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[eBay Plus] Boost Mobile (Sold out) $300 for $234 | $200 for $156 | Vodafone $30 for $7.02 @ eBay Auditech


Boost Mobile Two options (Sold out)

Vodafone Starter Pack - $30 Prepaid SIM for $7.02

Since Shopback lists code PLUSSP22, they are cashback eligible purchases now (if you want to use the service).

Original Coupon Deal

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    • If you factor in eBay eGC discount, this deal is better. Or for people who already have some.

      • Can you advise how it is better? Can't you use eBay GC on the other deal?

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          3% off available every day if you did not buy it at better rate.

    • This deal is better with free express shipping. Plus 260GB data for Boost300 if activated within the promo period.

  • Ebay batter than saving $1

    Atleast money back guarantee if they dont send you sim

    Hope not a scam

  • The description for the 200 recharge says 30gb data only. And a bonus 120gb but that date has passed.

    Surely incorrect?

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      Now total 100 gb offer by boost mobile

      • Great.

        Is it a gamble still as to whether they will let you use these as a recharge?

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          Just switch over to optus for a hour or so

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          Never had a problem

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          I had to call boost support, gave them the sim serial and they transferred the credit over to my existing boost sim no problem.

  • Can I buy this now and not activate it til march next year? or do I need to activate it immediately?

    • I think Boost has expiry date on it, which is usually pretty long. Since the stock is limited and sold regularly, it should be fresh. BTW, you should message seller on eBay for accurate info.

    • Surely, the expiry date of these sim will be more than 6 month.. bought in july 2021 with exp date June 2022.

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    Out of stock? I couldn’t find it from list

  • Any other tips for picking up discounted Boost recharge - Need either the 12 month 240GB or 100GB. Thanks!

    • port out & in :)

  • Is the Vodafone 28 days or 30 days?

    • For 28 days or 180 days.

      • Thank you!

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    Back in stock