Mini Cast Iron Casserole Dish 10cm $6.30 + Shipping or Pickup @ BIG W (OOS: Free Shipping with eBay Plus @ BIG W eBay)


Elevate your cooking to the next level with this Cast Iron Round Casserole dish. Made from high quality materials this dish heats up quickly and evenly - leaving no hotspots to burn your delicious meal.

Product Features:

Cast iron make
10cm Diameter
Vegetable oil finish

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  • +3

    What would you cook in a dish so small? A single serve of French onion soup?

    • I think it's more of a presentation type of thing. For example, individual serves at a dinner party

    • Well if you're only cooking for one all you need is a single serve

    • +1

      cream brulee

    • Baked Brie or Camemburp….

    • Stir together a teaspoon of stock powder + garlic + chilli and a can of tomato.
      Crack a couple of eggs in to the middle of the mixture.
      Bake until the egg white is cooked and the tomato is bubbling 👍

    • Sizzling garlic prawns are good in these.

  • +2

    10cm? It's a ramekin!

  • For that size … Maybe if it was 3 bucks for 5.

  • +1

    Good size if U need to heat up hoi sin dipping sauce for rice paper rolls.

  • +4

    What is this, a stew for ants??

  • Confusing title. You link to the Big W store, but you mention ebay plus.

    • OP needs to put in Big W / eBay store because available at both

      Edit: eBay sold out so not needed anymore XD

  • ebay OOS

  • Try cooking meat pies in these, you won't regret it!