for my needs anyway.

  • Good ports, good weight. I've been carrying the Ryzen 4700u version around daily for uni, haven't had any problems yet.

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    I have been watching out this laptop. It was $1350 with computer allience %15 discount last week. Also, this laptop has Ryzen version with the same price. It is a better performer but Ryzen version has thunderbold V3 whereas intel version TB4. It depends on your need

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      I don't think Ryzen has thunderbolt…

  • Anyone having sleep issues with the Asus Zenbooks? Where sometimes they go into a deep sleep so deep that the only way to get it back on is to force a shutdown by holding down the power button?

    Tempted to pull the trigger on this laptop but a little nervous because of this issue

    • That deep sleep issues are seen with other brands e.g. Dell, HP, Acer etc etc so maybe I think I assume I reckon it's MS Windows 10 issues…

    • This started happening after Creators edition (My Zenbook and Dell XPS notebooks both affected)

  • Is this as good as it gets for
    price vs power vs battery life vs light weight

    is anything better out there
    should I wait for good Friday/ Cyber Monday

    whats your thoughts???

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      Yeah absolutely. I've done a lot of research across various laptops. This is the sweet spot for value. $1400 for a powerful, very thin\portable, bright and colour accurate screen. Can do basic gaming, dual thunderbolt for productivity. Quality keyboard and mouse pad. Too many positives for the price.

      • My thoughts is I use this for year and half for myself. And give to my kid when he gets to High school (Grade 7), It is still pretty high end for that time for him to do his school and gets a few years out of it..
        I did the same for my older boy. Thinkpad E4 Gen 2

        Im back to the Predator G7, but being non portable is killing me. (Using Chromebooks or borrowing No. 1 son lappy when out)

        Thought this may get to the $1200 or under at future promos. Obvously wishful thinking. Thanks for info bud. Might pull the trigger

  • I was hoping to pick up something for about $1000 for the wife to use for work. But it sounds like this is a great laptop. Is it worth the extra cash or could someone suggest something closer to the $1000 mark?

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      Depends on her usage but this is one of the better all-rounded ones. (1200-1400 is the sweet spot for these kind of thin and light notebooks).

  • Just had this delivered yesterday. Amazing. Coming from a 6 year old Lenovo yoga 900. Connected to Dual 4k60 screens. Very compact. Love it.

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